Google Music, Movies and Books updated with Play branding


While the Google Play Store hasn’t quite made the complete transition over to our Android handsets, other applications are getting the full treatment. The artists formerly known as Google Music, Google Movies, and Google Books have all received updates to bring their branding inline with the new media marketplace. The services are now known as Google Play Music, Google Play Movies, and Google Play Books. That’s about the extent of changes you can expect other than seamless integration with Google Play (which doesn’t change much from Android Market integration).

You can find the latest versions in the Android Market…er, Google Play store.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Google Play Books?  I smell a lawsuit from RIM!

    1. RIM’s Playbook, can now run the android app Google Play Book through their android emulator xD

      Android is integrating the wrong way :P

  2. Do you know when does Google plan to make music/video/books available in more countries? Thanks

    1. I would like to know as well. Also, this whole app thing is messed up.
      I can install Google Play books on my Nexus One, but on my Galaxy Nexus it says that it is not available in my country :S
      Also the Gnex came preinstalled with gBooks and gMovies, but neither can be updated to their Play variants……

  3. Google Podcast is coming now that they are separating all of this stuff…

  4. I hate it.

    1. Not that I *hate* it but I think it’s a stupid name. What was/is wrong with Android Market?!? Not everyone on this planet uses their phones solely for entertainment

      1. Yeah, I’ve been saying this all over the place but, I don’t want my Music app to say Play Music. Or my Books to say Play Books.

        1. You can custom name apps with many launchers out there such as NovaLauncher and LauncherPro to name a couple.

          1. I know, but that’s only when you have them on your homescreen. 

      2. They want to sell to more than just Android devices, so the Android part had to go.  The “Play” part probably shows their focus on the media content, which I presume is more profitable.

  5. Maybe mention the app sale to coincide with the launch 
    (assuming that’s the reason for the sale)? 

    1. Agreed! Thanks for the link man, I just bought Where’s my water for a quarter! W00t

    2. they actually mentioned the sale in an article that was posted prior to this article being posted…

  6. what were they thinking? why not just name it Google Market instead of this or Android market?

    1.  Because that would make sense.

      1. LOOL

  7. I think this to make way for there Android Home Hub. I do not know the exact name but I heard rumors that Android is working making to make like home hub thingy (Project Tungsten)


  9. My gtab 10.1 now has the play shop icon, android market has gone bye bye, not really keen on it, :-(

  10. How do u “Play” a book???  SMH…

  11. My Playlist doesn’t seem to work. anyone have the same problem?

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