NVIDIA CEO: $199 Tegra 3 tablets could be a reality by summer


At CES NVIDIA and ASUS unveiled a 7-inch tablet with a quad-core Tegra 3 processor. The specs aren’t exactly special at this point in the game, but the pricing model was. The new slate would be hitting shelves at $250. Since then, rumors of the device becoming a Nexus-branded ASUS tablet in partnership with Google have mucked things up a bit, potentially driving the price to as low as $150 while sacrificing certain hardware elements that may or may not include the Tegra 3 chipset.

Whether or not a Nexus tablet launches, and regardless of if it holds the power of four cores, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang still sees affordable Tegra 3 options in the very near future. He predicts tablets utilizing the chipset could come to market by summer at a price of only $200. Other expensive hardware elements (memory, display) would take a hit, so we wouldn’t be getting a Transformer Pad Infinity at that price, but that’s the tradeoff for squeezing the margins as much as possible.

Does the prediction of NVIDIA biggest of wigs lend credence to the Nexus tablet rumors? Does it suggest other things altogether like an updated Kindle Fire with quad-core processing? I guess we’ll be finding out soon enough. Summer is right around the corner.

[via The Verge]

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  1. I’m just gonna lay it all out here.  What I want is a quad-core (don’t care what the chip is) phone with NFC, running vanilla Android 4.x.x on Verizon that can fit inside a 10 inch tablet enclosure.  Essentially I want a quad-core, NFC enabled PadFone on Verizon.  Since no such thing exists (yet), I will bide my time and make due with my Galaxy Nexus and Motorola Xoom (which is STILL waiting on ICS).

    1. Motorola Xoom has had ICS for months now and is about to bump up to 4.0.4  — wifi only version is a true GED… your updates are not held hostage by the carrier.

      1. True, but that doesn’t help my poor Verizon Xoom.

    2. Why have a quad core cpu when the S4 which is a dualcore cpu is better?

      1. I’m not interested in 3D graphics processing (I don’t really game on my tablet).  I’m interested in video decoding performance (i.e. watching 720 or 1080 h.264 AAC/MP3 encoded video files).  My poor Xoom can’t really handle anything more than 480 without the frame rate suffering.

        Whatever gets the job done.

      2. Benchmarks optimized for Single-threads with a single core running at 3GHz will beat S4 hands down. So will you switch to a Pentium 3 desktop now?

        If you think dual-core S4 is soooo good, then why the heck is Qualcomm bringing out their quad-core? Is it not because they cannot fight other company’s quad-core with their S4? (and why did they delay their quad-core launch from late 2011 to sometime in the 2nd half of 2012? Afraid it might lose when you pit quad-core vs quad-core?)
        To beat a 40nm quad-core (that came out in Jan-2011, if not earlier) with a 28nm dual-core (that comes out almost 1.5yrs later) is a JOKE.

  2. If the hardware can’t live up to the name, don’t call it a Nexus.   That should be reserved for only the top tier that Google approves and not some watered down tablet competing against the Kindle Fire.

    1. $600 Android tablets aren’t doing well. Google needs to do something that will help Android increase it’s market share (as well as give developers something to work on). 

      Nexus devices have never been defined by their power (in which case this tab will stil feature a great processor) — just their software.

      Personally, I never considered buying a tablet EVER. But… feature solid specs for a low $200 and I’ll rush to grab my credit card.

    2. Agreed. Nobody needs a crappy trend setter. 

    3. Nexus is a joke, they cant even keep up with that, No I dont want to go on XDA and so shit to my phone, thats why I got a Nexus. I demand better from google! Everyone should.

  3. I can see the Asus Memo for $250 going to the power users (cant’ wait) and casual users buying this instead.  Not everyone needs quad cores, but lower pricing will hit a large market that might not have bought a tablet.

  4. Dual core s4 for the $150 price tablet anyone?

  5. The only reason I bought the galaxy tab 10.1 was because I got it for 250 on craigslist. Honestly haven’t used it much. There really isn’t a need for it since it can’t fit in a pocket, so you have to leave it home unless you get a case. A 7 inch would seem better fit for my wants. At 200 or less It’s a possibility

  6. Whoop whoop! IPad overpriced confirmed!!!!!

  7. Nvidia said transformer prime was launching last summer too but lauched in the winter!

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