Limbo May Be Coming to Android [Video]


Another one of my favorite Xbox Live Arcade games (also on PC and the Playstation Network) may be coming to Android, according to recent rumors. The folks at Destructoid found a job listing from Playdead on Gamasutra looking for game developers with iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7 experience. Playdead makes the hit puzzle game “Limbo,” a beautiful side-scrolling mind exerciser which, at least for me, never gets old. The job description states that they’re looking to port existing titles to mobile platforms, so that rules out any suspicion of a new IP (although Playdead is working on something new). We’ll be first in line if that is, indeed, what Playdead is bringing to Android. Check out a gameplay video of the console and PC versions above.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Hopefully this is true. I enjoy this game a lot.

  2. +1 to this!   I love this on Xbox.

  3. sweet!

  4. That game is awesome, I would love to see it on Android

  5. YES! It’s also available for Mac now. When I checked when it first game out it wasn’t, and I’ve totally forgotten about it until now. So glad I saw this. The artwork in this game is superb.

  6. This game is really cool. Check out my buddy LastExile0 ‘s Let’s play video of the game

  7. Agree about the game. Whoever hasnt played it yet…its a great game.

    There are a few parts of the game that scares the hell outta my kids….creeps me out too…lol.

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