Mar 21st, 2012

Now, we’re not saying this is real per se, just more or less that it’s interesting. Interesting in that — one, the Samsung Galaxy Note doesn’t offer a stock Android 4.0 experience and — second, when it eventually receives its upgrade, it will be a TouchWiz’d out ICS like on Galaxy S II variants.

So, why is Samsung USA’s Facebook page showing a Galaxy Note with vanilla ICS? Well, I guess that would be the million dollar question. Or perhaps it’s not a question at all. It’s simply a bad mockup from an ad agency who through something together a little too quick and didn’t know it would get Android super-nerds like you and I’s panties in a bunch).

But with all the current screen shots of TouchWiz on the G-Note, why go with a pseudo stock Android 4.0 one (you’ll notice a Gingerbread notification bar)? What immediately stood out to me is that OS actually shows Android 4.0 seemingly using a stock-ish launcher with a 5-row icon placement, just like on current Galaxy Notes.

Could Samsung be working on a more stock Android 4.0 experience for the Galaxy Note’s upcoming update? Don’t hold your breath. From what I’ve heard from our Android OEM’s, ladies love that custom UI. Oh, yeah…

[Facebook | Via TheVerge]

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