Giveaway: Win 1 of 7 Androidified Cases For The Galaxy Nexus From Cruzer Lite


Greetings, my Phandroid friends. As we so like to do every-so-often here on the site, we’re throwing another giveaway, this time brought to you by the fine folks at Cruzer Lite who make the popular line of “Androidified” TPU cases. We actually featured these cases for the Galaxy Nexus a few weeks back and after the wonderful feedback, we want to give some away to you guys simply for being awesome. You are awesome right? Good. Let’s get to the rules.

To enter, simply leave a comment below with why you would want to win one of these Android-reppin,’ phone-protectin’ cases for your Galaxy Nexus and we’ll select 7 random winners by the end of the night. There’s no telling what color you’ll win, with a 1 out of 7 chance or winning the pink one (call it “salmon” if it makes you feel better). Good luck to everyone and of course, special thanks to Cruzer Lite for supplying us with these awesome cases to give away to you guys.

You can find, and follow, Cruzer Lite via their social sites below for updates on new cases and anything else they got planned for the future. Cheers!

[Cruzer Lite on Facebook | Cruzer Lite on Twitter | Cruzer Lite on Amazon]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I want it because I hate have accessories for things I don’t own, ergo, I’ll need to buy a Galaxy Nexus ;] 

  2. I need this to protect my $700 investment, plus the case looks sweet.thanks and good luck all

  3. I don’t have a case yet but I love Android! Thanks for doing this. :)

  4. I want it because it’s a cool looking case.

  5. I needs one cuz my Nexus be nekkid

  6. I want a case that won’t completely hide the slick body of my Nexus and will protect my baby!

  7. Don’t let me win, I want to keep my GN case free. A customized battery cover contesr, do host!

  8. I want a Cruzer Lite case because of the uproar that they caused on!  Seriously, I ordered a Seidio Surface case and just was not all that impressed with it, so I’ve been actively looking for another alternative, and given just how awesome these cases look, I would love to give it a try!

    Not to mention I’d be repping Android every time I’m holding the phone to my ear with that cool backing on the case. :P

  9. I want to win one of these cases because…while I love my Quibits snap-on case, variety is the spice of life! Plus I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Androidified cases and what better way to rep Team Android than to have Andy loud and proud on your case!

  10. PHANDROID ROCKS MY SOCKS!!!!!!! Need a cool case for my cool phone. :)

  11. I want this case so I can show my nerdiness to everybody I come in contact with!

  12. I want it because I just got my hot new Galaxy Nexus and I don’t want it to break or get scratched!

  13. I want a case to show off the best Android phone out there.

  14. Dressing up my Galaxy Nexus!

  15. Rezound cases or it never happened.  Good luck all.

    1. Iphone protective housing for low-cost fashion.

  16. I want to win one of these awesome cases to protect my baby(galaxy nexus).
    I sleep with it. I hold it close to me, and I even talk to it. The least I could do is protect it too! ;)

  17. To make Ifans jealous cause they dont have cool cases

  18. Because I HATE that it says Verizon on the back and not Google. This would cover that mistake up with little Andy.

  19. I want yo win the case because it will make my already sexy Nexus just that much sexier!

  20. I want it because my GNex case is already cracked(I haven’t dropped it) and it will soon break.

  21. I am Androidified 24-7 all day everyday so its a must have for me Please hook me up!

  22. id give it to a friend with a naked one
    is this the unlocked or verizon one?

  23. I want a case because a) I had one for my RAZR and it was awesome and b) to shove Android in the the face of my i*hone using friends, who by the way found their “magical” devices crashing after iOS 5.1 update. ANDROID FTW!

  24. I would like one for my friend at work he just got a new Nexus and would love it. Plus my friend is 6’8″ and black and has threatened to kick my ass so this might smooth things over. Thx

  25. I like to show off my GNex especially in iSaturated public social places. Most folks don’t know what my phone is, out that it is powered by Android. Especially, when I set it down face down on a table or bar top. I need my Android to represent at all times. That is why I’m interested.

  26. I want one for the following reasons: First, because It’ll be a great conversation piece on how I won a cool case from Phandroid. Second, because I think these Androidified cases are uber cool and just gotta have one. Last, because my Galaxy Nexus needs protection from my automotive work environment. : D 

  27. Because I just bought one for my gnex and my maxx and love them both. Would love to add some color to my collection and advertise your cases to others.

  28. I wanna win one for my wife so she can look even sexier

  29. i want one for my htc rezound please make me one.

  30. I’m a new GNEX owner and I have quickly become addicted to buying cases for this awesome device. Please enable my addiction further by awarding me this prize. I need it to live. 

  31. Love to gloat that I’m a phandroid and rub it in my crapple friends’ faces! 

  32. I need this to piss some ifans out there. :P Android rocks!

  33. I love these cases! I had one for my old phone and plan on getting one for my Nexus!

  34. I would like one to give to my friend at work. He’s 6’8″ and black and wants to kick my ass so this might smooth things over. Thx!

  35. What a coincidence, I’m being held hostage by a man who is demanding one of these cases. Winning this case would literally save my life….

  36. Because I already (somehow) have a scratch on my battery cover and do not want anymore.

  37. I’ve been looking forever for a case that just looks just right, this might just be the case. Oh and salmon isn’t too bad.

  38. I need this because I bought two crappy phone covers.. One that doesn’t wrap around the edges of my phone, and makes the jack impossible to use and one that snaps on and is pretty much impossible to snap off.. 

  39. I figure it’s about time I stop showing off the goods for free and cover up my Gnex.

  40. I like to use protection, on more than just my home network… 

  41. Basically, I have purchased three different cases and don’t like any of them. I’m tired of spending money on cases. Please let me win one of your amazing and legendary cases so that I might enjoy, finally, some protection for my Galaxy Nexus that just plain looks good.

  42. Because God spoke to me and commanded I protect my phone as it will contain His word…. with friends.

  43. I want one because while I enjoy being naked, my phone doesn’t.

  44. Because I only by the nexus brand series

  45. Because it appears to be impossible to find ANY good accessories for my Nexus Down Under.

  46. My wedding is coming up soon, and our colors are purple and grey….I would love to win one of these awesome cases for my Nexyness (LTE Nexus)  Could I win a new case to be featured in our wedding photos???? I hope it matches!!!

  47. Winning this case would be right on time! I caught a great deal on wirefly for the galaxy nexus $100! Now I just need the perfect case to go with it.

  48. I want a case because my dog ate my last phone I just got this one and she is deathly afraid of android oh no she looks hungry please hurry

  49. Repping Android while looking like a giant toolbag? Count me in, I could use a new case.

  50. I love Galaxy nexus and i dont have a case for my nexus :)

  51. i have an otterbox on mine now, but i just purchased the extended battery last night.  dont think it will fit in the otterbox, so i may need a new case.  maybe this will work.  good luck to everyone.

  52. Should be getting mine pretty soon and I need one of the sickest cases out there for the Nexus and this is my pick send one this way!!!

  53. I would love to win the case, because I love life. 

  54. Hey my grandma has that sweater!

  55. I want one because I just do. And it’s free….. I’m a bit jew…. JK but it’s freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  56. I want one so my phone doesn’t break, duh :D

  57. I like to wrap my things up…. just in case… you know… something happens

  58. I like to put it in the pink.

  59. Because I will be purchasing one when sprint finally makes there official release date announcement ..

  60. I’m just a “random user” that wants to be a “random winner”

  61. Does it fit the phone with an extended battery?

  62. I want one so I can be one of the cool kids.

  63. I would love to have this case so i can show my android pride while protecting my phone.

  64. Bought a Nexus week ago. Learning and having fun but only found a few cases in the store. Either waterproof or a briefcase. Would enjoy learning of other options and alerting the world. As case info cannot be found with reviews either.

  65.  I need this case because I live in constant fear of dropping my phone. This case could let me get a few hours of sleep at night instead of having nigh terrors about possible situations where I drop my phone.

  66. I want it to add to my collection. I currently have a little foam android branded by Rogers, and a HTC android keychain branded by HTC. Now my phoen can rock out too!

  67. I would love one so I can walk around the nearest Apple store and piss off the employees.

  68. I nees one so i can look at that cute little android face anytime i want to all day long.

  69. not sure how I would explain the pink/salmon one to my friends

  70. I’d rep android with that case on my G-Nex even if it were pink.

  71. I like to be a winner! Phone protection is great

  72. i own a nexus and I love it I wish the store I worked at could order more than pink or grey arguile patterned cases…. so cruzer lite me up with Andy Styled case!!!!

  73. Free stuff free stuff

  74. Even the pink

  75. I have a black cover and I need some color on my phone….

  76. I wanna hit the town with Andy by my side. All the apples will be jealous.

  77. I need this case because the job industry I work in (welding/fabrication) is very scary place to have an unprotected g nex

  78. Could use one of these since I don’t have a case yet :)

  79. I want one so every time I smack an iPhan with my phone I can leave an android impression on their face.

  80. I need this so my little Nexus guy doesn’t have to run around naked all the time!

    Plus, what a bonus being able to show off my Android loyalty with the awesome little guy on the case!

    Oh yea, and I’m broke ;)

    And I love Phandroid either way!

  81. I would love one of those cases for my Gnex!!!!

  82. No jokes. No satire. My reason is I have another case and it’s too thick.

  83. I love Skittles…I just wanna taste the rainbow.

  84. The TPU case I have now gets fingerprints all over it too easily, and it’s just not very good. For the past few days I’ve been trying to carry around my Nexus without a case, but it’s very slippery and I’m scared of dropping my baby. I’d love a case lol.

  85. I want to win a case for my GNex because ever since we got an androidified case for my wife’s razr maxx, I’ve been a little jealous of it and want one to rep on my own awesome android phone.  Thanks for the opportunity.

  86. This would be awesome…my gnex would look fly…lol

  87. Would love to accompany my new galaxy nexus with one of these! Hope I win!

  88. I need a free case

  89. I’ll use it to flash my OS affinity every chance I get. I’m sure my iPhone friends would love the constant reminders!

  90. I need a free case

  91. Have the case with many mini droids.  bigknowz wants a big droid

  92. My galaxy nexus wishes not to be molested by my fingerprints anymore

  93. I’ve got the blue, white, and smoke cases for my phone and my wifes. BTW they DO fit on phones with the extended battery! Here’s hoping for another case, but if not, congrats to the winners! They are awesome cases

  94. Hear a lot of raves on these. Would like to compare it to my Diz cases.

  95. Salmon is my FAVORITE color… But blue/black will probably get me beaten up a WHOLE LOT LESS!

  96. I want it to promote the lovely android.

  97. I want this case so people know that im not carrying around a phone that looks the exactly the same as the previous model with mediocre specs and a fruit on the back.

  98. Free accessories? I’m in.

  99. My Nexus needs some protection!  I’m a clutz and keep dropping it…please help me out :)

  100. I want one because my Nexus shouldn’t be running around naked. That and I think they are cool. I know the winners colors are picked at random but green for me, thanks.

    1. Take another look at the case. Putting this thing on your phone is the only way to make it “naked”. lol.

  101. I’d love one. Just bought the galaxy nexus, and the Android case would aid me in rubbing it in my iDevice toting friend’s faces.

  102. I have an otterbox, but I hate the bulk. I usually keep my nexus naked because of that, but I would love to get one of these slick cases. They look great.

  103. Comment

  104. There is nothing better than protecting your phone in style!

  105. I don’t typically use cases, but when I do…

  106. My wife has a Gnex and says these cases are cute. She’s cute too. Makes sense to just put them together.

  107. I’m not gonna lie, I want it just because I like having stuff. I am fully part of the overconsumption culture, and I NEED MORE STUFF!

  108. mine

  109. Well you see, I’m a pretty clumsy person and such an awesome phone doesn’t deserve this abuse. Also it breeds some color and style, the ninety’s are over!

  110. my nexus could definitely use a bit of protection

  111. I NEVER saw something for free that I didn’t like :)

  112. I need another case, and if I win it my wife can’t complain that I bought another case for a phone that I will get rid of in a year :)

  113. Once upon a time there was a lone gnex that met its untimely demise on a rock face. From that moment on the supreme overlords of the next gnew swore an oath to provide only the best of cases and accessories to keep history from repeating itself.

  114. Because I will kill one baby kangaroo…

    with kindness every hour don’t receive a case.

  115. I would like one because apparently won’t ship them to Canada!

  116. Oh my gosh, Chris. I love your hair so much. T_T
    I’m so going to get that hairstyle in a few years. 

    Anyway, those cases look amazing. Too bad I don’t have a Galaxy Nexus…

  117. Because pink is the new black…and this phone is grey?

  118. I could use some protection for my nexus 

  119. I keep my nexus in an oversized pouch so if I won one of these cases I wouldn’t have a giant conversation piece attached to my hip.

  120. How else will I be able to protect my gnex during my road trip to the Grand Canyon!?

  121. GIVE GIVE so i have an excuse to craiglist my galaxy s2 n get the nexus

  122. I want one of these so that people will stop asking if my Galaxy Nexus is some kind of new iPhone.

  123. I would love one of these cases, I’d buy one, but I’m a broke joke. So make me happy please! ;)

  124. I love these cases.  They have a nice look to them, and I’m looking for something to make my Nexus stand apart from the others I’ve seen… Even if it mean a “salmon” case… Lol

  125. I would love one. I gone through 2 other phones in 6 months. I started out with the bionic and when through 3 of  those because of hardware problems then got upgraded to the Razr and just went through 3 of those because of screen issues and now im getting a Nexus tomorrow and would love one to go with the phone. maybe it would be my good luck charm and stop all the bad phones ive been getting through verizon

  126. Always like to win!

  127. What better way to make me finally pick a case than winning one?

  128. Andy is my inspiration for living!

  129. would love to win something anything.

  130. I don’t really want to win, because 1) I don’t have a GNex, and 2) I’ve never won anything, and winning this would mess up my “karma” chances for something better. :)

    (But if I do win, I’ll re-gift it. Current odds: 1 in 20; Odds by the end of the night: 1 in 50ish. Better chance of getting a straight in poker on the river (1:13))

  131. Make cases for more devices!

  132. I’d love this ‘androidified’ case so I can show off my love for android even more with it on my Galaxy nexus!

    and get super protection too! ;)

  133. I want one to make my friends jealous!!

  134. I just got my GNex on the 5th for my birthday. What better to add to that than a new case to protect my baby!?

  135. I have Galaxy Nexus, but I don’t have case or cover. So, this is the right item I should win now. 

  136. I want one so i can show it off to all my friends and be like, ” im awesome and you suck”

  137. I have a Galaxy Nexus & this would really pimp it out :)

  138. I want this case because I have to go out of my way to rock my phone naked and this would let me be a little more careless with my phone. I wont have to worry about it as much taking it out to the bar :)

  139. I want one because I want to cover the ugly scratches on the back of my phone!

  140. I want to win this case so I can frame it and put it on my wall. I’m a collector of mobile phone mascot penises.

  141. I already have a small nick in the case of my Galaxy Nexus! It’s naked and I’ve already dropped it and damaged it, it really needs some protection…

  142. My phone is too vulnerable without one…

  143. i want one because they are bad ass. simply put.

  144. To protect my precious! Did I mention I cracked the screen on my previous phone?

  145. My Nexus is naked, which is frowned upon in today’s society.

  146. Awesome! I would love to try one of these out on my GNex!

  147. Is it weird that I want an orange case to match my car?

  148. becuse it woul be a real android case lol

  149. who wouldnt want one its awsome!

  150. Because I’ve already broken one GNex screen.

  151. I would like this case because they look awesome and i’m naked right now.

  152. I want one so I can show the android awesomeness off to my roommate who has an iPhone.

  153. I thought these were awesome!

  154. Because Sammy makes their phones out of plastic :[

  155. I would like to get this to protect one of my most precious investment: my Galaxy Nexus. I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if I broke this thing and had to replace it.

  156. My Gnex can always use some extra protection.

  157. I want to be part of the newest trend… The great Nexus coverup!

  158. A couple of people around the office have traded in their phones and bought i*hones. It would be great to cruze around the office showing off my Android pride,

  159. I want this case so bad i would take the pink one and even would rock it at bars i frequent. lol

  160. Let me think…to cover my phone..duh

  161. So I can use a 100% real android case to protect my 100% pure android phone which is my galaxy nexus prime!!!!

  162. I want Phandroid to pimp my GNex!!!

  163. I need one so I can android while I android.

  164. Can I have one.  I will tell all my friends.  Thanks.

  165. Nice looking case.

  166. I would love to take one for my galaxy nexus!

  167. First in line for my Galaxy Nexus. I think I earned a case.

  168. I could use the case

  169. ‘Cause my G-Nex ain’t got no case!

  170. I would love to show off my love for android on a phone cover

  171. It’s warm and sunny. I have my summer Coach bag ready. You know guys, the only thing missing is that summer cover for my phone…A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

  172. It’s warm and sunny. I have my summer Coach bag ready. You know guys, the only thing missing is that summer cover for my phone…A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

  173. I need to get another step farther from my past as an apple fan boy.

  174. I need this as I’ve already dropped my GNex without protection…What a dummy I am :(

  175. I enjoy being naked but I am sure my phone does not share my same sentiment.

  176. I need a new case so badly! Hoping not to get Salmon though…

  177. I want an androidified case so the world can see how much I love android by putting my android inside another android

  178. As luck would have it, I’m holding a naked Galaxy Nexus right now!

  179. I would love one of these to protect my first smartphone. <3
    It would also have the cute android guy on it ;)

  180. One of these would look awesome on my Galaxy Nexus!

  181. Because real bros should never fear the pink…

  182. To keep the back of my phone from wearing out.

  183. I need a case for my girlfriends GN

  184. I rattled my nexus off my bass amp at practice the other week and cracked the screen, hooray for phone insurance! However I’ve seriously been considering buying one of these ever since, and a free one would be awesome!

  185. Because my wife broke her GNex screen and it’s been off for repair for a month. She needs a case!

  186. To worry less about dropping my phone plus it’s so thin that my hand hurts when I talk long.

  187. Rezound cases or it never happened.  Good luck all.

  188. If I win one of these covers, I can finally get some girls…cuz girls love galaxy nexus cases. XD

    1. Idk what girls you know, probably the same ones that play world of warcraft.

  189. I think Phandroid is pumping some ads for this thing. What a FUGLY case, I wouldn’t put that ugly freakin thing on anything I own.

    1. Congrats! You won all 7 of them! =p

  190. Oh god, not duck lips

    1. Duckface 4 life O_o

  191. I need one! My naked gnex needs a case worthy of covering it.

  192. I want to win so bad.  Help a guy out.  I will take two if you are willing to give me two. My wife and I both just got the Galaxy Nexus.  Some sweet cases would be great.

  193. What’s wrong with salmon? It’s tasty, you can cook it several different ways and it goes great with a bunch of various side dishes. Oh, you’re taking about that sickly orangish pink color that some people make phone cases in? Yeah, that’s revolting. But I could probably learn to like it, or at least tolerate it a little.

  194. I want to win because sometimes, the old Otterbox is a bit too bulky.

  195. Because dangit, my Galaxy Nexus deserves some protection!

  196. Love my Galaxy Nexus and I’m the “Android guy” at work (an AT&T store).  A case like this would be great to showcase further how much I love Android.  

  197. I would love to win a case because I’m about to upgrade to a Nexus and need a cover for it. =)

  198. Well, who wouldn’t want a cool android robot protecting their phone?

  199. Pick me!

  200. I work in an office full ifanbois and I would love to show off my far superior phone while rocking a Cruzer Lite case with Andy on the back so they can see what Im packing .

  201. yeah…chris hook it up. You know i own a galaxy nexus. :)

  202. It’s a really cool looking case with that huge Android logo on the back :)

  203. I got a ding on my nexus and I never win anything :(

  204. Would love a case with the little guy on it. My friends already think I’m crazy for having this “complicated” phone……what do they know….they knit!

  205. I got my galaxy nexus today so I need a cool case to go with it.

  206. i bought a light green one when I was drunk 1 night, a new one would be nice. 

  207. I want one of these for my GNex because although it feels great to have your junk out in the wind, sometimes you just gotta cover up to stay out of trouble. O_o

  208. I would like one that way I can go tell my friends the quality of the case. Practically for marking purpose.

  209. Gotta have Bugdroid on the back of my phone while I am showing it off to friends :)

  210. can’t delete duplicate comment

  211. I would like to win one so I can cover up this Verizon logo on the back of my Nexus.

  212. summer is coming, gotta have the Cruzer protection

  213. just p/u my GN on Saturday from BBY and the little green friend would be a great fashion statement for the brand!

  214. safety first, right?

  215. Oh my…finally a way to hide the Verizon branding and show what really matters!

  216. to be honest, I need an awsome case for my Nexus. Those cases are filling up the requierment of awsomeness

  217. I would love one!

  218. Me: “Nexus, y u have no case?”

    Nexus: “Because “Cool Chavez” hasn’t picked you for the Yellow Cruzer  Lite case yet…”
    Me: “y u want look like banana?”
    Nexus: “So if you drop me, I won’t split!”

  219. Well, I have a GNex and I could use a case. Simple as that.

  220. becase i need a case that screams better than your icrap can i have a black one

  221. I’d like a pink one for my gf’s Verizon GN please. :)

  222. I just bought a Galaxy Nexus, and I very like it, so I want to protect it carefully.

  223. I’d love a androidified case

  224. Because all the other covers out there suck and these actually look legit!

  225. Getting my Galaxy Nexus tomorrow (finally) from Daily Steals….been eyeing these cases during the whole wait!

  226. I want one because my phone is getting dinged alot from all the times i’ve dropped it. Love this phone but a case would be awesome!

  227. I want to win a case so I can protect my baby GN. Thanks!

  228. BEcause andy on the outside told me he likes your hair Chris =] !!!

    But seriously… i need a good case on this baby!

  229. Wanted one of these for a long time. Thanks Phandroid!

  230. I’d love a new stylish case
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  231. I want one because I’m dropping my phone all the time AND he wont feel so alone end cold at nights with that little robot hugging him! :) 
    Did I mention I live in Sweden and we have polar-bears here patroling the streets that he need protection from ;)

  232. Need a nice cover, because i could only get the black cruzer lite cover down here in singapore despite trying to order all the other colors so that i could meet the buy 2 get one free criteria. The clear case would very well keep my black case andy company, as he peeks out of my hand showing all the iusers who’s da cutest android in da house

  233. If I win this case… I’m definetely getting a Galaxy nexus this month….

  234. Why wouldn’t I want a nice good looking that can trump any that I bought off ebay?

  235. The only case I actually want! 

  236. To match with my android shirt, android pin, android hat… android outfit!

  237. I’d love one of these to help protect my precious Nexus while in Afghanistan. The dust is horrible!

  238. I was actually going to get one from Amazon but if u are giving it away I will take color no preference thanks u guys the best

  239. Looks like I’ll be stuck on ICS 4.0.2 forever but winning a case might make it easier to handle.

  240. I just think they look neat.  I like the Android on the back.  I have a Seidio case now but I like the looks of this one too.  Well certain ones.  I REALLY like the orange case.

  241. it’s been a rough morning…this would be a nice to offset some of my bad luck.

  242. Fingers are crossed…

  243. I need to androidify my nexus

  244. Sweet I can now show off my droid pride at all angles to my iPhone loving freinds

  245. No peculiar reason, my Galaxy Nexus is new and I want to keep it that way (better resale value, you know?)

  246. I was so convinced by Chris’ video that I must have one of these.

  247. I was so convinced by Chris’ video that I must have one.

  248. So I can stop running around naked!

  249. My home has recently been overrun with wild chimpanzees, who although quite clever, seem to have an iPhone bias, leaving my unprotected Nexus in a precarious situation…..

  250. I need another cause i only have one.

  251. My Android army demands that my Galaxy Nexus put some pants on.

  252. who wouldn’t want to win one? your mom.

  253. I would love one so I wound’t need unlock my phone to put all of the *phones to shame

  254. It’s not about me nor winning.  It’s about my Galaxy Nexus.   He wants to stand out.  He wants to whip his hair back and forth.  Plus, gives me a chance to use my great line when someone’s looking at my phone:

    Stranger: “What’s that?”
    Me: “Oh this?  This is fabulous.”

    *stranger vomits rainbows*

    Stranger: “Oh god!  What just happened!?”

    Yeah….I want that case.

  255. Because I wanna keep my nexus nice and unblemished.

  256. I need one!  I’ll even take the “Salmon” one!

  257. I need a Cruzer Lite Case because Android is too awesome to stay only inside my Galaxy Nexus!

  258. This giveaway got me thinking that I should probably have some protection for my phone.

  259. The Black 1 PLZ. Thanks

  260.  I already have a “translucent smoke” Diztronic case for my GNex which does the job, but honestly, the difference between THAT and the Androidified case is like, well, the difference between gingerbread and ice cream sandwiches…

  261. I think you know why I should win.

  262. I’d just like one please, love Gilly

  263. I need it because I need the world to see in every way possible the awesomeness of Android

  264. would love to win one of these!

  265. I would love to have one of these to put on my Galaxy Nexus as soon as Sprint gets around to releasing it. Go Phandroid and Cruzer Lite!

  266. Yeah I won!!! Thank you Phandroid!!!!!

  267. I would love to rock one of those!

  268. Can I get the PINK ONE please? It looks gorgeous!!!

    I want the case because I love Andy; he’s so adorable and I need to have him on my case. :D

  269. I go to a school filled with iDevices and I would love to show off android to all of them!

  270. I should win because I never win.

  271. Cause i am too poor after buying this phone to afford a case…..hook a brother up…for realzs…

  272. Is it too late? I need one because my current case is terrible.

  273. I need one because it doesn’t get much more android than the Galaxy Nexus so I need bug droid waving at people when I have my phone out! :D

  274. Simple, I don’t have a Nexus…yet.  If I win this, then I will definitely be buying one the very next day!

  275. I’ll take the odds of winning the pink one as a worthy risk

  276. I have dropped my nexus multiple times. No protection. It is a beast, I dare not hide it by anything other than it’s own flag. Android up / Apple down

  277. i am in love with these cases and my neexus is nakid and i wanna rock a true android case  or nothing at all

  278. I need a Cruzer lite Androidified case for my Galaxy Nexus because right now my phone is naked :(

  279. It’s a badge of Android pride and love on my device. 

  280.  cuz i want one for my nexus.

  281. I need this to show off my Android love!

  282. *insert cheesy excuse to get free stuffz*

  283. I need one of these cases so I can convert my isheep coworkers how awesome the nexus is!

  284. I want one because they are SICK!

  285. The only way to boost the cool is with a new Cruzer Case!

  286. I want to show my friends with iPhones what they are missing out on from!! :D

  287. These cases are awesome. I plan on getting one when I upgrade to the Droid Razr Maxx. In the meantime, I wouldn’t mind winning one for my friend who has a GNex.

  288. This would be the cherry on top of my delicious ice cream!

  289. They are so bad ass, I want one.. I hate my current case!

  290. I would love to win a nexus case :) I am in desperate need of a case for my galaxy nexus so please send one my way. 

  291. Awesome giveaway for an awesome phone from Cruzer Lite & Phandroid, Would love this case for my Galaxy.

  292. This case would like sweet around my Galaxy Nexus!

  293. I could definately use a case, my poor Gnex got ninja chopped out of my hand yesterday by a dumb #phone user, and now has a small dent in the corner. pleeassee help me save it

  294. I would like a clear/smoke one since I had my extended battery door laser etched!

  295. ṁy rooṀate’ś Śtep-ṀotĥeŔ ṁakeś $82 an ĥour on tĥe laptop. Śĥe ĥaś been fiŔeď for 5 ṁontĥś but laśt ṁontĥ ĥer cĥeck Waś $7767 juśt Working on tĥe laptop for a feW ĥouŔś. reaď ṁore on tĥiś Web śite….

  296. I’d love one of these cases, I’ve had my nexus since they first came out and I’ve never won anything for it. Can’t afford a new case, so I don’t care what color it is, I just want to protect my phone should I drop it.  Thanks

  297. I love Phandroid and the case would look sweet on my phone.


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