Ubuntu now unofficially available for the Motorola Droid 4


Still thinking of the best method for unifying your smartphone and computer? The best option seems to be the official Ubuntu for Android, which was unveiled at Mobile World Congress. But while we wait for that to come around, you can go the hacking route and install the full Ubuntu OS, yourself.

This is not the same as the official Ubuntu for Android. In this method, you would literally install the whole OS on your device, making your phone a mini desktop. This is already possible for a few devices, but the newest addition to the list is the Motorola Droid 4. With a good deal of hacking and coding you can get Ubuntu flashed into your brand new Droid 4. But it is not the simplest of tasks.

The method includes the use of a VNC client and requires some knowledge of command line and vi. Of course, the device also has to be rooted, which is a whole other process. So, unless you know your stuff, or are willing to do some good research and learning, we advice that you stay away from this.

Making these changes to your device may void your warranty and/or harm your device. Do this at your own risk, as the responsibility will fall solely on your hands, if anything goes wrong. Be careful, do your research and follow instructions.

With the disclaimer out of the way those that are feeling adventurous can go ahead and get all the files and details from the XDA Developers thread. Is anyone attempting to do this? Would you rather wait for Ubuntu for Android to be released?

[Source: XDA Developers Via: XDA Developers]

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  1. stupid, us only again

  2. I don’t see the appeal if you just run it on your phone. Running a traditional desktop experience on a phone’s 800×480 screen would suck. Having it autolaunch when connected to another device, like Motorola Webtop, would be pretty awesome. But at the end of the day, if you have a spare monitor you probably have a computer to dual boot Ubuntu properly. Canonical needs to slim and trim Unity if they want to catch up with Android and Windows Phone in the future all-in-one device market. Just my admittedly long-winded two cents.

    1. I agree for the most part. I have to say it was pretty useless on my HTC Desire (3.7″, 800×480, 1GHz CPU) but on my Galaxy Note (5.3″, 1280×800, 1.4GHz dual core CPU) Ubuntu runs great!  With such a large screen it is fairly user friendly and significantly faster in comparison to the Desire. It all depends on the device really.

    2. Ubuntu won’t launch on your phones screen its ported into the phone and launches when connected to a external display like a desktop monitor or a TV

      1.  That’s how it works on RAZR. Otherwise running a desktop OS on a phone display makes no sense.

        1. exactly, still an amazing idea though considering microsoft and apple are only syncing bookmarks/messaging between desktop and mobile device, but our android devices are going to double as a desktop and when you add apps like Polaris office/ google docs to the mix you have programs that can replace microsoft office, not to mention this is going to attract a lot of developers to Ubuntu and android

        2. It worked for the Nokia N900. :-) KDE’s Plasma Active runs just fine on touch devices too.

  3. This is where it will go eventually anyway. Smartphones are already displacing some computing for many users. Mainly those who compute on the go. I’m thinking we’ll get to the point where our “desktops” will travel with us, likely as a sort of portable hard drive, or USB drive (like this: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-57386731-1/thumbdrive-size-computer-now-available-for-preorder/ ) and we’ll dock it into a keyboard and monitor and have your desk with you everywhere. It’s the natural progression of smartphones.

  4. Can we get it for the transformer prime tablet ? This thing has way more power under the monitor then a Droid 4, i really want to see how smoothly it would run

    1. or the padfone

  5. This is a pretty amazing idea with the lapdock

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