Android 4.0 with Sense 3.6 leaks for Verizon’s HTC Rezound


HTC tipped us off to the phones we can expect to receive a tasty Ice Cream Sandwich treat in the coming months and among the list was Verizon’s Rezound. For owners of the Bears Audio handset brimming with excitement, a newly leaked build of Android 4.0 has come online. As with all HTC handsets that aren’t part of the One series, the OS build is topped off with Sense 3.6.

The leak is not the final version but should offer a pretty good idea of what to expect to those interested in installing the new build. You’ll need to be running a stock OS built with a locked bootloader to get things up and running. More info and the necessary files can be found at the source link below.

[via AndroidPolice]

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  1. really hope they release 4.0 soon for the upgradeable htc devices, feel like I been hearing about it forever with no action

  2. Bears Audio? #corrections

    1. two thumbs up for being passive aggressive!

  3. Da Bears!!!

    1. Are garbage

      1. You took a funny observation and tainted it with your hate.  Well done.

    2. The Berenstain Beats

  4. Could this work on a driod incredible 2?

    1. no

  5. I’m an incredible 2 owner as well. Don’t worry, our time will come.

  6. I hope so, getting jealous lol

  7. Thanks… Were on the list.. It will not only come but it will b4 the Razor and Bionic. My poor driod Charge seems to be SOL though.

    1. Its hard to say tho. There have been 2 ICS leaks for the RAZR so far, this is the first leak for the Rezound.

      Usually official releases are coming soon after leaks.

  8. Looking forward to the desire s leak. ;)

  9. To my understanding, I will lose my fb contact list? F that.

    1. Not sure.  I know it’s not a problem on my Nexus (not that I sync anyway) but it had to be incorporated in a custom ROM.

    2. Pshh… I can barely sync with FB as it is… SMH… p.o.s…

  10. Hey Verizon ,What about ThunderBolt users??!! This was your first 4

  11. 4 G LTE phone and your leaving us out in the cold ??? 

  12. I’m upset that it’s only getting Sense 3.6 instead of 4.0… that’s b.s. to me… I’d rather just have stock ICS…

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