Mar 23rd, 2012

I absolutely could not contain my excitement when reading the following piece of news. The King of Fighters is now available on Android. It’s a classic side-scrolling 2D fighting game (Street Fighter for a more mainstream example) with many unique fighters (20) who have many unique abilities. This rendition has upgraded graphics and it shines.

More than 5 game modes, including 3-on-3 and 1-on-1 battles, an endurance mode, a challenge mode and a training mode, should add a lot of depth and replay value. Find the full feature set below. Unfortunately I can’t even take advantage of this offer: a vast majority of my devices (including the Galaxy Nexus, the EVO 3D and even the Transformer Prime) are not supported.

In fact, here are the “confirmed” devices: Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Sony Ericsson Xperia acro, and the Xperia play. That last one hopefully means third party controller support is in, but I can’t confirm myself. It’s available in the Google Play Store for $5 if your device can even find it.