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The LG Lucide (codenamed Cayman) has been making its rounds around the rumor mill for quite some time and we’ve finally gotten a good, clear look at its press shots. The device will have 4G LTE – no surprise considering all Verizon smartphones from now on will – alongside a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, a 5 megapixel 1080p HD camera, a front-facing camera and more. Rumor has it we’ll see it launching March 29th for $200 on contract. [PocketNow]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. form factor reminds me of the Droid Incredible.  Specs seem par for the course but atleast it aint 300 on contract like the others.  Only thing I see this has going for it…

  2. What’s the difference between this and the lg spectrum?

  3. @ Aaron: I was wondering the same exact thing! Difference between this and the Spectrum???

  4. Why would anyone buy this with the Galaxy Nexus in the lineup?

    1. They wouldn’t. LG phones for Verizon are all under-whelming. If you are a Verizon customer stick to HTC and Moto, especially if you like a nice healthy development community, I made the mistake of buying the revolution and not returning it in the 2 week grace period.

  5. no specs on screen size or did I miss it?

  6. no snapdragon s4 ? no ty

  7. verizon always does this shit we always get outdated, and average devices, i mean why the hell should at&t get the galaxy note/ galaxy s2 skyrocket and now the HTC one x when their 4g service sucks 

    1. I own a Verizon galaxy nexus but you a wrong in saying att 4G sucks. Its faster than verizon’s, hasn’t gone down once, and is used by more devices than Verizon’s 4G. Statistically more Verizon customers are on basic and feature phones Att’s 4G is not only in use by consumers but government and local contracts, Verizon’s 4G is not or not to the extent att’s is.

      1. i wasn’t referring to their 4g speed i meant their wireless coverage, i live Tampa, Florida which is a relatively large city and when im in class everyone on an at&t network barely even gets a connection, sometimes they don’t get one at all and all of the students near the window always place their phones near it trying to get a text or to browse something, while everyone on a Verizon network gets 3-4 bars. lol i even let them use my wifi hotspot cause i feel so bad, the galaxy nexus is prob the only phone on the Verizon line up that isnt outdated because of ICS, but at&t has pretty much all the really high quality phones 

      2. “4g speed faster than verizon’s” LOL

         I average 25mbs down and 10 up.

  8. I  feel like LG keeps putting out devices that are the same. 

  9. This honestly looks like a POS. I fear for these OEM’s that are failing to change.

  10. My contract is ending with Verizon in April, looks like im jumping over to at&t for some galaxy note goodness

  11. LG is going to be in the top with HTC this year their new UI looks great, this will probably be a mids phone unlike the spectrum being a high end phone.

    1. What new UI from LG? In the picture ( I am aware that is not reliable) that is the standard LG home interface which is just a watered down version of TouchWiz. 

      1. No at MWC LG showed off a new UI to their devices. It had a lot of customazation and looked really smooth.

  12. @thomasmoneyhon you are high as a kite. Let us know how the underside of that rock looks.

  13. This looks like a step-down from the already released LG Spectrum, 1.2GHz proccessor < 1.5GHz, 5MP camera < 8MP.

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