[Deal] Get the unlocked 3G Galaxy Note for $579.99 from Ben’s Outlet


Chris pointed out a couple of days back that the international version of the Samsung Galaxy Note was available on 1SaleADay for $580. If you were interested, but missed out on that deal, don’t beat yourself up about it. You can get the phablet from Ben’s Outlet for the same price over here.

Thanks again, Molo!

Raveesh Bhalla

Adreno 2xx drivers for ICS made available by Qualcomm

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  1. I would not buy from bens outlet… they will rip you off. You have to contact them when your item doesnt arrive and then when you have to cancel it they will say the item is shipped. Then when it doesnt come in again you will have to call them to cancel again, otherwise they rely on you forgetting about it and will take your money. Before you decide to lose your money search google for reviews on the company, it will be overwhelmingly clear to you you shouldnt order from them. Ohh and after they forget to refund payment you will finally have to dispute with your credit card company.

    1. Yeeeeah…  Ben’s Outlet looks like the kind of online retailer folks would want to avoid.  Phandroid may want to hold of on featuring them in a blog post.

  2. Why? 3g lol.

  3. This is a good deal. It’s $37 cheaper than buying it new off EBay for $617 w/freeshipping (and no warranty).

    (scroll down to see the price trend graph: )

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