Is This Asurion Form Hinting Toward a DROID Bionic 2?


Something strange has brewed over at the Asurion website. The enrollment form, the one people use to apply for replacement devices, seems to have one “DROID Bionic 2” listed underneath Motorola phones. This name hasn’t been in the rumor mill at all until now, and Droid-Life makes a pretty good point that the Motorola DROID RAZR has multiple entries for different colors, and the DROID Bionic does technically come in two versions –  one without a 16GB microSD card and a retired one with a microSD card. The “Bionic 2” could refer to that. Or it could be a devastating mistake by Asurion resulting in the mobile world’s acknowledgement of a follow-up to the original. Either way, only time will tell what the case is.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. yea cuz after how well the 1st one turned out ppl are running to get this one LOL

  2. Everything after the Droid X has been the Droid meh to me (save the Razr Maxx).

  3. LOL! At every stupid typo that turns into “Android rumor”.

  4. The bionic would of sold more if it were released last summer/spring instead of when it did

  5. If this is the case, it’ll be announced for June, come out August of 2013, and have a locked bootloader. *SMH*

    1. Don’t forget the follow up release of the Razr 2 shortly after.

  6. LOL, lets hope not, moto major flop #2

  7. Everyone makes a big deal out of moto releasing phones. They need to slow down but damn buy your phone and be happy. All this pissing an moaning of not having the latest and greatest why not wait 10 months so you can complain about another phone that’s going to come out and bitch about how yours is outdated again.

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