The King of Fighters for Android Now Available!


I absolutely could not contain my excitement when reading the following piece of news. The King of Fighters is now available on Android. It’s a classic side-scrolling 2D fighting game (Street Fighter for a more mainstream example) with many unique fighters (20) who have many unique abilities. This rendition has upgraded graphics and it shines.

More than 5 game modes, including 3-on-3 and 1-on-1 battles, an endurance mode, a challenge mode and a training mode, should add a lot of depth and replay value. Find the full feature set below. Unfortunately I can’t even take advantage of this offer: a vast majority of my devices (including the Galaxy Nexus, the EVO 3D and even the Transformer Prime) are not supported.

In fact, here are the “confirmed” devices: Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Sony Ericsson Xperia acro, and the Xperia play. That last one hopefully means third party controller support is in, but I can’t confirm myself. It’s available in the Google Play Store for $5 if your device can even find it.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. “This app is incompatible with your Samsung SGH-T989.”

    Damn Snapdragon!!

  2. Sucks there’s no online play. Sucks harder that a bunch of devices aren’t compatible

  3. It’s apparently not compatible with my Samsung Galaxy Note i717 or my Acer Iconia Tab A200, not cool.

    1. That’s funny because it is compatible with my Bell i717 it probably has something to do with the phones name in build.prop as bell uses SGH-i717M and i’ve noticed other carriers using a different letter suffix on the end, changing mine to R lets me download gameloft games.

      1. Thanks for the tip!  I looked at my build.prop, and it doesn’t have any letter after the i717.  I did change the build.prop once to the international version number, GT-N7000, and while it allowed me to download additional games it caused issues with my  S Pen and some other things, so I had to change it back.

        1. Yeah, hopefully they get this straightened out, as it seems with the LTE version developers aren’t adding or maybe aren’t aware there are at least 3 versions of the ro.device name for this phone from different carriers.

  4. No love for gn…

  5. The funny thing is, of all my devices, the only one that is compatible is my HP Touchpad…  That is so lame.  I was hoping it would work on my Xoom.

  6. Isn’t compatible with either the 10.1 or 8.9 galaxy tabs >.>

  7. Fighting game + touchscreen controls = Meh

    1. As I was telling a friend of mine, if they want to make “tablets and smartphones gaming consoles” (talking to you iThing) and they intend to attract hardcore gamers who love fighting games (like this) they will either dumb the games down and make them incredibly easy to play or be unplayable. 

      If you’ve played good fighting games like Street Fighter, King of Fighters, Capcop vs SNK then you know how complex some of the button combinations are. How the hell are you supposed to pull that off on a touch screen device. For me at least, feeling the buttons is an important part of playing those types of games. Without it….meh

    2. Yup. Not trying to sling my device to the floor attempting a hadouken.

  8. The game works fine on Evo 3d HP TP Acer A100 get apk use lucky patcher street fighter is way better though game is 4:3 so black bars on the side only device it was full screen on was my HP TP  which is supported

  9. Hi I have a Verizon xperia play. I have about 700 mb free and the game is telling me I don’t have enough memory despite the one screen saying it’s only 396 mb of additional data. Has anyone else had this issue?

  10. I can vouch that it is incompatible with the HTC Rezound, ASUS Transformer, HTC Thunderbolt, & Moto Droid 1-3.

  11. Quentyn, you’re a nerd :) You’ve used “unique” twice in the same sentence, while talking about a 2D fighting game LOL
    And yeah, incompatible with CM7 on NC, Moto RAZR, Xperia X10.

    1. Guilty as charged, lol. I was a bit excited.

  12. Why is this game not compatible with some of the best and fastest phones, first nba jam is incompatible not this, wtf! Wats next?!……..

  13. No hands on? Lame …

  14. Lies!! Not compatible with GS2. Or maybe not compatible with my Epic 4G Touch. I go online and it doesn’t work for Asus Transformer, HTC G2, Epic 4G Touch and HTC Evo 3D. Can anyone tell me WHAT phone this actually works on?

  15. Here’s some gameplay on Android – Samsung Galaxy S2 

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