Android 2.3.6 update rolling out to Motorola RAZR in Europe


A new software update is headed out to Motorola RAZR handsets in the UK, Italy, France and Spain. The update brings the RAZR to firmware version SPU15 and brings along a few new features as well as the standard bug fixes and performance improvements. Users can expect a new user interface in the settings menu as well as the option to auto upload photos from the RAZR to a connected PC. The bulk of the update is dedicated to introducing new Smart Actions, including a VIP Caller Mode that allows a user to set specific rules for handling individual contacts (such as allowing only certain contacts to ring the phone at night).

Enhancements include better battery performance, improved stability, and some tweaks for the RAZR’s camera. The update also includes a Google security patch. The update will be automatically pushed to handsets. For more info see the changelog provided by Motorola.

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  1. Why isn’t it ICS!!!???

    1. Because it is Motorola. Some learned when they bought Moto Milestone and got burned. The rest didn’t learn, didn’t hear the voices of people who warned them that Motorola is evil when comes to updates… And now they got burned too.

  2. I find this passing strange. This is the day of ICS and almost time for the introduction of Jelly Bean. And THIS bunch of Yahoos is still peddling 2.3.6? Man, I knew there were dinosaurs posing as carriers and manufacturers, but I had no idea it was THIS bad. Google comments about how few adoptions there are of 4.0. Well, this is why. Google should step in and require that 3 months after a new major update to Android that ALL carriers and manufacturers must provide it. The fractured half-wit current system is just unbelievable. If they don’t, MicroSoft is going to eat their ICS and Jelly Bean the instance that they start upgrading Windows 8 over the air.

  3. As someone with young children who frequently pawns them off on family members for “special bonding” (free overnight daycare), it would be great to have my phone only ring from family members when on silent mode.  It is annoying to wake up everytime I get an email just so I can hear the phone ring if my kids need something.  Smart Actions was a good move…not being on ICS yet, not so much.

  4. Congrats Moto users, you’re still outdated.

  5. It’s not ICS… in fact, it’s not even the most up-to-date version of Gingerbread (which is 2.3.7).

    My Droid 2 Global just got updated last week to 2.3.4 :-/ and my Xoom Family Edition is still sitting on 3.1 with a promise of an ICS update some time in 2q (six months after the OS was first released).

    It’s getting downright absurd how poorly Motorola is at keeping the OS’s updated on their devices. My devices are lower-end, so I cut ’em a bit of slack, but the RAZR is supposed to be a high-dollar flagship phone and it’s shipping with an OS (Gingerbread) that first shipped in December 2010!

  6. Read through all the various updates and I must add something that has updated that wasn’t on the list.  My music player is different and it now seems to work a lot better.  Previously had a problem with not always being able to access my music files and that problem now seems to have been fixed.  Although it should have been ICS, I gotta say I’m just pleased the music’s working properly.

  7. I live in Australia and received this update over two weeks ago

  8. This a shame.

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