Mar 19th, 2012

As a self-proclaimed gaming addict, one of the problems I’ve noticed throughout the years is that I often don’t have the time I once had back in my high school days, to just sit down and do some serious console gaming. This has left me with a surplus of great titles dating all the way back to the PS1, that I’ve been meaning to play, but really just never had the time (seeing how I’m always out and about). Titles like Strider 2, Tomba!, Final Fantasy 9 or Vagrant Story are just a few that I wish I could revisit and play in their entirety.

Well, a few developers over on XDA are looking to bring back the old-school PS1 classics with the PSXPeria Project for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. Using the PSPeria software, you can now legally rip and and convert your old PS1 games into an image that is playable on the Xperia Play with absolutely no root required. Pretty sweet, right?

There’s an ever growing list of games that have been tested and are 100% compatible on the Xperia Play, as well as a video tutorial for anyone who may need a walkthrough on how to convert their old games. I checked my local Craigslist ads and Xperia Plays are running between $150-$200. Think I might pick one up for when I eventually make the jump to AT&T. Can’t think of a better way to kill some time than with some of gaming’s greatest.

[PSPeria Project Thread]


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