HTC Vivid’s Ice Cream Sandwich Update Boosts Performance By 66%



Aside from all the new apps and features Android 4.0 brings with it, probably the one of the biggest reasons users like me are most excited about receiving the update on their device is simply because of the expected performance increase it will bring. Having a shiny new Android firmware capable of firing on both cylinders (cores) means an OS that should, in theory, explode with unspeakable power.

HTC Vivid users were the first lucky Android users in the US to take advantage of Ice Cream Sandwich over-the-air update on their once Gingerbread running devices. So, did ICS really bring da pain? In a word, yes. As VentureBeat tested and reported, users were met with about a 66% boost in overall in performance. Here are the results from some of the more popular benchmarking apps in the Play Store when compared to the same device running Android 2.3 Gingerbread pre-update.

Those benchmarks don’t lie. Now, the only question I have to ask is: HTC Vivid users, have you noticed a speedier, more kicky fast Vivid after updating to Ice Cream Sandwich? How’s the update running so far?

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. The TMobile GS2 is already buttery smooth so can’t wait to see what ICS has in store!!

    1. I don’t think our phones can run ICS. 800Mhz

      1. Sorry meant the Samsung Galaxy S2.

      2. I’m lost, how can the Tmobile Galaxy S 2 not run ICS?, This reply was supposed to be for Android_God. First post so I don’t know how to delete.

      3. The GS2 has a 1.5ghz dual core S3 processor…. the exact same chipset as the Vivid actually.  It’ll either be the first US GS2 to get ICS or the last.

      4. I read that as G2 as well. =p

      5. Just so you know: the G2 is under-clocked by default to800MHz, but it has one of the most versatile processors of all phones. My G2 runs ICS beautifully (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1495255) and I have it set to max out at 1.2GHz.

  2. Love it. I just wanted the unlock feature and beats. The rest are bonus points.

  3. I’ve noticed such a change on the Rezound, I was at Verizon and all the workers were passing my Rezound around to check out the ICS leaked update and all were very impressed. And when I left I thought wow not one of those store idiot’s new anything about the leak or even how to update after downloading the leak lol…….

    1. Dude sales people are rarely technical; they’re likely just there for the check. Actually sales reps at cell phone stores can make pretty decent money.

      1. sales rep here!! and honestly you are right. I have two rooted devices and one ics updated vivid however my co-workers….. WE HAVE THE 4S IN STOCK WOOOOO!….. Thats about as techinical as they get.

        1. Also a sales rep and I’d have to agree.  Like lolwut said, most are in it for a check.  I was a phone geek before I was a rep, and it’s lead me to be quite successful.  People appreciate someone who truly knows. 

          1. same…. I was top salesman in the company after 1 month… It pays to know your shit…

    2. “knew” anything….  oh yeah lol….

    3. I like to go on to the Verizon Sales Rep chat and try to get them to leak information about upcoming phones.  They never do, and in fact know less than we do.  I tried it yesterday, using leading questions like “If YOU were in the market for a new phone right now, would you get the RAZR MAXX or wait until say, April 12th?”  She responded that she would get a current phone, that any release dates are just rumors.  I told her how the LG Lucid rumor was dead on for 3/29, to which she replied “She’d never heard of that phone, and it’s not official until Verizon says so”  to which I responded with directions to Verizon’s own press release website showing the data…..she claims she couldn’t find anything about it, while I was looking right at it.
      I asked if maybe it was because she was out of the US, she said she was in New York.  So she was internet illiterate and oblivious to the goings on of her own company.

      Long Story Short – Reps don’t know jack

      1. LMAO dude you have no idea… I formerly worked for a company that contracted a click to chat service for AT&T. I was actually knowledgeable about the various devices that are being released on the different carriers etc… And I still could not have answered those questions. Chat reps aren’t allowed to give any information other than what can be viewed on wireless sales site of the company they are contracted out to. Verizon’s press release site was likely blocked to her. Contractors like that don’t give their employees much freedom as far as web browsing goes. If she had confirmed the release of a device that wasn’t listed under a preorder status on the wireless sales section of the site she could have been written up or even fired. The only time they know more than you do is when representatives from the phone manufacturers meet with them and give them info on upcoming devices which is extremely rare. (8 months there and I only ever saw a BlackBerry rep showing off some high end BB which most of the demo devices he had weren’t even working ; and an MS rep giving us info on Win phone 7)

        So most of the information available to these reps is available to you as well. They just read what is on the site and try to get you to buy it. Honestly, people who would go into chats and just badger the rep are a pain in the ass. They waste the rep’s time and get them griped at if they don’t respond to the other two people they are chatting with within 30 seconds.

        Long story short – even if the rep does know jack, they probably can’t tell you if they like having a job.

      2. They always want you to buy a phone NOW.  Never later. 

  4. Looks like the other way around. A 33% boost, not a 66% boost.

  5. It runs awesome I love it. Also all the apps are updating to support 4.0 handcent looks amazing now

  6. Awesome performance improvement… it’s a shame it runs Sense 3.6 instead of stock Android, or at least Sense 4.0 (only a bit less ugly) though.

  7. ok thats just proves there’s something wrong with nenamark, has anyone noticed that pretty much all android handsets on ics score around 57-60 on average, and how is it possible the tegra 2 scores higher then the tegra 3 by 14 fps ? wtf is going on either that thing is completely wrong or nvidia sucks so much they whent backwards in graphics performance

  8. its not android 4.0 its the adreno drivers(guess att waited for 4.0 to update the drivers), the evo 3d got the driver update in mid january but its still on 2.3.4, this really should be said so people dont think it was ics that did it ^^

  9. I don’t think vivid can get sense 4.0

  10. I can’t wait until 2015 when LG/att decide to update my Thrill!

  11. so why did i buy my nexus s?

  12. Single core phones are forgotten.

    1. not yet dude..HTC One V is here!!!

  13. Wow…

    When ICS hits the RAZR and Maxx…its gonna be sick…. had no idea it was that much of a difference.

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