Mar 28th, 2012

Remember yesterday when ASUS teased an awesome new update for the Transformer Prime? Well, it seems we’ve already gotten a sneak peak into what to expect. The new information is courtesy of the ASUS Italy Facebook page. According to them, we’ll finally be getting Face Unlock, a feature that is standard in Android 4.0.

There will also be new lock screen notification control. They don’t describe what this means, but it could just be the ability to access the notification pane while the screen is locked (something not currently possible). They’re upgrading ASUS Vibe from 1.0 to 2.0 (improved interface and more content), updating the Market, Google Books, Google Music, etc. to their “Play” counterparts, implementing a new upgrade path for the camera to allow them to update the camera with a firmware update, the ability to switch between portrait and landscape when hooking the tablet up to your TV via HDMI, and the ability to use a USB-to-Ethernet UX cable (sold separately) to support USB LAN connections.

If you were to tell an average user that ASUS didn’t have such awesome support, I’d think you were fibbing. Oh, and they say the update is due March 29th. Even if that is the case, other regions aren’t guaranteed to get the update at the same time. This all sounds pretty great to me. What do you guys think?

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