Mar 30th, 2012

HTC is taking their One series and running with it. At the unveiling event at Mobile World Congress we were given a good idea of how the name would tie into marketing, emphasizing the new phone as the only “one” designed to meet the desires of individual users. In another way, HTC wants folks to walk into stores and say “that’s the one I’ve been looking for.” Get it? It’s kind of cute. Kind of clever.

The One branding concept is extended in the latest ad from HTC, showing all sorts of folks taking full advantage of the improved hardware and software found in the One X, One S, and One V. Want another idea of just how the pairing makes for one heck of an experience? Check out this head-to-head camera battle between the One X, Galaxy Nexus, and Xperia S.

[via Android and Me, Android Police]

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