Playstation Suite SDK goes open beta in April


Though quite a few devices have received the label, it hasn’t mean much to be “Playstation Certified.” A meager selection of ported PSOne games and the promise of an expanded content library in the future are about all users of the Playstation Suite have been able to enjoy, but this should be changing soon. Starting in April Sony will put the PS Suite SDK into open beta, allowing developers to sign up and begin creating new certified content for the gaming portal. The beta will give way to a paid membership later in the year. $99 annually will give developers access to all the tools they need to create and sell their wares though the Playstation Suite.

In addition to relying on third-party developers for new games, Sony is vowing to up its efforts in bringing more titles to the PS Suite this year.

[via The Verge]

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  1. Took them long enough! But by now all expectations I had for this platform have been crushed! Google PLAY Store > PLAYstation suite!

  2. they better have Metal Gear Solid!! probably one of the most epic PS1 games of all time!

    1. You sir, are correct.

  3. i wanna play yu-gi-oh forbidden memories as it doesnt work on fpse! >:[

  4. This has taken way too long. If they had worked on it hard enough they could’ve had this up and running like 18 months ago. This seriously could’ve and would’ve changed Android gaming. And +1upped apples game store.

  5. “it hasn’t mean much” typo.

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