Read The Entire Hunger Games Trilogy On Your Android Device For Only $3 [Deals]


For those of you that like to do a little reading on your Android device (be it tablet or smartphone) and have been wanting to check out Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games trilogy after the movie smashed all kinds of box office records. Or did it just make an insane amount of millions over the weekend? Probably both. is currently offering the entire trilogy (after a few coupon codes) for a low price of $3.06. For those of you who ain’t so good at the mathematics, that’s like $1 a book. Here’s what you gotta do:

1. Buy The Hunger Games for $0.83 coupon code HUNGERGAMESDEAL
2. Buy Catching Fire for $1.16 coupon code HUNGERGAMESDEAL2
3. Buy Mockingjay for $1.07 coupon code HUNGERGAMESDEAL3

After you’ve paid for the books, they’ll be instantly readable for your Android device via their app in the Google Play Store below. Just download and you’ll be reading your way to some good ‘ol post-apocalyptic fun.

Thanks, MoFreaka69!

[Via | Kobo Play Store Link]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Good deal!

  2. Wow thanks Chris great deals I was about to pull the trigger on them haha. /bow

  3. This is great! thanks!

  4. Awesome! The codes worked perfectly. Thanks!

  5. Could of used this last week when my sister bought all 3 on Google Play Books

  6. torrented the books not being sure i would like them or not…. read all 3 in less then a week (first time ever i’ve finished a series, im one of “those” “book nerds” now) and now after finishing them i have bought them using those codes. thanks for the info!

    1. You’re a noble pirate, Mr. Death. =p

  7.  most smart phones are to small to read comfortably for hours on end while a tablet has a much better screen for this sort of reading.

  8. Excellent books, but I already downloaded them in ebook format with ttorrent and read then with aldiko :)

  9. Just hope that the comments don’t take off in the direction Google experienced on Google+ yesterday :p

    But yeah. Great deal. Would probably consider buying if I could.
    Or can I actually use this deal even if Play Books are not available in my country?

  10. catching fire looks pretty much addictive game. 

    1. Lol catching fire is not a type of game, it has to do with the main character. Read the book, you will get it

  11. I actually own the physical books, and have for a while now.  They are pretty good, and IMO worth more then 3 bucks.

  12. Great deals and worked flawlessly!  I have to say that this app is also on ipad also.  Being a teacher, our schools use ipads, so it’s good to know the deal also works there.  ANDROID 4 LIFE!

  13. Damn, I bought the trilogy months ago on Amazon for $16.85. Still a good deal for 3 books. 

  14. Can’t use the coupon code for books 2 and 3. WHY???
    Says, “promotion code not active”

    1. use “hungergamesdeal” for book 2. it works that way. I can’t get book 3 to work though

      1. update: “hungergamesdeal” just worked for book 3 as well.

        1. Still doesn’t work for me. I wonder if they’re just experiencing heavy load?

          1. probably. it took a few tries before it accepted it.

    2. Same here! :( Got the first one though. Even tried the first promo code on the other two books – no luck there either.

      1.  I bought catching fire first and now it won’t let me do the first & third book.

        1. so apparently you can only redeem one code? Because I bought the first book first, and it won’t let me do the second or third books.

          1. Same here Aaron.  I got the 1st only

  15. codes 2 and 3 aren’t working anymore.  anyone else see this? 

    1. I can’t get it to 2 and 3 to work either :(

  16. The code is now “HUNGERGAMESDEAL” for all 3 books. So without the numbers at the end ;)

    1. HUNGERGAMESDEAL is not working for books 2 and 3

      1. Same here.  HUNGERGAMESDEAL not working for books 2 and 3.  

  17. So I was only able to use the first code and not the others? What’s up with that?

    Now I have the book I could already read in paper format and still missing the ones I need.

  18. The pic is Jennifer Lawrence. Go watch X-Men First Class and you’ll get all the cleavage you can handle and a little more with her as a young Mystique.

  19.  I had to use 3 different email addresses to get it to work. Looks like they’re trying to limit it to 1 per customer.

    1. I had to use 3 different email addresses also but it worked.  Thanks for the help!

  20. Ive tried every combination of codes for each book and the only successful one was the first book. After buying it for the advertised promo price of $.83 i went to the other books only to be told the promo codes HUNGERGAMESDEAL2 and ‘3 were not active promo codes for their respective books. I emailed the support center in hopes of some answers.

  21. Was able to get first one, but not working for 2 or 3.

  22. I just checked Amazon, and Amazon Prime member can download the books for free. I’m not sure when this started or when it’ll end. For non-Prime members it says they are $5, $7.70, and $7.14.

    Edit: Apperently, the books are only free if you are have a Kindle and are a Prime member.

    1. Note that this is part of Amazon’s Prime book program (Kindle Owner’s Lending Library) which means you can only get 1 book a month (still awesome if you’re already a prime member!) 

  23. not working on 2 & 3 for me

  24. Damn.. Was going to buy all three but after the first one it won’t let me reuse the code(s)? How did you folks who got it to work do it? I’m not going to create three separate accounts for this unless I can somehow upload the books into my Google Books account.. Figured at least if I bought all three on the same account it wouldn’t be a hassle to use their app to read all three.


    Bam! Figured it out.. it looks like (for me anyways) it will only let you apply the code HUNGERGAMESDEAL to one book (the others are said to be invalid) per account. So if you want all of your books on a single account just create two new accounts and then under gifting options for the remaining two books/accounts just choose to gift it to your primary account. I just did this and now I’ve got all three books on the same account for $3! Kick ass find phandroid!

    1. Worked like a charm!  thanks!!!!

    2. That works great! I just used mailinator to give me two random other email addresses, created two new accounts with them, and used PayPal to checkout, gifting each of the other two books to my first account. PERFECT! Thanks for the idea!

  25. How do you gift the book?? Please help.  Thank you!

    1. right under the buy this book there is a link to GIFT this book to someone or send a GIFT Card (on far right side, a few inches from the top)

  26. “Content Not Available” – I tried to buy from Australia, but looks like it must be US only. Again.

    “Unfortunately, this content is only available in select countries, and we do not currently have the rights to offer this content for browsing or purchasing in “

  27. I don’t like being referred as MoFreaka69. O_o

  28. ugh… expired.  Darn!

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