Samsung’s Galaxy Note Mockup On Their Facebook Page Shows Vanilla Android 4.0


Now, we’re not saying this is real per se, just more or less that it’s interesting. Interesting in that — one, the Samsung Galaxy Note doesn’t offer a stock Android 4.0 experience and — second, when it eventually receives its upgrade, it will be a TouchWiz’d out ICS like on Galaxy S II variants.

So, why is Samsung USA’s Facebook page showing a Galaxy Note with vanilla ICS? Well, I guess that would be the million dollar question. Or perhaps it’s not a question at all. It’s simply a bad mockup from an ad agency who through something together a little too quick and didn’t know it would get Android super-nerds like you and I’s panties in a bunch).

But with all the current screen shots of TouchWiz on the G-Note, why go with a pseudo stock Android 4.0 one (you’ll notice a Gingerbread notification bar)? What immediately stood out to me is that OS actually shows Android 4.0 seemingly using a stock-ish launcher with a 5-row icon placement, just like on current Galaxy Notes.

Could Samsung be working on a more stock Android 4.0 experience for the Galaxy Note’s upcoming update? Don’t hold your breath. From what I’ve heard from our Android OEM’s, ladies love that custom UI. Oh, yeah…

[Facebook | Via TheVerge]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Perhaps the 4.0 update for the Note will retain the stock launcher alongside TW like some other Sammy firmware has before.

    1. Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking. I mean, Gingerbread TouchWiz on the GS2 still kept the original launcher for those that wanted it..

  2. I’m just waiting for 4.0. Don’t really care what the little details are.

  3. It will probably have 2 launchers one stock one touchwiz

  4. this can be done very well by using go launcher …….even i have the same look but with diff icons……

  5. Ummm…, “per se”.  :)

    1. FU autocorrect? Who am I kidding… that was all me. Lol xD

  6. Wow…. Is it me or does the note look 10x more appealing with stock than it did with tochwiz

  7. I use the G-Note, and kind of really absolutely don’t like Touchwiz. It looks stale, like the iOS GUI it imitates. GO Launcher is the way to umm… go. Fast and customisable, and did I say fast? Stock would be even better…. and if it wasn’t, back to GO Launcher.

  8. That’s not ICS. It’s a custom launcher on 2.3. The font isn’t Roboto.

    1. Also ICS got rid of the search widget and integrated it. 

    2. Also, it’s the Gingerbread Touchwiz skin on the notification bar.

      Nobody working for an Android fan site should ever confuse this with ICS… let alone ‘vanilla’ ICS. Fail.

  9. I don’t see a Facebook Page. I see a Facebook widget.

  10. Samsung Galaxy S3 Release could be still in April
    found it here: http://goo.gl/k62mO

  11. Love my note but am going to return it. It has some kind of screen/graphics issue. Real bad blocky blacks in dark videos or pics( not just from the camera but any videos or photos.) I’m not the only one with the issue I’ve found people on fb and xda with the same problem. Also has a bad banding (shading) problem.

    1. I posted about those crushed blacks a few months back — https://plus.google.com/108596272537415356460/posts/aHmzTEiJNs4 — but it was supposed to have been fixed.

      1. It was supposed to be fixed? Where did you hear that at? Does that mean it is a software issue? When I talked to Samsung they said that they have not heard of such an issue. I love the phone but I’m going to take it back to bestbuy tomorrow.

  12. Someone needs to learn English with particular emphasis on spelling.

  13. Someone needs to learn how to spell! A spellchecker won’t help when you use the wrong word spelt correctly though. Perhaps learning English would help.

  14. I want one!!!!!!

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