New HTC ad shows their latest phone as the only One for you


HTC is taking their One series and running with it. At the unveiling event at Mobile World Congress we were given a good idea of how the name would tie into marketing, emphasizing the new phone as the only “one” designed to meet the desires of individual users. In another way, HTC wants folks to walk into stores and say “that’s the one I’ve been looking for.” Get it? It’s kind of cute. Kind of clever.

The One branding concept is extended in the latest ad from HTC, showing all sorts of folks taking full advantage of the improved hardware and software found in the One X, One S, and One V. Want another idea of just how the pairing makes for one heck of an experience? Check out this head-to-head camera battle between the One X, Galaxy Nexus, and Xperia S.

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  1. No ICS for the 3d yet (yet the vivid got it) was the reason that was the last HTC phone.  Too bad Verizon won’t update my Gnex..

    1. 4.0.2 to 4.0.4 is not a big update it will come. if your talking about jelly bean then thats to far down the road and their would be no reason for verizon to delay it.

      1. Are you not a gnex owner? Trust me the 4.0.4 update much needed. The radio is terrible on the phone but that can be fixed with a software update. I hate fragmentation so no I was not talking about Jelly Bean.

        1. i have a gnex i dont have any problems with my radio but where i live it stays on 4g so i dont worry about it switching

          1. I have 4g in my area too and its wonderful but when I will go visit friends in other cities that don’t have it yet, their phone is way better 3g signal compared to mine

          2. im not sure what verizons 3g signal is supposed to be in comparison i never bothered to compare it to another verizon phone. i have compared my 3g to other cdma carriers and it smokes them.

          3. Verizon’s 3g feels ten times faster than Sprint’s POS network. I am definitely glad I switched but I just wish the radios in this nexus were better

  2. Still no microSD or removable battery. If they were the one company that actually listened to our voice, this one company would have included a microSD and removable battery.

    1. they must have listened to iphone users. notice you now need that stupid tool to remove the sim card

    2. And only an 1800mAH at that, HAHA. The Razr Maxx has one nearly twice the size.

    3. There is a removeable SD card in the version for sprint but the battery is still unremoveable, but they will be using a 2500 Mah battery though.

      1. 2650***

    4. You lot and your silly complaints for removable batteries…

    5. the reason they make phones with internal storage and non removable batteries is so they can make the phone thinner. The batter can be any shape if it is non removable and they dont have to take up room to build a compartment for it to fit in. This also allows them to put slightly bigger batteries. 

      1. Really why is then phones like Galaxy S so thin WITH a removable battery AND internal storage. 

        HTC have never been able to manufacture thin phones with BIG specs. Face it, this is the one and only way for them to keep in the race. Obviously with massive consequences…
        Meanwhile HTC fanboys will defend this to death as written below


        1. galaxy s isnt too thin compared to the new phones that are coming out without removable batteries. the one x is a mm thinner than the galaxy s. btw im not an htc fanboy. im a samsung nexus s user. for now anyway. 

        2. Samsung phones are terribly cheap and have an extremely cheap feel to them.  When I’m dropping a lot of money on a phone, I want it to be of higher qualities like HTC makes.  No Samsung phone feels as if they are high quality.  They feel like junk.  I value the fit and finish of the phones greatly and don’t want a piece of crap.  I value it way more than removable storage and battery so long as they give me enough storage in the phone and a large enough battery.  Obviously HTC has done both here.

          Also, the 1800mah battery will be fine for the masses especially ones using a Snapdragon S4 processor which is created with a 28nm process.  It’s going to run faster, cooler, and be way more energy efficient than what we have out there today.  That’s the whole point of shrinking the die.  There won’t be a need to have a larger battery.

          I love seeing the 99.9% of garbage posted in the comments of these articles because it’s all crap based on people who don’t know anything about anything.

          Taking fanboys out of play here, HTC makes higher quality phones than Samsung period.  Pick them up next to each other and you will see the difference.  I don’t give 2 craps about 1mm of thickness difference.  I want my devices to have a high quality substance about them instead of posing as a plastic kids toy.  I also am looking forward to more Asus hardware because they do the same exact thing with their hardware.  Samsung is plastic junk.

          1. i gotta agree with most of that. the only reason i got a nexus is because they are so much easier to mess around with. rooting and roms and stuff. i hope htc or asus builds the next nexus

          2. I value the fit and finish of the phones greatly –
            yeah that’s just your personal preference. Personally the term “build quality is different from everyone”.
            1800mah? That’s just unacceptable htc are known to have crappy battery life on top of that too small considering they are sacrificing the battery to be intact. Either go for a Maxx moto like battery or leave the door open.

            99.9% posts on here garbage? Ok I stopped reading after that.

            You sir are a common example of a blinded fan boy. Deserves no extra treatment or our time then those iSheeps that sometimes come here to flame.

          3. I am the opposite of a fanboy.  I try everything myself.  I have had iPhones, Android phones, and Windows phones.  They all have their pros and cons.  I suggest the iPhone to many people who are not tech savvy because it’s easier to use, but I enjoy the complexity of Android because I’m a software developer. Everything has its place.  Again, I’m the opposite of a fanboy.  

            After owning many phones, one of the things I enjoy on a daily basis is the build quality of a phone.  I would NEVER own a Samsung phone.  HTC makes some of the best hardware for Android.  Their battery life is no different than any other Android phone.  I have a 1600mah battery in my phone and I usually have 60%-70% of my battery left at the end of the night with moderate usage.  Motorola’s hardware is better than Samsung.  Asus makes very nice hardware as well.  Heck even Sony makes better hardware than the silly shiny plastic Samsung phones.  I am certainly not arguing there aren’t other good brands out there.  Again, this is the opposite of being a fanboy.

            When you have a scientific background like I do, you want to try things for yourself and that’s what I do.  I don’t need to be spoon fed info from other people who just spew things out there because they own some product and think it’s the greatest thing out there.  I try them myself and I can easily comment on them from my experience.

            And if you own a Samsung phone, that’s great.  But it’s not going to change the fact that the build quality is junk.  :-)  Not to mention, I’m just not a Samsung fan because I don’t like the way they run their company.  But since that’s off topic, I digress.

      2. I’ve heard the micro SD card part is so that the phone runs faster? And that’s why the last two Nexus devices did not include it…

        1. i think so. the built in storage on my nexus s is way faster than the sdcards my friend uses on his galaxy s2

  3. Ads that intentionally avoid any mention of the actual product and its capabilities are always enough to make me reject that product from consideration.  I was undecided about the One X.  No longer. 

    1. You’re blacklisting a device because of an ad spot? There’s sound logic for ya…

  4. Yeah, one each would have been satisfactory.

  5. HTC had done a good job with their new handsets, my favourite is the HTC One X, found here a good review:


    1. Wait until Sprint announcing the new Evo, I mean not the HTC one there is one more never been announce yet. The Htc one not what Sprint has only.

  6. I would have liked to see them make the back flat instead of having that camera hump. The space required to make the back of the phone meet the camera hump could be taken up with a bigger battery.

  7. The camera is nice on the one but no need to take 4 pics per sec. I will just take a video and if i want pics the nexus lets you grab pics right out of the video.

    1. The max resolution you’ll get out of the video is whatever the max reso of the video is which in today’s photo specs is miniscule. Using the camera at 4fps will get you whatever resolution they have it set up to do that. (In the camera business, that would be at max resolution which FAR out does what you can grab off of a video.)

    2. More important to me, is how the display looks outdoors.. if you cant see the display when taking a picture it sucks big time.. the camera can be the best thing since sliced bread, but if only usable indoors then it’s a half a slice.

  8. Do the people on the site not realize that all of these phone manufacturers are catering to the majority of smartphone users? The majority see all the moveable parts as something that could break. most of the comments on these tech sites come from a small minority of people that actually know what should make a phone better. I’d love a micro sd slot, but it’s just a sad reality.

    1. Do they really? I suspect the majority don’t think about that at all. They worry about what the marketing teams tell them they should worry about I bet. How many Gs does your phone have? How many megapixels does the camera have? Does their screen have the right letters and numbers in it? Can they watch tv on it? Somehow I doubt the “majority” look at a battery door and think, “Hmm, I wonder if that will break or not.”

      1. They do look at how thin a phone is, though..

      2. Just wait one more year, and you`ll see everyone happy with what they getting. For now it`s normal to the complainer to do so.

        1. not really most superphone contracts are 24 months

          and Battery life starts to decrease around after 12 months. I’ve just bought a new battery from samsung after I got it last June. Can easily last a day now with moderate wifi and 3g use.

          Makes the difference. Plus I have a korean charger which charges your phone and an extra battery holder.

          This is why you need battery doors.

  9. def not the phone for me, considering its not going to Verizon 

  10. The HTC team have clearly been watching too much of the Kony 2012 video. I wish these marketing vids wouldn’t push the near forced emotional pandering in the beginning segments.

  11. its a pity they spent so much time and money on the camera and so little on the microphone as once again a htc with a tinny cheap microphone.

  12. It’s launching today here in Singapore and I shall be going :)

  13. what a lot of crap …try to get your flyer upgrade in australia HTC could not give a S%^t   there is my one 

  14. I love how HTC’s new ambition was to remove the confusion of all the different variants and models.

    So they made ‘the One’.

    And then made three variants of it.

    1. Yeah, should have been One, Two and Three, right? :P

      Then there’s the one XL which is the same as the One X in the US… or maybe I’m backwards.  

  15. I still prefer the iOn over the ONE X. camera shutter still faster than the one x. I keep seeing their finger doesn’t touch it on time enough to test it out. in my opinion anyway

  16. yeah, i want one..definitely…

  17. I’d still take the Xperia Ion

  18. What I learned from this is that I wish my GN had a dedicated camera button.

  19. no removable battery, no SD card, no way will I purchase a HTC phone.

  20. Let me guess someone says wait for sgslll? It is not out yet.

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