Barnes & Noble brings comics to tablets with latest Nook for Android update


Barnes & Noble is bringing content once only available on their own Nook devices to a wider selection of Android tablets. With an update to Nook for Android, B&N’s catalog of comics, graphic novels, and manga will now be accessible on all slates ranging from 7 to 10 inches and running Android 2.2 or higher. Nook Comics includes a selection of titles from Marvel, IDW, Dark Horse, and more.

The version 3.1 update to Nook for Android also includes enhancements to the Nook Shop for easier entry of credit card information and better library management. The new update can be found in the Google Play Store now.

Google Play Store Link: Nook for Android

[via B&N]

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  1. Not for nothing but, if B&N really wanted to treat the Android community, they would allow native sideloading without the need to root.

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