HTC One X for AT&T leaked by a tester [Rumor]


We’ve finally gotten a much needed break from Samsung leaks and rumors, in the form of some rather detailed info provided by a user on Android Central’s forums, claiming to be a tester for AT&T’s HTC One X.

The main excerpts:

  • This device just went into field testing with at&t early this last week.
  • Given our testing schedule I would anticipate release in the mid-May time frame.
  • I will tell you that this is one sweet device and the only gripe I have so far is that it doesn’t have a MicroSD slot, and removable battery.
  • Battery life does seem to be very good though so that may not be as much a deal breaker for some. The screen quality is insane though, everything is very smooth…
  • So our test units show the beats audio logo, and there is SW on the device showing the logo but we didn’t get headphones.
  • As was said I am not a sales guy so I can’t speak to the pricing points just yet. I do usually hear some of that as we get closer to release and if I get a sense of where it will land I’ll pass the word.
He’s also shared screenshots of the benchmark scores, which are, as expected from the Snapdragon S4 powering it, awesome. It’s sad that he’s only posted a single image taken from the phone, which was kinda meh. HTC have really hyped the camera on the phone, so I’m hoping he gives it a really good test.
Here are the snaps that he’s posted. Note, the phone size comparison is with the HTC Inspire 4G. The last image is the one taken from the One X’s camera.
Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Nice! Can’t wait to see if Sprint will carry any of these.

    1.  oh they are evo x ( or lte which ever you prefer) to bad no one is going to release it with the tegra 3 (well tmobile might with HSPA+)

      1. ummmmm do you see the S4 kicking the crap out of the tegra 3? so your telling me you would rather have the inferior SoC?

      1. we can only wish lol 

    2. sprint will most likely be carrying the One x branded as an Evo. The rumors are pretty good so im is around 90% sure the one x will come to sprint. We just have to wait till the 4th to see what happens

  2. Hmm 4952, shows this phone will be super fast and awesome in performance aat every aspect.
    Good HTC, keeping it up.

    Competition is getting tougher and tougher, this is how we custwers like it.

  3. Wow the S4 is a dualcore CPU beating the crap out of Tegra 3 quadcore? WOW!

    1. Remember, cores aren’t everything. The S4 is probably the awaited processor of 2012 (along with the Exynos line) because of the 28nm design. Though I must add some claim the graphics performance of Tegra 3 beats the S4 with Adreno

      1. http://www.anandtech.com/show/5563/qualcomms-snapdragon-s4-krait-vs-nvidias-tegra-3/2
        GPU performance is comparable. So the S4 has a much faster CPU and a comparable GPU. 

        S4 > Tegra 3

  4. I will get this phone if it will support bluetooth game controllers which my current phone OG Evo doesn’t support

  5. Wait for the maxx version. 1800mah battery will have 8 hours life for heavy users like myself.

    1. Wow, 8 hours. Damn man I get like 40 hours with my 1800. Put down the phone buddy!

  6. great at&t getting another great device while us verizon customers get stuck with whatever half decent device Motorola is cooking up >.> true story, well i think i might have to give up my unlimited data and go with at&t  

    1. calm down you guys just got the new nexus. How do you think sprint customers feel. We havent gotten anything since September. I had an upgrade on the first of February but have been waiting for something new. When this inevitably comes to sprint i will be getting it 

      1. true but still the point is all the great devices that we get at Verizon aren’t even exclusive, the best phone we have is the GN and even that is going to at&t and sprint, i would of loved to have a galaxy s2 when it was first launched, but i had to get a droid x which is pretty sad in comparison lol, and although sprint might not have the GN yet, it still has the galaxy s2 epic which is better performance wise, chances are Verizon isn’t going to get the One x, xperia s, or even the galaxy s3 and were going to end up with a bunch of lg and Motorola phones that’s are pretty average in comparison to the phones the other carriers are supplied not to mention the verizon phones are pretty atrocious in a design point of view( excluding the galaxy nexus and htc rezound) 

        1. All of the carriers get an equal amount of decent phones as far as im concerned. Sometimes though it just takes certain carriers a bit longer to do this. For instance right now AT&T are getting all of the good phones first ( Galaxy note, One X and the Skyrocket HD ) but last summer it was sprint ( EVO 3d, Photon 4g ) it is just a big cycle that goes around and around maybe it will be verizons turn next. Oh and i havent heard anything about the Gnex going to AT&T.

          1. guess ill just wait and see what happens over summer, i really want a phone carrying the s4 but no way am i getting another big chunky Motorola phone 

          2. That sounds good. if i were you the new Motorola Fighter looks to be pretty good but we will have to see how samsung will release their devices this year. That S4 chip will be top dog until probably the exynos 5250

      2. I’m feeling pretty good on sprint with my d710 actually. Sold my i9250 a few weeks after getting it as it doesn’t really compare to the d710 in my opinion. Some new phones wouldn’t hurt though!

    2. you guys had so many phones out back to back that are decent to good. Bionic>Rezound>Galaxy Nexus>RAZR>Spectrum>RAZR MAXX>Droid 4

      Compared to at&t’s lineup:
      Thrill 4G>Atrix 2>HTC Vivid>SG2>LG Nitro>SG Skyrocket>Galaxy Note

      1. In my opinion AT&T had the better lineup

    3. Verizon dominated the market a few months ago. Now it’s AT&T’s turn. In Late October Verizon will get badass phones again, lol.

  7. Looks like AT&T decided to go with only one row of speaker holes. The international version has 2

    1. The review units aren’t always final. We’ll have two rows. It wouldn’t make sense to make two different molds if one works just fine.

      1. AT&T does that crap all the time. They moved the top noise cancellation mic down like 2mm and the FFC like 2mm as well on the i9100 and called it the i777.

        1. True, but if you go on the AT&T website, it’s the double row speaker hole. I still think it’s due to being a review unit. But damn, I was really hoping for an April release! Ugh.

  8. Is it just me or is the white version a lot uglier than the black one?

    1. Just you, the white one is bad ass.

    2. It’s not you, it’s me.  I mean…the white one is ugly.

  9. So you guys think the One X will come to Sprint?  I had read it would be an ATT exclusive.  Hope not…thinking it’s nearing the time to upgrade my EVO.

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