Bank of America deposits tablet-tailored app for Android


Bank of America is bringing mobile banking to Android 3.0+ tablets with the launch of a new android app built for devices with larger screens. Included are all the features of the current Android app — bill pay, transfers, nearby branches and ATMs — in an easy-to-navigate tablet UI. Still missing is mobile deposit functionality, something BoA has promised to deliver at some point this year.

If the threat of additional fees didn’t scare you away from Bank of America already, you can head over to Google Play to grab their latest and start checking those balances on your Android tablet.

Googls Play Apps Link: Bank of America for Tablets

[via AndroidPolice]

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  1. for all you a-holes (kidding) out there that want to download and use this (and potentially complain / want enhancements)….that’s just one more reason for them to fee the sh!t outta you to keep your money

  2. I really thought that the Google Play rebrand wasnt going to bother me until I saw it nonchalantly referenced in this post :D

  3. been waiting for this.   the phone app actually scaled pretty nicely but have been wanting a full sized tablet app.

    Is it just me or are we really starting to see more and more Android tablet apps being pumped out.   This has been great the past coupld of months.

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