Amazon Appstore v2.2 Lets You Disable Notifications


Anyone who actively uses the Amazon Appstore knows how pesky those notifications can be. They pop up every other second notifying you of new apps and apps that you have purchased but not downloaded. Dear Amazon: there’s a reason I haven’t touched the app even throughout your 24/7 nag session. They listened, thankfully, and you can now disable all of that if you so choose. While I did appreciate notifications every once in a while to remind me to update or download apps, it was too annoying to bear. Hopefully this will please everyone while Amazon works to implement their notifications system better. Amazon also improved app compatibility checks so that you won’t get worked up over an app or game only to find out it doesn’t work for your device. If you want the updated client be sure to head here. [Android Central]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. THANK YOU AMAZON!!!  Those notifications have been killing me softly.

    1. With this song?
      I’m glad they finally implemented this, I was at a close point to uninstalling the whole Amazon App Store because of it. Ever 15 minutes it would pop up.

      1. indeed, lol.

      2.  I did uninstall it to get rid of the notifications. I even re-purchased 3 apps in the Google Market place just to have everything in one place

  2. How about the ability to only provide updates for the apps I’ve downloaded from the Amazon Appstore? 

    1. and disregard the ones you’ve unintalled?  ive asked amazon this a million times and they say “they’re working on it”.  seems like a pretty simple task to me, android market does it, cant figure out why amazon wont do it

  3. I didn’t get updates that often… maybe a couple times a month?

  4. I have more than 100 amazon free apps on my phone…and really those notifications never hindered me.Don’t know what u guys are so upset about!

  5. Apparently the Android structure is such notifications can not be blocked, otherwise there would be an app out there to deal with this.  If it is not a permission already, it should be.  I uninstall most anything that pushes unsolicited notifications.

    1. You need an application like Autostarts.  You can block the Amazon Appstore from starting up when the phone boots.  It doesn’t run in the background so you get no notifications.

  6. I just logged into my amazon account from my pc went to your apps and devices, they have added an actions button where you can delete apps so all those apps you have uninstalled but still showing up you can now delete

  7. Useful news item! The notifications have been a real pain in the rear, especially for updates on items that I later bought in the REAL Android Market … erm Google Play… 

    1. You need an application like Autostarts.  You can block the Amazon Appstore from starting up when the phone boots.  It doesn’t run in the background so you get no notifications.

  8. But we still can’t see a changelog whenever an app is updated. :(

  9. I want a change log page….just that simple…

  10. how about an ‘update all’ feature

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  12. I have 2.2 installed, doublechecked I have them turned off, but continue to get multiple notifications daily. :/

  13. Too bad turning off notifications doesn’t actually turn them off. Both on my tablet and phone I still get pop ups and I have ALL notifications off. Jerks.

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