Is This the Nexus Tablet by ASUS?


With all the rumors we’ve been hearing about an alleged Nexus tablet by ASUS, it’s high time for visual evidence to surface. PocketNow may have procured that evidence as they have received a photo of a slate as generic as one could look.

The photos make the tablet look ultra thin, something we know ASUS is capable of doing with a high-end device. The bezel also seems to be around the same thickness as the one found on the Transformer Prime.

PocketNow notes that the image makes the tablet look like a 10-inch slate, while rumors are indicating it will be a 7 inch tablet. It could just be bad scaling, but perhaps Google decided to stretch things out and go the whole nine yards. Whatever the case is, this generic tablet could pass as a Nexus tablet, but even with this photo it’s still too early to tell. Stare and gawk away.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Release it and take my money!

    1.  Tell me it has a couple of cameras and a big, fat battery, then take my money, too.

  2. Hot damn!  I am giddy with excitement

  3. Android Market? wtf.


    1. its probably just put there by who ever created the mock up ….or its the Nexus S of tablets lol

    2. I say fake, too. Judging by the number of icon rows in the launcher – you never put up 9 icon rows on a 7 incher.

      1. looks like a tablet to me . ..

      2. can someone calculate the ppi if 9 icons can be squeezed in a row?

    3. Yep, I’m with you on that! I think it’s fake.

  4. holy Iphone frame …if it sells good you know people are gonna say its because it looks like an iphone 

  5. If it’s a Nexus, why not just put Jellybean on it as well, seeing that ICS is old news (relative to it being already on the OG Transformer and TFPrime). Kinda makes sense for the iteration of the Nexus tablet and next Nexus phone to have the next version of Android, and not the recent-to-date version…just saying.

    1. It is not even close to being released yet….if it even exists.  No-one is saying it will ship with ICS, JB, or KLP…because no-one has any idea if the thing is actually even *real*.

      1. hey buddy if its made from google it will have the latest android rom

  6. Hey look its a giant iPhone 4!

  7. I keep throwing my money at the screen but no tablet is emerging from my printer as I’d hoped.  So ready for this thing.  Whatever the specs, just looking for a reasonably priced, well equipped tablet.

  8. The definition of photo has to be pretty lax to include Adobe Illustrator drawings with embedded screenshot bitmaps.

  9. Good answer to the new IPad, Google. If ya can’t beat them, just make garbage with specs from last year that will further the decline of Android Tablets. I thought competition was good for the soul??

    1. I think they want to compete with kindle fire.  They want a cheap device with access to the play store.  Not sure how they plan to compete in the app space against ipad3. Naturally charging $150 will help them sell a lot of these products.  I think we’re about to see the android tablets compete so they can sell content.  Kindle, Nook, and Google.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they practically give these devices away.  The year android tablets enter the game.

  10. Ugly!

  11. No way. Looks too close to a touchpad from the front and iDevice from the side.

  12. I doubt it.  It’s definitely a 8.9″+ tablet.  Look at the left edge.  That’s a keyboard dock  like their transformer line.  Don’t think that would happen on any smaller of a screen.

  13. I hope this is fake, because the home screen looks really stupid and I greatly prefer having curved edges.

  14. I think Google is trying to bring the prices down by this release so that all competitors will have to follow suit !! They already made apple pick up the pace with hardware from the first nexus one now they attack from the cost aspect this is why I love android I salute you and applaud your efforts to bring great technology to all rich and poor alike!!!! I will definitely buy one to support the movement!! Just my two cents..

  15. its ugly even if its fake

  16. If that is 7″ then it would be very close to having the same distance for the connector and locator holes that the Transformer Prime does, meaning that it might dock into the Transformer Prime Keyboard Dock. The connector is the same and the distances are almost perfect (I measured on my TF201). That would be awesome!!

  17. Awesome. Looks like the new iPad. 

  18. Looks like the Toshiba Excite.

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