Mar 10th, 2012

Following Sprint’s footsteps, T-Mobile is now planning to introduce unlimited calling to any mobile (on any carrier). Most US citizens already have cellphones, so this pretty much translates to unlimited minutes.

According to TmoNews’ sources and leaked document, Magenta will be introducing this as an added feature. It will be available beginning April 4th, for an extra cost of $10. As it is a feature, no contract will be required. Another of the benefits may be that customers’ overage charges would be substantially decreased, if they get the Unlimited Any Mobile add-on. Your minutes will stay the same, but most of them will probably not be used.

The offer has been a great success for Sprint customers. This and unlimited data is what keeps its customers from leaving (as well as the prices). As always, this is unofficial news, so take a good dose of sodium with it. But stay tuned, as you can be sure we will be reporting any official details that may come.

How many of you would be interested in adding Unlimited Any Mobile to your current plans?

[Via: TmoNews]

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