Apr 1st, 2012

Google continues to be one of the lead innovating companies in the world, and they have been working even harder lately. They have just expanded their Google Maps service to the popular NES console. But today, they are reaching a much higher audience with a new service called Gmail Tap.

This is meant to be a replacement for those pesky and annoying keyboards, with overwhelming amounts of buttons. Forget auto-correction and predictions! Gmail Tap implements Morse Code, allowing users to type via a 2-button interface. It has two large buttons (as well as a space bar); one being a dash, while the other is a dot.

“You can tap it in the morning. You can tap it at night. You can tap it in the bathroom. It’s a dot and a dash to have a conversation with the entire world.” -Todd Smith, Gmail Tap Product Lead

Furthermore, users can even pull out a second Gmail Tap simultaneously, allowing you to type and send messages to multiple recipients at once.

Just what we have been waiting for, Google! You can head over to the Gmail Tap official website and learn Morse Code, as well as download the application by clicking the top-right button. Are you guys going to be tapping it all over the place from now on?

Thanks, Sam!

[Source: Gmail Tap]