T-Mobile Price Hike Raises Price of 5GB and 10GB Classic Plans An Extra $5


More price increases for the #4 carrier in the US. Starting April 4th, new customers who sign up for either one of T-Mobile’s 5GB or 10GB “Classic Unlimited” plans will be paying an extra $5 a month for those data services. Those that signed up for these services before April 4th will be grandfathered in, no problem.

This could be seen as a move by T-Mobile to make their Value plans more attractive to new customers but no matter which way you look at, this probably wont go over too well for customers possibly considering making an upgrade to the higher data plan. But I guess T-Mobile’s gotta do what they can to stay afloat — even after all that spectrum and $4 billion they received from AT&T.


Chris Chavez
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  1. Still cheaper than Verizon

    1. There’s a reason why, the least 3G and 4G coverage (geographically speaking).

      1. Price Hike may improve service domains.

      2. They have the largest 4G coverage unless that’s changed recently but I don’t think it has.

        1. Yupp they still have 217 markets with HSPA+ 21, 187 or of which have HSPA+ 42.

      3. NO.

        You are paying more to Verizon because they have the largest MARKET SHARE.

        The company with the highest market share has the highest prices.  They rave on how they have the ‘quality’ only to justify their high high prices.

        T-Mobile for the past year and a half has the best coverage in America for speedy internet services (4G!)  

        Even if T-Mobile hspa+ 42mbps comes off a few mbps lower than Verizon LTE in speed tests it completely invalidates the ridiculous amounts Verizon charges.  Unless you live in the boonies, you typically don’t need Verizon.

    2. idk not for long. tmo 500min-unlim msg-10gb 109.99 new price will be 114.99
      for verizon i pay 109.99 450min-unlim msg-10gb(on double data deal). if verizon can change double data to become their standard amounts t-mobile will be more expensive. in my case they are.  

  2. Lame!!! me NO LIKE THIS

  3. Yeah, they have to do things like lay off thousands of American workers. :(

  4. Tmo should drop there prices more. Whack the useless plans revamp there ish. Truly unlim data no throttle make that cheaper than everyone. And make minute packages tailored better the customer only saying as an example. instead of raising prices thats only going to make there service that much more unattracive. Cheaper than verizon sure. But will it once there lte rolls out? Or will we see price hikes. Gonna be expensive since tmo wants to give next to nothing on.your data when you go off network for whatever reason. Which in that case i’d choose verizon any day. But that a diff. Issue all together.

    1. Shizz…I’m guessing you’ve never run a business before? “Offer everything unlimited and make it cheaper than anyone else and don’t throttle those that choke your network and don’t raise prices ever and you’ll surely be successful”

  5. Everything is going up!

  6. I’m still paying $20 for my 5 gigs from g1 days thank God for grandfatherism!

  7. What was it people were saying about the ATT deal?  That ATT would’ve raised prices and fired people if it went through?

    1. what happened that ppl all of a sudden for get about competition? it’s still better than eliminating a competitor and in the process toppling sprint – did u even follow the news? or even think about it? it’s only logical – im just saying (not trying to offend).

      i think no matter what is happening now. if ATT got ahold of tmobile it would be more intense, less transparent, infuriating, and there would be no reversing the damage.

    2. Ummm… let’s inject some common sense for a minute.

      T-Mobile is still by far cheaper than it’s national competitors.  It’s only GSM competitor is at&t and $25 for 5GB on a value plan is better than at&t’s 2GB for $30.

      The merger would have created so many redundant HIGH paying jobs that there’s no question it would have been worse on the wireless job market.  T-Mobile had to eliminate customer care positions because it lost a significant number of customers… so those lay offs are really the fault of all those people who LEFT T-Mobile for no reason.  and by no reason, I mean the iPhone.

      The elimination of T-Mobile means there would be less national wireless carriers.  This would mean high pricing from both at&t and verizon because… where else are you going to go?  Also, wireless sales jobs pay pretty well.  Competition drives that.  If customers are signing up with X carrier because that’s all there is, that means it requires drastically less skill from that sales person, in turn they will be compensated less.  They would be nothing more than hourly Best Buy or Circuit City employees.

      People should vote with their wallets and show they value things like good customer care on T-Mobile and stop Verizon and At&t from becoming too big.  Don’t help create a conglomerate.

  8. Still paying $25 or $30 for unlimited!

    1. even the grandfathered ‘unlimited’ plans throttle at 5GB.

      Pretty much in the US wireless industry now you are choosing between overages or throttling.  Pick your poison.

  9. So does this mean that since they are changing my contract I can opt out with out a termination fee?

    1. They aren’t changing anything, this only applies to people who haven’t signed up for a 5GB or 10GB plan already.

  10. I personally don’t get why they need to price hike. They’re already raping consumers imho…

  11. Hey, guess what, I got 10 dollar bill for free. It was laying on the ground in the parking lot. 

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