Best way to start SXSW? How about an Angry Birds dance in the street!


SXSW has just kicked off, and Rovio is proud to bring Angry Birds Space to Austin. Rovio will be letting SXSW attendees get some first hands-on time with the new game. But Rovio is not letting go of an opportunity to make an impact on everybody’s day.

A whole crew of birds and pigs has performed an awesome dance in the streets of Austin. An yes, there is some Michael Jackson in there, as well as slingshot effects and other goodies. Grab the popcorn and take a look at this video that the guys from intomobile have put together.

Oh, and the game will be available as of March 22nd. So stay tuned for more on that.

[Via: IntoMobile]

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  1. 99% hen house – no pun intended!

  2. Line dancing for Angry Birds….  I’m sure this will be these peoples’ proudest moment of their entire lives. :P

  3. Fuck angry birds! Seriously, that’s the only thing roveo does and its overly saturated! Stop treating this crap as news!!! Its a arc trajectory physics game that doesn’t event behave like it should.

    1. It’s a pretty popular trajectory physics game: probably why they post on it.

      Personally as a developer I like to model my games after games like this that are so widely accepted.

      1.  Angry Birds is popular because it’s a cute game with Disney-like (well, at least modern Disney) artwork.

  4. WTH!!  no Napoleon Dynamite…   Fail!!!

  5. utter crap….sure I might do even worse when I am put to the task, but at least I am smart enough NOT to perform when it’s that bad…..

    OMg…as if playing Angry birds hasn’t wasted enough time of my life….

    So when can I download their space adventures? :P

  6. And now for something completely different:

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