Mar 25th, 2012

We’ve finally gotten a much needed break from Samsung leaks and rumors, in the form of some rather detailed info provided by a user on Android Central’s forums, claiming to be a tester for AT&T’s HTC One X.

The main excerpts:

  • This device just went into field testing with at&t early this last week.
  • Given our testing schedule I would anticipate release in the mid-May time frame.
  • I will tell you that this is one sweet device and the only gripe I have so far is that it doesn’t have a MicroSD slot, and removable battery.
  • Battery life does seem to be very good though so that may not be as much a deal breaker for some. The screen quality is insane though, everything is very smooth…
  • So our test units show the beats audio logo, and there is SW on the device showing the logo but we didn’t get headphones.
  • As was said I am not a sales guy so I can’t speak to the pricing points just yet. I do usually hear some of that as we get closer to release and if I get a sense of where it will land I’ll pass the word.
He’s also shared screenshots of the benchmark scores, which are, as expected from the Snapdragon S4 powering it, awesome. It’s sad that he’s only posted a single image taken from the phone, which was kinda meh. HTC have really hyped the camera on the phone, so I’m hoping he gives it a really good test.
Here are the snaps that he’s posted. Note, the phone size comparison is with the HTC Inspire 4G. The last image is the one taken from the One X’s camera.

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