Miss the good old Nokia Snake 2 game? It is back and available for Android users


Technology has improved and there is no doubt that it is for the best. But if you happened to be lucky enough to witness a world with non-colored screen cellphones, you surely remember Snake 2. We would spend all day making that snake as long as possible on our Nokia phones. And now we can relive those moments with Classic Snake 2, the latest remake of the game.

The game is developed by ByQ Develop, and it even displays a good old Nokia device. With a large enough display, it may even reach the old phone’s actual size. You can also choose from 3 different Nokia devices to play with. And the game offers the closest experience one can get compared to the classic game.

There are 11 levels available in 2 game modes: normal and labyrinth. The second offering adds barriers, making the level more difficult.

Classic Snake is available for free from the Google Play Store, so go feed that snake! I will be joining you guys as soon as I finish work, today.

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. I remember playing this on my mum’s phone when I was a kid. Thanks for telling us all! Going to get it now :)

    1.  I remember playing that game on my commodore 64 when I was a kid!

      1. Well… I remember when cars were invented… in my previous life… So there to you all :)

    2. I remember when there were NO cell phones, so there :p :D

  2. Nokia snake? How about QBasic Nibbles.bas instead? Yeah… I’m ollllld.

  3. Why is this JUST coming out!? I have been looking for a Snake game for the longest… that reminded me of the past.

    I will happily go get this game and leave a 5-start before I even play it. LoL!!

  4. Played a version of snake on our old trs 80 radio shack computer…good times…wow

  5. takes me back to my first cell phone the moto v120 it dident have snake but i remember those monochrome screens

  6. Now we need Space Impact and Bounce!

  7. I had 2 of these old Nokia phones and the games I miss is Sky Diver, Air Glide and Bowling. I wonder if they are selling the old Nokia phones with AT&T longo on it. I would like to get one old Nokia phone preferably working with charger so I play the games.

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