RadiantWalls HD “Lone Rider” Live Wallpaper Cruises Into The Google Play Store


After taking our homescreens to distant worlds, and giving us an up close look at a living zombie virus, Central Core Studios has released their 3rd live wallpaper into the Google Play Store titled “RadiantWalls HD – Lone Rider.” Users can sit back and watch as a lone biker cruises through the desert on either a chopper, cruiser, racer or future concept bike. The bikes can be customized in just about any color and further settings include the ability to represent real world time of day from sunrise, to sunset.

I’ve been a big fan of Central Core Studios work since their first live wallpaper dropped on the Market and I have to admit, I wasn’t as impressed with this LWP until I saw it in action (video above). I can now safely say, Lone Riders doesn’t fail to disappoint. So, what’s next? Well, according to their site, little underground gnomes should be soon populating out handsets soon enough. You can find RadiantWalls HD – Lone Rider right now in the Google Play Store for 99 cents.

[Google Play Link]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Ahhh, the never ending quest to destroy battery life :)  Very cool though.

    1. Only the BEST battery destroying live wallpapers for my device ;D

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