Sprint to Offer $50-$75 Discounts to Select Customers Due for Upgrades


It looks like Sprint will be doing a little something for their loyal customers starting March 23rd. They’ll begin notifying select users (we’re not sure of their exact criteria) to offer $50 or $75 off of the price of a phone after signing a new two-year contract. The deal will end on April 27th so you’d better hope your upgrade is due sometime between that time period in order to get in on it. Oh, and you’d better hope the phone you want is available. [via SprintFeed]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. So I’m assuming this would be in addition to the subsidized price…? This is how there going to improve galaxy nexus sales for the month of April lol…with the gs3 announcement allegedly around the corner that is a savy move on there behalf…that is definitely a deal (as long as they don’t price it over 250)…

  2. there just trying to dump there old phones sprints new stuff probable won hit in till June 

    1. The Nexus comes out on April 1st according to this article… but as usual take rumors with a grain of salt. 

  3. I just don’t see a worthy upgrade from the EVO 4G yet… They need to step it up.

    1. I don’t know about all that. There’s the SGS2 which is a very decent upgrade from the OG EVO. The next EVO and GNex will be out soon enough as well and those are upgrades over the OG also. I guess to each their own.

      1. SG2 display resolution SUCKS.  not enough pixels for the display size.  see side by side comparison.

        1. No need to see. I have an OG EVO and EVO 3D at my disposal and can clearly see the difference in resolution, but that alone shouldn’t condemn a phone to “sucking”

          1. i said resolution sucks – not the phone.  SG2 was a decent phone in 2011.  it’s a dinosaur in 2012.  dumb move to consider buying it today and wasting an upgrade on it even if it is free.  and value will plunge even lower given Wimax.  the key is PATIENCE.  G-Nex.

    2. Correct, do NOT upgrade until the LTE phones are available. 

      1.  I received the offer but am letting it pass exactly because of not wanting to have another “4g” phone that only gets 4g in 1 city in my state. Upgrade path will hopefully be EVO 4G to ONE X LTE (or whatever Sprint and HTC decided to call the equivalent of that phone)…. but there’s no point in upgrading until LTE actually arrives in my Metropolis.

    3. The galaxy s II is a serious upgrade from the Evo 4g

      1. it was when it first came out but its WiMax and all future phones are LTE… there is no point in getting GSII

  4. Waiting on the One X, then I will consider upgrading. But nothing out now or even the Gnex is worth upgrading since the newer phones are on their way.

  5. Lucky!

  6. A easy and wonderful way to save money is by using Printapons. Printapons are online coupons that are dispersed based on your city. Each coupon saves at least 50% off the regular price of an item in your city.

  7. Every carrier has deals except for the sorriest one (at&t)

    1. Actually, AT&T spammed me a “deal” just yesterday. It’s a lame “smartphones starting at only 1 cent!” deal, though, because there’s only one phone starting at that price: the old Captivate. :)

  8. It’s called clearing out the inventory on WiMax phones.  

    1. yep and I’m not falling for it, I want an LTE phone but I can wait a few more months.

  9. F the discounts!  i need the G-NEX!!!!!!!!!!

    come on Hesse!  get your ass in gear before you end up getting fired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. This credit is for the first people to get locked in a 2 year contract with the original Evo 4g! So now that they’re contracts are up they can pick up a Galaxy Nexus for around 200$, because we all know the GNexus is going to be over 200$ when it is released on Sprint!

  11. @EasyEEE. The Epic Touch is the phone that was a worthy upgrade from the Evo 4g!! But now that you held out this long you might wanna wait for the GS3. That’s the only phone that will be a worthy upgrade from the Epic Touch!


  13. First they will have to get a phone worth upgrading to, then I would have to be remotely interested in getting tied to them again for another 2 years. I think I’m leaving Sprint as soon as I can.

  14. Man I’ve had my upgrade since last summer! I’m waiting on the G-Nex to come. I’m going to be pissed if it isn’t the first/second week of April at the latest. Hoping they announce LTE in Philly soon as well.

      1. Nice! Thanks for the link.

        1. No prob!! there is a live chat going on right now at supposedly some big announcements. you should make an account and join in.  Chat room only supports 20 people though.. so hurry.. fills up quick. click on “the lounge” at the top of the screen.

  15. they are doing this to take our eye off the prize… the galaxy nexus!!!! IT WONT WORK!

  16. Well, I guess I’ll have to wait it out, again. Still no Galaxy Note 2 for Sprint (or anyone else, yet).

  17. A easy and wonderful way to save money is by using Printapons. Printapons are online coupons that are dispersed based on your city. Each coupon saves at least 50% off the regular price of an item in your city.

  18. I will be saving my upgrade from the original Evo to the G-Nex, regardless of whether LTE actually arrives simultaneously. From what I’ve read, though, LTE won’t be a priority in the Portland OR area, which sucks weenie-tots.

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