Sony Unveils New Google TV Box


Sony headed to Singapore to give those folks a taste of what’s to come in their smart TV developments. It’s a new Google TV-enabled set-top box. Made of a glossy material, the box doesn’t look all that special itself (besides, it’s the software that counts). The remote definitely sucks us in, though, with its dual-sided nature. You’ve got a trackpad and general buttons on one side and a nice QWERTY keyboard on the back – it looks like next-to-perfect consolidation, though I have no idea how it feels to use. Take a look at the photos above and below for a quick glimpse and keep your fingers crossed for a price and date soon. [CNet Asia via Android Central]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. i like it. alot :)

    1. Yeah, looks good. Would love to upgrade the Logitech revue

  2. I like the idea.  Now if only we could get he specs on the box. GoGo Tegra 3, so I can use Splashtop THD to play computer games on my TV. >,<

    1. Google already announced the next gen chip provider for Google TV devices. My understanding was that Marvell was taking the reigns with supplying chips for all Google TV devices regardless of manufacturer for the time being.

      1.  I’m curious if this has an updated processor….I don’t see anything about it. That seems to be the main sticking point for me. I’m waiting to get one that functions properly, not one that just looks better….

  3. Add Universal remote IR (ie USBUIRT) capabilities and ability to play back DVD/Bluray ISO (like Win8) and we’re set

  4. Exactly what I’ve been waiting for!  I’m sold already, but I want to see what the specs are.  I currently use a Revue in the family room and will be moving that to the master bedroom to make room for this.  Sweet!  Now tell me when I can purchase!

  5. I wonder if the new remote would work with their first gen GTV units.

    1. Exactly! I don’t know why every site is reporting this as “new” today. They introduced this set-top box and the two-tone Blu-Ray version at CES.

      1. The difference between showing off and introducing. At CES they were showing off potential products that may or may not be radically different when it becomes a shipping product. Today they announced a final product that they will be shipping.

  6. Now price it for $99 – and you win.. but anything higher – apple wins.

    1. Personally it could be $125 – $150 and I would still buy it without batting an eye lid.. assuming a) GTV will get an actual launch in AU, b) there is content for the damn thing (though that’s not a big deal.. if content owners don’t want to license their content that’s their loss..)

  7. Sweet lookin’. I want it cheap tho… otherwise no sale.

    1. How cheap? $250 and I’m sold.. Not sure what kinda hardware it’s packing, but I’m guessing it will go or $300 =/

  8. If its over $250 you might as well just buy a little HTPC that you can do waaaaay more with. I have 2 logitech revues and Like them… but I would not spend more then the $99 they cost.

  9. No mention of the chipset on this, but I’m not buying unless it’s Marvell.

    Not that I’m pro-Marvell, but it appears to be the “2.0” version of hardware that Google TV is supposed to get.  I already have the Revue which is dead in the water after the hardware gets updated.  

  10. wonder if it interfaces with the new HOPPER?

  11. It needs a really powerful processor and the ability to connect a game controller via bluetooth. If they do this they will enter the battle to be the center of ur entertainment center. Some of the games i see on android looks really good i just cant fully get into these games on a phone. I know this will never happen but what if sony made this playstation certified? That would be great for conaumers but bad for playstation (wishful thinking). But if this is done right and Google shows its presence in the tablet circle it would show just how powerful android is. I mean it can power just about anything, now improve marketing and tell us why these things are so use full.

    1. The new controller is 3-axis, so it will work as a video game controller. Maybe Sony will allow it to connect to PlayStation controllers as well.

  12. There are way too many things that GTV just doesn’t do yet.

    1) Tuner. Make it a cable box REPLACEMENT, not an accessory.

    2) TV guide. A real one. Let me browse through, channel by channel, to see what’s on. (similar to what Buddy TV does)

    3) Video. Game. Emulation. It’s insane that I still can’t find an emulator that works. I want to be able to use a bluetooth gamepad to play NBA Jam and Toejam & Earl, dammit.

    4) I would say “DVR” here, too…. but I’d settle for a real Chrome browser. Just settle the stupid bullshit with the networks so we can watch everything legally in the browser.

    1. Let me guess you’d like it to cook dinner and it be free too? You realize most of those items are not possible without the help of the provider carriers.

  13. For everyone hollering about games on google tv, check out onlive… Their private beta testing for google tv and on roku right now.

  14. Can’t wait until onlive makes a google tv client

  15. I am looking forward to more devices like this, in the US too.

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