Flashout 3D is a Music-Infused Twist on Wipeout


While my fondness for futuristic racers, such as Wipeout, has long faded, developers JuJubee S.A. might pull me in with their take on the genre. They’ve introduced a game called Flashout 3D, a graphically rich racer with bonuses and power-ups, online multiplayer, and a lot more. One big feature in that “a lot more” category are the music-enabled visuals.

The world around you will bump and move with the music playing. This feature isn’t exclusive to the in-game music JuJuBee’s provided, either – you can import your own music, making the experience that much more personal. Find the trailer above and be on the lookout for this in the Google Play Store sometime soon. [Droid Gamers]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Well that clip was worthles to watch

  2. What just happened???? I suddenly found myself with glow sticks in my hand, waving them around while watching this trailer o_O
    Wonder if this will be available for all devices!

  3. Hmmm, I’m hoping they’ve got some sort of licensing deal with Sony/Liverpool Studios because that’s pretty much a n identical cut&paste of Wipeout. As the franchise is still going, recently released on PS Vita, I can’t see how JuJuBee could get away with this without incurring some legalese from Sony.

  4. My eyes, my eyes!

  5. Blatant Wipeout rip off. The music, the ship designs, the power ups, the track designs are all rip offs of Wipeout.

  6. i want this. so bad. ive been addicted to wipeout on my ps3. 

  7. Sir, slowly back away from the special effects button. No! Naughty.

  8. forgive me here.. but wasn’t wipeout a music-infused twist on a poor mans f-zero? wipeout sucks. f-zero rocks!

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