Android 4.0.4 Also Rolling Out to GSM Galaxy Nexus Devices


Earlier today it was learned that Google was getting ready to push Android 4.0.4 to GSM Nexus S devices. Well, it looks like the Galaxy Nexus has been invited to the party. GSM versions of the device are now receiving the update, but it is still unclear what exactly is changed.

We’ve heard from readers that it does seems a bit “zippier,” and “smoother,” but that’s about it. There should be a lot more going on, though, as it’s said there are over 100 changes over 4.0.3. Fingers crossed that owners of the CDMA versions of these devices will get the update before the apocalypse rises. [Google+, thanks Shawn!]

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  1. It could be over 100 small changes that aren’t so noticeable on the obvious part to consumers. It may just have an overall impact on the performance.

  2. I have not been able to update manually with my tmobile nexus s,wondering if theres any word to why there are so many ppl having an issues with trying to update..

    1. Maybe it’s for the AT&T version.

  3. The leaked 4.0.4 is amazing for performance on CDMA and I assume it’ll be the same once we get an official release. It is basically what the Nexus should have been from the start.

  4. Come on Verizon!

  5. Gimme gimme gimme

  6. Anyone got a direct Google download link for the HSPA+ model yet?

    1. It’ll be up on XDA soon enough.

  7. WOOOHOOOOOO No more anxiously waiting for 4.0.3 when I can wait for 4.0.3 to hit my device…sapmming check now button on my phone.

  8. My vzw gnex has been a collosal disappointment. I have not had a remotely reliable or decent data and voice connection since the day I bought it (release day). I’m so pissed I broke down and signed a new 2 year for this piece of junk!

    1. I was about to argue with you but then I saw what version you had, I have the other one.

    2. Then you should get your phone replaced under warranty because either it or the cell tower in your area are defective. I’ve had a Verizon GNex since early January and have had very few problems.

    3. Had the same issue, and changed out my Gnex and its 10x better, could also be your sim card

  9. Still waiting for 4.0.3 on my GNex -_-

    1. 4.0.3 is only for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. 4.0.4 is only for the GSM Galaxy Nexus. So if you have the GSM Galaxy Nexus forget 4.0.3 and get waiting for 4.0.4.

      1. Wrong

      2. What?????? Where did you get this info from? Everything I’ve read says 4.0.4 is the next version for both platforms. There has even been a 4.0.4 leak for the CDMA Galaxy Nexus.

      3. yeah, um, no…

      4. uhhh……………………………….. 4.0.3 was specifically for tablets.  Some OEMs used that build for their phones yes… but not a single Nexus device used it… not the Galaxy, not the S, and certainly not the One.

  10. Well us CDMA versions if the nexus can patiently wait for 4.0.5 coming next month

  11. I dont own a Galaxy Nexus. Be it CDMA OR GSM. I roll an HTC Sensation running Bindroid on Tmo. With that out of the way im gonna say this. WTF is with all the fanboy omg im gonna fucking die comments if i dont get this update. Half of you dumbasses dont know a single fucking difference from patch to patch. You guys see a new number and suddenly  its I GOT A NEXUS I SHOULD HAVE IT NAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOO. no better than isheep in your zombie horde mentality for updates. RELAX people. damn.

    1. This is supposed to be a very big patch unlike the updates you get with HTC Sensation. OH that’s right HTC doesn’t update their phones anymore. The 4.0.4 update for those people without this phone, who probably shouldn’t be posting hate in articles that don’t concern their phones, brings a ton of bug fixes along with new radios. Those of us on Verizon will absolutely see a difference when this update hits us. 

      That being said, If you have no knowledge about what’s going on outside of your own forum or if you have Nexus envy because the brand was taken from HTC, you should probably just shut the fuck up and go buy an iPhone.

  12. Actually if u follow phandroid a few weeks ago they had this article “Android 4.0.5 in testing for Verizon’s LTE Galaxy Nexus, could hit handsets in early April”. My guess is the difference between the two radios ( GSM and LTE ) has force Google to make a special build for the LTE version. This is likely the same reason Google remove this version from developer support. The new technology in the LTE radios must be given them some difficulty. These phones have been on different versions since day 1.

  13. I’ve been using the 4.0.4 leak for the VZW cmda/lte version for over six weeks and it is absolutely awesome. It had none of the issues with connectivity that people bitch about. It’s super fast and pretty damn good. All of you non-rooted folks will really enjoy it when it’s released whether it is .4 or .5 … should put all this complaining to rest. :)

    BTW. It’s the stock leak .. no 3rd party hacking on this ROM. :)


  14. Just finished installing Yakju on my GSM Galaxy Nexus being used on AT&T, running 4.0.2 at the moment. Checking for an update yields no prompt for 4.0.4, but I’m not worried. I’ll check again tomorrow.

  15. The cdma technology has more downsides than upsides. The biggest being that the sim card give the customer power and choice and cdma carriers want to hold on to thst power. With that power over customers they can screw them out of a several $100 phone in many different ways, such as failing to pay a bill.

    Also cdma carriers’ phones typically cant be taken from carrier to carrier either. Fuck em

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