Vodafone UK pushing Ice Cream Sandwich update to HTC Sensation


The HTC Sensation is getting more Ice Cream Sandwich love. With the update to Android 4.0 already live in some regions, the UK’s Vodafone has completed testing of the update, which should now be pushing to all devices. The rollout will be staggered, so users may be waiting a minute before seeing the new software pulled to their handset. Vodafone suggests the “Settings > About Phone > Software Update > Check now” trick for the impatient.

I guess we can now say that the move to Ice Cream Sandwich has begun in earnest. It’s not happening as quickly as we had hoped, but with more devices getting the green light each day Android 4.0’s place in the distribution chart should be growing.

[via EuroDroid]

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  1. Also just got it on carrier-unlocked Sensation in Slovakia.
    296,6 MB, Sense 3.6
    ROM 3.32.401.5

  2. Good news for the sensation, fingers crossed they manage to “test” (meaning: load with bloatware) ICS for their most popular handset the Galaxy S2 some time soon!

  3. Come on evo 3D… I’m waiting for you now

  4. what about the sensation 4g on t-mobile

  5. Typical.  I root and install Android Revolution HD ICS and then the official update comes out.  Still, I’m running at 1.5Ghz with the HD camera mod.  I bet that doesn’t come with the official update. :)

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