Imangi Studios Says New Environments, Characters, Objectives and Power-ups to Come to Temple Run


Since its launch on Android (literally only a few days ago) Temple Run has enjoyed tremendous success on the Google Play Store. With somewhere between one million and five million downloads, I’m better they could be happier with the way things turned out.

The buck doesn’t stop here, of course. PocketGamer had a quick chat with Imangi Studios regarding the hit game, and one interesting tidbit to come out of the interview was regarding new content.

Imangi confirmed that they are indeed working on new characters, power-ups, objectives, and environments are all being worked on. They couldn’t give us any specifics on what or when, but it’s nice to know they’re looking to take things to the next level.

Let’s face it: none of us wanted to play inside that gloomy temple forever. I’ll be a nice breath of fresh air to step outside of it. Maybe even the evil monkeys will be joined by other species depending on which environment you’re in.

I know I’d love to see some Hyenas in an African wildlife scenario. For now, just let your imagination run wild. And if you haven’t played the game yet, give it a shot in the Google Play Store for free.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Maybe they should work on fixing the force closes all over the place before adding new environments…

    1. Agreed

      1. +1000

    2. Was just gonna post that.

    3. I’ve been playing it daily since it came out and I’ve never had a force close or experienced any bugs. I’m using an old Motorola Defy running CM7.

  2. It’s a small mercy that 90% of the force closes I get on my Galaxy Nexus are between runs rather than in the middle of them.  At least it’s playable.

  3. It works pretty well on my Razr. It does close after every 3 or 4 attempts but I just start it back up and Im away again. 

    Im pretty happy about it :)

    1. Are you rooted? It’s not showing up in my store as an option

  4. I haven’t experienced one force close on my Galaxy Note, I’m so addicted. My high score is sitting at 260,000, I’m not sure how people can get so much higher than that.

    1. You’ll get to a million points eventually. And then you’ll wonder how people can score so much higher than that.

  5. Shouldn’t they fix the crashing every other game before they expand it, I normally don’t get to three runs before it crashes and I have to start the app over. It’s fun and addicting otherwise.

  6. I haven’t seen one crash on either my GSII or my Sony Tablet S.  I almost wish it would crash after a run as it would give me a reason to stop playing.  I am wasting WAY too much time on that game.

  7. Hope they will fix the lag first. And hope it will be smooth

  8. Hope they will fix the lag first, so it will become smooth. And force close after death

  9. This game is hard as hell, and it force closes too much.  Fun when it works though

  10. No force closes here yet either on the EVO 3D. The game is absolutely amazing. It would be cool to get an update for environments, objectives, and characters. Temple Run, woot!

  11. Fix the crashes 1st and make it more stable, features need to be worked on later that is a low priority. I will actually purchase coins only if they can make much more stable. Galaxy Nexus ftwwk (For those who wanna know) 

  12. I have one of the newest phones running the newest Android software Galaxy Nexus. And this game can’t even run stable for more then a minute. The game glitches and you fall into a hole. You can’t press certain menu items or it freezes and crashes. At least my phone handles a crash like it’s nothing and doesnt cause the entire system to freeze. You would think such a respected iGame would’nt have released such a glitchy game. I was disappointed and un-installed. 

  13. Works great on my GS Vibrant and on my Samsung 10.1 and on my daughters GSII and both of their ASUS Transformers (ICS)  so I have no complaints.  Great game very addictive.

  14. This app is compatible with my original Motorola Droid but isn’t compatible with my Droid Bionic. I swear…

  15. Works fine on my Desire S running IceColdSandwich 6.1 ICS. Sucks to be a gnex owner right now! :p

  16. Works great on my old Motorola Defy running CM7, no crashes or bugs whatsoever.

  17. A pac-man version of this game would be nice!

  18. A little proof-reading goes a long way…

    “I’m better they could be happier with the way things turned out.”

    Stopped reading after that “sentence”

    1. Too bad.

      You missed “Imangi confirmed that they are indeed working on new characters, power-ups, objectives, and environments are all being worked on.”

  19. I have the RAZR Maxx, and I can’t even Download it… It doesn’t show up in the store….How are other RAZR people DL’ing it?

  20. There is a update out now

  21. “I’m better they could be happier with the way things turned out.”  If you’re writing articles for a website and you constantly make mistakes in your writing, do you think it’s time you should look for a new career?  Take some time to proofread and have some respect for the English language.  If you can’t write an article and use proper grammar, than you shouldn’t be writing for a profession.  

    1. Is that jealousy that he has a job for an android website (which since you are here you must like android, or are just a troll)? Did you know that 85%+ of all human communication is non-verbal(and writing falls in the verbal category)? I think instead of focusing on the small mistakes that may be distracting but do not keep anyone from understanding the general point; you should focus on not being such a jerk. If you have a dog try being nice to it when you see it, and if you already are nice to it, try treating people better than you treat your animals. He may have failed to proofread, but you are failing as an individual, at least at this moment.

  22. FYI – Latest updates (not the one mentioned above) over the weekend fixed the constant crashes on my GSM galaxy nexus.  Looks like they did implement fixes for that stuff before rolling out these new features.

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