Samsung Opens Its First Galaxy Store in Peru [Watch Out, Apple]


You guys think Apple will sue for this one, too? It appears Samsung is launching their own “Premium Shop” down in Peru. The press release issued doesn’t offer more than the usual public relations jargon, emphasizing the fact that consumers can go to the store and see the latest innovations in smartphones, tablets and cellular data. The store will be located in the Open Plaza Angamos Mall and Samsung is partnering with South American telecoms company Claro (Clear in Spanish). Let’s hope this spreads to the rest of the world soon enough. [Samsung]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. And should learn of them I was there yesterday and they gift 4 tablets and 2 galaxy notes between the journalist and the people plus they give special prices for the opening and the first 50 people an. Extra 30%less over the special prices ofcourse I bought a galaxy tab with that xD

  2. Sounds sweet

  3. Wow. Android fanboys are so insecure about their platform, they have to always get their little digs in on Apple. Tells a lot.

    1. because Apple fanbois NEVER EVER dig into anyone else… I mean… E V A R.    Buck up lil camper and enjoy your new old new new 3rd gen newish ipad.

      1. You guys are both idiots nuff said. Crapple store killer!!!! And no Samsung did not copy a crApple store!!!!!

    2. Humor.  You don’t gets it.

    3. If you even have a point, that same point tells you are insecure too because you have to dig on Android fanboys ;)

    4. Get over it, it’s not that serious.

    5. iTroll alert !!!!

    6. Visit ANY APPLE FORUM, GO TO 9TO5MAC and all the Apple fanboys do the exact same thing. The trolling on Android phones and Tablets is 100x worse on Apple/iPhone forums. Trust me

    7. Kinda like how Steve Jobs constantly talked about Android, even when it wasn’t part of the question he was asked.

  4. I never knew Peru was a dominating mobile country.   I guess with Apple whiners like “manholdup” complaining in this thread about the store opening, there must be something to that.  

    1.  There are far more cell phones than land lines. With the rough mountainous terrain, a lot of basic infrastructure is lacking or missing in many cities. But with a smartphone, people have access to everything wherever they are. It’s big business in a rapidly expanding market.

  5. Bring one to ny

  6. If Claro is partnering with Samsung for this, then all Latin America maybe is in the Scope….I at least guess so for Dominican Rep. :-)

    1. U in DR?  I got fam in the capital and Barahona and a couple other places too.

      1. Yes sir, here we are……

  7. Yeah somehow I dont think apple is real worried about this

  8. What’s apple? Lmao

  9. I wish there was one in my mall… I’d go apply there for a summer job

  10. @manholdup.. you bothered to came in here to troll? on an android site , site for people who love and and own an android device… tells a lot.. lol..what a los.. never mind

  11. another lawsuit coming up.. from apple

  12. Haha poor Samsung trying to copy apple in every aspect, how sad for them haha

  13. Been to the store…A cheap and bad copy of an Apple Store.  It is operated by someone that has never seen a phone.  I have been told that they offered food to the locals so they show up to the store for the opening…Trust me guys if this is the best Samsung can do, which I am sure it is, Apple will enjoy many more years ahead of everyone else.

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