Android 4.0.4 Being Pushed to AOSP; Nexus S Poised to Receive Update (And How You Can Get It Now)




Googler Jean-Baptiste Queru has confirmed that Google is nearly done with Android 4.0.4. They’re so far, in fact, that the update is now in the process of being pushed to the trees and trunks of the Android Open Source Project. He states that there are over 100 changes over 4.0.3, but we have no clue what they are right this moment.

We imagine those details will be made available shortly after the code is completely made available. Those with a Nexus S won’t have to wait, though, as the official update – believed to be final – has been found on OTA servers and is ready to be downloaded and installed. You’ll need to be on Android 4.0.3 to get it. Read this XDA thread to get started. [The Verge] [Note]: As a rule of thumb, only owners of the unlocked, unbranded version should install this. Some people have reported success with the T-Mobile version. [source 1|2]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Ive been trying to install this on my Tmobile Nexus s but ive had no luck im on 4.0.3 im not rooted but my bootloader is unlocked so i dont know if thats why but i cant seem to get my bootloader locked again to try, anyone know what to do?

    1. Following posts on other sites, it appears that most people with the T-Mo NS (like myself) are getting “assert failed. Error 7. The patch fails.”

      1. Hmmm ya i saw others were getting Error 7, someone said you have to be completely stock so i don’t know if that includes a locked bootloader, but some people with the Tmobile version are saying theyve got it to work so its odd

        1. Mine is completely stock with a locked bootloader and it still failed. Some speculations is that this is just the AOSP build, but I don’t know.

          1. Google just confirmed that its the official update so im not sure what the deal is with this update,but it certainly is not working for me….

          2. Didn’t work for me either.. error 7 as well. wtf

          3. Same error for me, really wanted to update today

      2. i got that too and there is a full flash from xda site. but you may need a full wipe… the speed improvment alone worth the trouble..

  2. Ummm…aren’t all the Nexus S devices sold unlocked and unbranded? Sure it works with T-Mobile but it isn’t really a T-Mobile device…

    1. No, there are carrier variants of the Nexus S. T-mobile variant, Sprint CDMA Variant, etc. No Verizon Nexus S though. They were also sold subsidized instead of full price for an unlocked GSM model.

    2. Blame the current US cell model…
      Google tried to force the last round of spectrum buyers to require any device to use the band (as long as they have paid for the service of course).  FCC supported the offer and made the requirement but the moment that Verizon won, they soon after sued saying that they can’t be required to do that.

      Never heard about it since.

      In other words, you can’t “bring your own phone” to Verizon or any other service if they don’t want you to.  You have to buy their locked down devices.

      1. I dunno about Verizon and Sprint because they are CDMA, but on AT&T and T-Mo you can use whatever GSM device you want. You’ve always been able to.
        All you gotta do is put your sim card in and turn it on.
        Just make sure the freq matches up if you want 3/4G else your stuck on EDGE.

        I been buying unlocked devices aswell as phones from Rogers, Telus and overseas since forever. Your not restricted to only using their phones.

    3. There are 5 different Nexus S phones… retarded, I know…….
      GT-i9020/GT-i9020-T with T-Mobile 3G bands
      GT-i9020-A with AT&T 3G bands
      GT-i9023 is an i9020/i9020-T with Super Clear LCD instead of Super AMOLED
      SPH-D720 Sprints CDMA  Nexus S 4G
      andthe Korean only SHW-M200

      The official updates are device specific.

  3. Sooooo glad I sold my Nexus S to get the Galaxy Nexus!!! I’m still on 4.0.2, so much for having the flagship Google device, lol

    1. I’ve been wondering about this myself. One could argue, that the Verizon GNex is the “flagship” device. It is already on 4.0.3 and 4.0.4 leaked not too long ago. We who have the GSM version are still on 4.0.2 and I’m not sure why. I have heard anything lately about updates for us. :-/

      1. Officiallly, Verizon GNex is still on 4.0.2 I think.

      2.  Brian is correct. Verizon gnex is still on 4.0.2….flagship my a$$..

  4. So why is the Flagship Galaxy Nexus being neglected? 4.0.2!!! come on Google!

    1. What are you talking about? I just got the official 4.0.4 on my GSM Galaxy Nexus… and oh BTW, it is AWESOME!!!!

      1. he has the verizon one

  5. Error 4.0.4 – Update not found

    1. how ironic 

  6. And why isn’t this being pushed to my Gnex?

    1. wrong, he has a strict no touching past 3pm rule, so there!

  7. I’m starting to completely loath android! All of these splintered updates, to nexus phones! It doesn’t make sense. I bought a gnexus believing the updates would be seamless and uniform like an iOS update. But they’re not. Its so bothersome to get an update for a android phone. I don’t wanna root, I don’t wanna tinker, I just want a freaking update when Google releases the code!

    Looks like I may have to go back to apple… if their phone has a bigger screen then I’m there.

    1. I can sympathize with this rant entirely.

      Of course, I can’t get used to iOS. I find it too restricting; the costs of a closed-off ecosystem outweigh the benefits. Jailbreaking even things out a bit, but it still feels a bit gimmicky compared to how thoroughly I can change seemingly every little aspect of Android on any given ROM. I often wish that there were a happy medium between these two OSes.

    2. I understand entirely. You’d expect that a device which they’ve touted as the “flagship” phone would be given more…consideration with regards to updates. However, we shouldn’t forget that it is being worked on. 

      As someone who works in the Tech industry, I get frustrated just like our clients when I consider release schedules and development planning. I say that to say this: while you are getting angry (and threatening to leave one billion dollar conglomerate for another), remember that these devices are highly sophisticated. Time is needed. It’s easy for us to be mad when things take longer than we like; but that’s as a result of the instantaneous gratification we’ve grown accustomed to.

  8. Wow your guys are the first to get ics but still complain about not being 4.0.3! Why can’t all androids get along!?

  9. a friend of mine got the update last night ota without any problems and he has tmobile,but for me “error 7” abort…..

  10. its because Samsung released soo many versions of the nexus S and galaxy nexus that they are having trouble sending one update for all!! I think Google is over their head on this one.

    1.  You know, that’s probably great news for the users in the long run.  The android dev team is feeling the pain of support that the OEMs/Carriers feel all the time… maybe now they will take ease of supporting phones seriously in their further platform development.

  11. do you guys realize theses are bug fixes mostly. your precious galaxy nexus didnt miss anything  

    1. I’m hoping it will clear up the bugs on my GNex that I hit on a daily basis…

      * flaky airplane mode
      * music randomly stops playing
      * music/podcasts stop when checking in
      * incorrect bookmarks displayed as widgets

      And the weekly ones too:

      * radios stop working without warning
      * wrong application launched
      * random reboots

      1. You running stock? I am running AOKP MS4 now, but I didn’t have any problems prior.

    2. bug fixes and performance… the speed of 4.0.4 is way better than 4.0.3 at least in home screen and chrome…

  12. Anyone have any luck fixing that error 7 on the GSM Nexus S running 4.0.3?

    1. i got the issue and there is a full flash from xda to work around the issue.. however. you may need a full wipe first..

  13. heh, the AT&T i9020A Nexus S aswell as Sprints Nexus S 4G continue to be ignored and sit on GB as Google updates the T-Mobile and European Nexus S yet again….

    Fuck You Google……

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