Mar 30th, 2012

After news today that Ice Cream Sandwich was just about ready to roll for the HTC Sensation 4G on T-Mobile, some where left wondering exactly what went wrong and why an update hasn’t been pushed out yet. Well, judging by some chatter on T-Mobile’s USA official Facebook page, the Android 4.0 update may have been delayed. According to T-Mobile’s posts, HTC sent T-Mobile the official ICS ROM for the device, but it didn’t pass T-Mobile’s quality checks, sending the update right back to HTC for further testing and fixes where the ball now remains in HTC’s court. Of course, the next step will be that HTC will patch everything up and send it back to T-Mobile, where they will test it again and if everything checks out, an over-the-air update can finally take place. (Whew). Here’s what a T-mobile rep said last Saturday via their Facebook page:

“HTC has delivered a ROM to us however it is still having issues the reason that other sensation types have the update without issue and ours did not come out that way is because every ROM must be adapted to the hardware of the device because we use a different radio than other providers and also have applications such as wifi calling it also has to be compatible with those. What the HTC rep told you is most likely correct because once a ROM is delivered we have 2 weeks to test it and then approve it or send it back they then have 4 weeks to fix the bugs and return it back to us, where we are exactly in that process I do not know but that is how a ROM is delivered to the customer.

The original ROM was not delivered to us in November, we started testing it just recently but I think it has been longer than 2 weeks so at this point HTC most likely has the ball.

You bought a phone and it has been announced that you are getting ICS you have every right to know what’s going on with it and when you can see these awesome features. I did go into a lot of detail about how a ROM gets to the end user (you guys) but that wasn’t to point fingers only so you would have a better understanding of why you don’t have it yet, the bottom line is the Sensation has T-Mobile’s and HTC’s name all over it and both companies want to make you proud to be a Sensation owner so we are working as fast as we can to deliver it but also want to make sure that it stands up to your expectations.”

While some will dismiss this as nothing more than a misinformed T-Mobile rep speaking out of line, from the amount of detail they divulged, it sounded like they more than knew their stuff. As you can see, there seems to have been a hiccup along the way and this is the reason you don’t have ICS on your device tonight. Just be patient and a solid, tested, bug-free update will be pushed out to you soon enough.


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