Google Play Store Glitch Makes Paid Apps Disappear


Not sure how widespread this problem is, but we’ve gotten enough Phantips to justify a post. Apparently, the Google Play Store is experiencing another hiccup this time, where users’ paid applications are disappearing from their “Installed/Up To Date” apps list. Instead of showing paid apps, users are being greeted with either blank or RPC errors.

This of course is causing concern for stock and more so rooted users who typically associate bugs like this with whichever ROM they’re currently running. After more than 72 hours, Google has yet to address the issue but we’re confident they’re on top of things and everything will be restored shortly. My Play Store is functioning properly so, I can’t exactly relate. Anyone else experiencing the Play bug?

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  1. I believe I saw a glitch the other day where I bought an app, but I couldn’t refund it because it said that it was installed from another source.

  2. Yeah I’ve been having my own unpleasant problems with the play store. Shows some purchased apps but not others. Randomly changes the number of apps it shows as installed. Frustrating to say the least.

  3. A problem started with me today whenever I use the play store app it crashes and I have noticed some app’s disappear

  4. Mine has been doing that on the galaxy nexus! Tried stock and rooted Rom. It’ll show your app that you paid for as whatever the price was, then it’ll let you try to buy it again. If you go to settings then manage apps, go to clear data on market then it’ll work again.

  5. They should’ve just left the app store alone, it wasnt broken. Play is a big clusterf—. Today my paid apps showed the price as if I never bought them. Deleting the data and cache fixed the problem.

  6. Maybe they should bring back the android market!

  7. my paid but not installed programs are not showing at the down part of my apps list anymore. in the past there was another list at the end called “not installed”

    1.  I think you have to swipe to the right to see all the apps you have ever bought or downloaded.

  8. Same as Aaron soles said, just go to MENU>MANAGE APPS>GOOGLE PLAY STORE & clear Cache & data.

    All my paid apps are shown, no problem.

  9. You have to slide to the left to see your purchased/not installed apps

  10. yes.. i had the same issue and i thought it was the 4.0.4 ugrade i did last night. howerver. the web version of android market worked fine. i used the web version to push apps back to my device..

  11. Only time that happened was when NBA jam was restarting my LG esteem. I uninstalled it and it disappeared from non installed apps it appeared after two days

  12. I have only seen this glitch once and that was after installing a new ROM update over another. And the simple fix is to clear data on the market and all is well. It does not seem to be an issue on Google’s side if you can clear the data from the phone and it downloads properly back from Google.

    But what do I know…

  13. I had that problem, where paid apps show up as unpaid as soon as the current version of Play Store rolled out weeks ago. It eventually resolved itself.. In the meantime, I had to install paid apps via the web store to avoid getting charged a second time.

    I am still having the issue that Google refuses to acknowledge where since the Play Store update, any app you ever installed off-market (such as through Amazon, Getjar, directly from an XDA thread, or pirated), that has a paid version the market, shows up as already purchased and you cannot buy it. Before Play Store, you could clear cache and maybe wait a few hours and it would let you buy those apps. Now they’re permanently bugged into “Purchased” status preventing you from buying them. Of course, you still can’t download them because Google *knows* they’re not purchased. So they should be able to fix this, but they for some reason REFUSE to do so.

  14. I wish they would make my Uninstalled apps disappear. Its a pain in the ass wading through all my apps the way it is set up now.

  15. For the past couple of days 3G Watchdog Pro, which I regularly purchased, has been refusing to start saying it’s unlicensed. This also happended a few months ago. Back then I fixed the problem by clearning the Android Market app data, but this time it doesn’t work.
    This is the only potentially related issue I’m experiencing. All other paid apps show up under in the Installed/Up to date apps list.

  16. Stock Skyrocket, blank white installed apps page.. Never been rooted

  17. I have had a bunch of “corrupt download” messages from the Play Store since it changed from the Market.  Reinstall a few minutes later and its all fine.  They’ve got some glitches fo sho.

  18. I cant download any app updates either right now.

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