White Samsung Galaxy S II’s Now Available At T-Mobile Retail Stores


The white Galaxy S II has been available for quite sometime via T-Mobile’s site, but unfortunately these pale devices were sold exclusively online only. Well, today, TMoNews caught wind that brick and mortar stores had begun receiving shipments of the white GSII, and that they will officially go on sale tomorrow. So, if for some reason you like to do your shopping the old fashioned way, you cruise into your local T-Mobile store and pick up the white Hercules for $230 with a 2-year agreement, upgrade and/or new line.

Chris Chavez
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  1. it’s Tmobile or At&t?

  2. At this point people should just wait for the SGS-3 or HTC One series. Wouldn’t waist an upgrade on sgs-2.

    1. 4 – 6 months is like an eternity on a 2 year old phone.. 

      1. I’m secretly hoping SGS-3 comes out before then. :) 

        1. Let us hope… and pray. :D

        2. It should uhhhh come uhhh out in novermber…. for uhhh unbiased reasons O_O

    2. Galaxy S II with ICS beats the Galaxy Nexus. If people want to upgrade Galaxy S II is the right choice. Galaxy S III will be out THIS TIME N E X T Year 2013/march for U.S.
      Galaxy S II now or wait one whole year then get the Galaxy S III

      1. Na, I’m hoping Samsung does a global release for the SGS-3… all at the same time. That way the US gets it at the same time as other parts of the world. It will suck for SGS-2 owners here in the US, but the truth is the SGS-2 has been out worldwide for a while.

        1. I don’t see that happening at the U.S.
          Samsung have finished sgsIII. Right now and bet they are in process of havimg to design a different iteration of the gs3 for the diffferent u.s carriers. What a bum. Samsung will lose money not launching the already good 2 go sgs3 first.

  3. I work in the connection center at a Walmart, and we havent had any -BLACK- SII in weeks, theyve been giving us the white ones.  And they are $148.88.

  4. I also work at a walmart connection center. We’ve had the white gs2 for over a month now.

    1. Do you still get the black ones?  We dont.

  5. We want new phones

  6. It’s Tmobile…….

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