Sony Releases Ice Cream Sandwich Beta for Xperia PLAY


Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY owners are in for a real treat today. While we’ve known of the device’s leaked Ice Cream Sandwich update for quite some time, nothing could be better than an official beta straight from the horse’s mouth (unless, of course, you’re a rooted user and the build can’t be rooted). Sony has released a beta of Android 4.0 for anyone who owns the device to try it out and submit feedback.

Specifically, they want to know how the gaming experience is. Do the controls work? Did you experience any lagging? Stuff like that. If you do run into any issues, be sure to let them know as directed – it’ll make for a better experience for everyone once it’s final.

Also, they didn’t list which devices would be able to participate, but we’re going to assume Verizon’s version will have issues. That’s just a guess, though. Head to their site for full instructions and download links, and be prepared to void your warranty. Have at it!

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. With how Sony has been as of late, they might make my next phone. HTC take note…

  2. so much win!

  3. Wait you get 4.0 directly from them and it still voids your warranty? That’s garbage!

  4. How to update your Sony Xperia PLAY with Ice Cream Sandwich BETA Release?http://www.funofart.com/ice-cream-sandwich-update-for-sony-xperia-delayed-and-not-via-ota/ 

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