Unlocked Galaxy Nexus On Sale For $460 In White or Silver [Deals]


If you’ve been eyeballing the Galaxy Nexus for either T-Mo or AT&T, you might want to get your tail-end on over to DailySteals right now. The daily deals online retailer currently has a brand new, unlocked, 16GB Galaxy Nexus for only $460. That’s about $290-off the normal retail for the phone.

And yes, it was a deal so good, not even I could pass it up. It’s true. As I’ve mentioned in numerous posts in the past, I haven’t been too happy with Sprint in my area and don’t see getting better anytime soon (quite the contrary, it’s actually gotten worse). With my Sprint contract up in just a few short months, I plan to make the trek on over to either AT&T or T-Mobile — both of which the unlocked Galaxy Nexus should be able to handle just fine.

Look, ma! I’m a cool kid now!


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. why would you go to att or tmobile same thing. VZW FTW

    1. Ehh, every time i see the VZW logo behind my Nexus, i kinda get pissed off just a little, but its in a case and when i pay my monthly bill which is 29 i smile….can’t beat 4GB Data, 1500 minutes and unlimited text. Which i didn’t use as much when i was at sprint even with the unlimited data and any mobile phone paying like $90 for poor service..can’t have that at all.

      1. I’m sorry but I just gotta ask..What kinda discount are they giving you man!? O_o lol

        1. If anyone is spamming its you molomolo by leaving a link to simplemobile is consider spam you need to be banned….Why do i pay $29 cause i work at best buy and verizon offers accommodation for best buy employees who work for mobile or computers/tablets.  unlimited is great i had that with sprint however when you can’t even get a proper signal or solid data connection how you expect to use that unlimited service, everything has its limits, and lets be serious here too Simplemobile can’t match up to VZW calling and data services

    2. Yeah, I have friends on T-mobile and they have all kinds of problems with their service while I just keep chugging along with 3-4 bars of LTE on my old Thunderbolt. Why punish yourself with bad service on a good (not great) phone?

      1. Service depends on where you live.  Where I live, I would rank T-Mobile right behind Verizon.  ATT in third and Sprint shouldn’t even count.

  2. Isn’t the 3g capability either at&t band or T-Mobile band?

    1. This is a pentaband phone, so it does both. 

    2. Quad band HSPA, so it works on both At&t and T-Mobile “4G” as they call it.

      1. You mean ITU calling HSPA+ 4G?  Because “technically” there is no public 4G network.  The carriers kicked and screamed and ITU lowered their specifications so WiMAX, LTE, and HSPA+ were considered 4G.  I would rather have equivalent speeds, far greater battery life, and no monthly network outages if you ask me.

        And regardless, “they” (T-Mobile) may be the first to implement Class 10 LTE-Advanced network which is true “4G”.

  3. Welcome to the Dark side Chris. I knew the force was with-in you. Hopefully you don’t keep those cruzer lite cases to yourself. What color did you get too?

    1. It says white. 

      1. [yoda] white is right [yoda voice]

        1. Just now realizing, I should have asked for an extra Cruzer Lite case for myself xD

          1. i would like to see you post an update when yours arrives in the mail… ive heard sayings on the internet that some area arriving in an unsealed not-new box…

          2. Chris, I’d like to second JRomeo’s suggestion. I’ve been reading nothing but crazy reviews on DailySteals and am getting pretty concerned.

            A week later and I have nothing from DS…they took the money from my account the same day.

            Have you gotten your phone yet? has it shipped at least? My order hasn’t even “processed”.

            I wrote a review on their service so far: http://www.resellerratings.com/user/JCWonder

            It seems a few hundred people are very displeased with DS.

  4. While this is a great deal for an amazing phone, the price for the GN is now around 500. Even Amazon has one for 530. 

    So you are saving 70 – not quite 290.

    1. Way to burst my bubble.. now I’m starting to feel that buyer’s remorse T_T

      1. not listening to me on twitter for shame Chris

  5. Welcome to the land of Magenta ;)

    1. It’s always been my favorite color O_o

      1. Hmmm… right now, since we’re more than halfway through March, the GSIII is right around the corner. I love my G-Nex, don’t get me wrong, it’s just that new Exynos is going to scream on ICS… 

        Probably shoulda waited Chris… (Sorry!)

        1. True and by that time you’ll probably be able to find an even better deal on the G-Nex. I’m in the same boat as Chris, but I’m gonna wait and see what Samsung has up their sleeve.

  6. I don’t know what to do… Should I buy this or wait for HTC S, X or SGIII?

    1. Personally, I would say wait. In terms of hardware and processing power, etc…the HTC Krait based S4 should be faster, and the Exynos in the SGS3 possibly even faster. Also, the GPU in the Galaxy Nexus is only a PowerVR SGX540. The same GPU found in the SGS-1 and Nexus S, with the only difference being they increased the clock speed slightly for the Galaxy Nexus. Krait S4 and the new Exynos will outperform in the graphics department as well.

      The main advantage to the Nexus is the development community and the fact that it should be receiving updates before any other phone does. However, if you have been following the drama, you’d know Nexus doesn’t really get the latest updates first anymore. None of the Nexus S variants have ICS yet (T-mobile had it briefly then it was pulled), and I don’t even think Galaxy Nexus is on 4.0.3 yet, I think it’s still stuck on 4.0.2.

      Galaxy Nexus, a great phone, and I would have said buy it when it first came out, but now I think you should wait.

      Just my personal opinion.

      1. Just fyi Nexus S on Tmob does have ICS running 4.0.3, and it’s grand!  ATT has also confirmed the Nexus S will get it there too pretty soon.  Not so doom and gloom, the S has now earned its keep and kept me up to date at the exact same time my friends and family got their pre-ordered Galaxy Nexi. Couldn’t be happier, it all went according to plan for once.

        1. As I wrote, “T-Mobile had [ICS] briefly then it was pulled.”

          Has an official ICS 4.0.3 for the T-Mobile Nexus S been released again recently?

          As far as I know it hasn’t been re-released since it was pulled.

          1. Not yet. It was pulled after it was found to be too buggy.. =/

          2. Still trying not to criticize Google for their fuck ups?

            You are pathetic. A sorry excuse for a “journalist”

          3.  Wow my bad.  When I read ICS was rolling out in the next weeks I *assumed* that it just meant ATT because my update came from Tmob and has worked fantastically since December.  The other S users I know are on ATT, so I didn’t realize that the ICS pause during roll-out with Tmob was more than just a temporary hiccup.  Man that’s terrible, I could not go back it’s such a better device.  Everybody should be having this much fun.

            I attached a couple screenshots of one of my favorite things about ICS- dropping apps onto each other to make groups and then putting them on the shortcut bar, as well as grouping games together and media apps, etc.  Nothing revolutionary, but I’ve gone from not enough space to being able to fill the entire desktop with widgets on all but my main screen.  On the S you can also remove the tacky, real-estate-eating search bar above because there’s still one on the device itself.  I do almost everything with voice so the new ‘listen until you’re done’ feature is indispensable, and for that alone I couldn’t bear to go back.  Of course the S (or any) amoled screen is useful too, black costs zero power to display so if you don’t mind a spartan clean look the energy savings goes a very long way with the most power hungry component.

            The only downside I’ve found so far is that in order to use a TTS app like SVOX UK Victoria for navigation you have to set the phone’s default language to UK also.  Otherwise Victoria spews gibberish, so now only a US voice will work on ICS set to US language.  I miss Gingerbread for that, regularly.  Not sure why I decided to gush over the phone now, except to say that while I felt bad for ATT users for not getting it yet (and in general too,) finding out other Tmob users don’t have all these good things is pretty messed up.

  7. Wish I had gotten this phone instead of the galaxy s2 f!

    1. You still have an awesome phone and it should get ICS soon. Remember, the Nexus has plenty of problems, more than the GSII

  8. was gonna buy a few to resell but ehhh not worth it. they arent holding any value at all. 

    1. Yeah… Checked Craigslist (that’s how I usually get my phones) and they’re going for $500- $550. This was still a good deal, hopefully they’ll still sell for around $400 once the One X drops.. 

  9. When will galaxy nexus Verizon get the android ice cream update? Been 2 months now waiting

    1. Been on ICS since launch… 

  10. Bought a galaxy nexus for Verizon off eBay last Friday for 300. No box or anything but it works great almost brand new! Battery really sucks though, even with the extended battery! Gonna keep my resound I think. Anybody know how to turn background data off on ics?

  11. Samsung Galaxy S3 Release could be still in April

    found it here: http://goo.gl/k62mO

  12. you will rue the day you left Sprint!

  13. Woo

     Welcome back to T-Mobile bro

      1. PRO TIP:  For anyone looking to switch to T-Mobile.
        When inside buildings your signal is likely to switch from ‘H’ or ‘4G’ to the stronger ‘E’ or ‘2G’ signal even if 4G is present.  To avoid this go to Wireless Networks, Mobile Networks, Network Mode, and adjust your setting to ‘WCDMA Only’  This will effectively lock you on HSPA+ 4G connections only.  It’s still recommended to keep it on auto because it there’s no 4G your phone will have no service.

  14. Yeah I loved Sprint’s unlimited data, but what’s the point of it if u have no service? I left them too ‘cuz I’m at work most of the day and got no service there.

    1. Yeah, “truly unlimited data” is great and all… but not at 300Kbps speeds =/

  15. Umm well damn. This is such a good deal. My contract is up in May though. Damn. I wonder if Tmobile will ever get the note or nexus? sheez.. My vibrant is doing a good job holding up. but as soon as i pick up my gf’s epic touch i cry

  16. Hey Chris , do you know if this has yakju on it?

  17. Man, it’s so sad – I’ve been waiting for this phone on ATT since its release, and would be happy to shell out $500 for it unlocked. But I simply can’t justify going from my 32 gig iphone (3GS! Almost 3 years old!) to a phone with half the space, cloud BS or not. My music takes up about 26 gigs, and where do I listen to my music? On the subway. No cloud on the subway. I think Samsung really screwed Google here, sacrificing the initial release for the Galaxy II, and now not making a 32 gig pentaband, or even a GSM version in the US at all, sacrificing it for the Galaxy III. I really hope Google takes this as a lesson and stops working with Samsung.

    1. Do you listen to all 26 gigs worth at once? 

      If you use Google Music you can have it all in the cloud and locally cache whatever you want.  That is what I do on my Evo.  The vast majority of my music I listen to in specific scenarios and there really is only about a gigs worth of music I could say is in my general rotation.  So I tell Google Music to locally cache that.  

      That way I can have my favorite Sinatra available whenever (even on a plane) and my less often songs available as background for parties, etc.  Google Music even has a setting that only shows whats available so it will switch back and forth based on whether you have cloud access automatically, never showing you music you cant play.

      1. Yes but Google Music doesn’t hand off between cloud music and local music very well (and favors cloud music) so for those of us in NYC where we are frequently without signal (elevators, subways, old office buildings, etc…) you must either manually turn off cloud music before every scenario (impracticle for those on the go) or just solely rely on locally stored music.  If you don’t do such then Google Music locks up and you are left with buggy silence.

      2. I flip around a lot, yes. The 26 gigs is actually the most pared down collection I have other than my jogging playlists. Plus, I listen to lots of podcasts, which take up a lot of space. 

        I cannot possibly think of a reason why they would make 32 gig Verizon versions, but not 32 gig GSM versions. And there is no reason a phone without removable memory should have less space than a phone three years older than it, at the same price. And like the commenter below me – here in NYC, there are lots of places where you are underground or in an elevator, etc. Cloud storage is great, but you can’t rely on it.

        1. Brady, I’ll say this. 26 gigs of music is probably not ALL nessesary but I do agree with you 100% on your “removable memory” views. I just don’t get it; when making what’s supposed to be a flagship phone or even a high-end handset why would you ever want to limit your loyal Android customers to a measly 16GB’s? If you’re going to build a handset in this day and age it either must have an SD card slot or AT LEAST 32GB’s. Cloud is okay but it’s not realiable enough. I love my Nexus S but I’m constantly having to delete older pictures, songs and movies in order to make room for new stuff and that’s what storage is for…to STORE stuff so in a couple years I can look at my old pics and listen to my favorite song from 2010 but i can’t because I had to DELETE it to make room for the new Twilight movie!!! (J/K, I don’t like Twilight)

          1. P.S. I’d actually prefer less on-board memory with a removable SD card cause it’s easier to just pop that little SD card out so share/transfer rather then having to carry my micro usb cord with me at all times.

  18. they charge tax, so total is $506, which is not a deal.. 

    1. Still a deal and they don’t charge tax if you live outside NY.

  19. Hey Chris, I just made the switch to Tmobile from sprint and couldn’t be happier. The service in my area (socal) is way better. And there 4g is way faster and more reliable. Not to mention there 3g is still way faster then sprints. I’m running a sensation which isn’t even using there full network compacity and I can get 9mbps down. That’s plenty for me.

  20. So this phone with work with Tmo 4G and ATT 4G for sure??? Chris you said you switched with this deal right?

  21. Has anyone purchased from this site in the past? Experience? Some folks complained of receiving used phones and having very difficult time trying to return it. 

  22. Looks like retailers are trying to get rid of them because of new phones especially the SGS3 that are on the horizon.

  23. Hey Chris wanna sell me that gs2 your holding on to?

  24. PRO TIP:  For anyone looking to switch to T-Mobile.

    When inside buildings your signal is likely to switch from ‘H’ or ‘4G’ to the stronger ‘E’ or ‘2G’ signal even if 4G is present.  To avoid this go to Wireless Networks, Mobile Networks, Network Mode, and adjust your setting to ‘WCDMA Only’  This will effectively lock you on HSPA+ 4G connections only.  It’s still recommended to keep it on auto because it there’s no 4G your phone will have no service.

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