Motorola goes on the record, assures us that nothing will change after Google’s acquisition


Google’s acquisition of Motorola has raised major concerns. Will Moto get dibs? Will Google close down the Android OS? Will Motorola stop making devices with its custom UI? Google has gone ahead and told us multiple times that it will not have anything to do with Motorola’s manufacturing plans, and the acquisition is solely meant to expand its patent portfolio.

We have not heard much about this from Motorola, though. But when asked about the matter, Senior VP of Portfolio and Product Management Alain Mutricy reassured us that Google is not lying. The plan is that Motorola Mobility and Google will continue to be separate entities.

We never know what could happen, though. Google has already decided to switch CEOs, and put its very own Dennis Woodside at the head of the company. We will simply have to wait and see what happens.

Surely, it would be great to see Motorola’s devices being influenced by Google. This could make for a better software/hardware design, within the manufacturer’s line-up, as Charles West mentions. We should also consider other factors, though.

There is a very thin line to consider here, and it is hard to decide what is too much, or too little. Google’s success is majorly influenced by the competition and adoption from many manufacturers. This is something we would hate to see going away. Other companies might feel like they have a disadvantage over Motorola. This could lead them to do better, or in the worst case scenario, to slowly leave the Android ecosystem.

But what do you guys think? Do you believe there is a good balance Google and Motorola could find, in order to maek some great devices? Or should they jsut stay out of each other’s business?

[Source: Fierce Wireless Via: intomobile]

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  1. Have Motorola make the Nexus from now on and leave the rest of it alone.

    1. No. Have ASUS or Huawei have a go. They have some fine looking devices.

      1. Asus ftw.

  2. Yeah, I don’t want things to stay the same with Motorola.  Do you know what I’d do for a Razr Maxx with vanilla ICS??  I’d sell my wife for that.  Google, take over all Motorola phones and put vanilla Android on it.  Profit!

  3. Omg what the hell is “maek”, I’m never coming back to Phandroid again, stupid monkeys! /troll rant

  4. So this means you Motorola fans can keep your locked bootloaders.

    1. Just unlock it. It’s the simplest root there is. Put MIUI on it, or Stock 4.0.3 cyanogen. OR, you could just continue to BLUR it up on your Droid 1 while laughing at the silliness of iPhone 3g users. Hahaha.

  5. I hoped they change everything, Motorola has potential, among all other manufacturers Motorola is the only one with a decent quality, the look is ok but hardware wise they are good and the built quality is also good, now that they have bought it why not use its full potential. I only rather buy a Nexus device but if they make Motorola builds only Vanilla Android I won’t look at any other device ever again.

    1. I think $12 B is too much to spend on patents alone. Google will have to turn Motorola Mobility profitable, or their share-holders will not like that expensive decision.

      How or when? That is the question.

  6. Honestly, Google really CAN’T do anything with Motorola right away otherwise the entire world will scream that they’re showing favoritism and that will weaken their partnership with HTC, Samsung and the rest. If Motorola does make a Nexus device, i wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the 6th or 7th one so they can alleviate any concerns.

  7. Moto, needs to come out with a bigger phone already…it always seems like they are the last to keep up with the Android times…every new Moto phone seems to be 4.3 of less…while a huge chunk of people are going for the big er screen phones. ithink, that even if Google did go heavy on the Moto way, if the screens stayed the same-others would still pass them on by.

  8. i see google going with another OEM for the NEXT nexus but after that i see it being moto for publicity purposes

  9. Kill Motorola I hate ALL there garbage devices

  10. CM9 is available for Droid 3. I’m happy with the way things are. 

  11. Is it just me or does Motorola saying nothing will change depress you?
    I don’t really see it as a GOOD thing…. anyone else?

    1. Yup. “Nothing will change” could easily mean they will still be the worst OEM behind HTC and Samsung. It will serve them no good if they decide to change nothing.

  12. too bad, really would have been nice if Google made Motorola a bit more Europe friendly

    and get rid of the stupid locked bootloaders

    oh well…

  13. Changing CEO’s is common after a buyout, nothing new or alarming there.  As for the rest of the OEMs, life will continue much as it is now.  The ones who are successful will continue to innovate and make money, and for the ones who were barely getting buy, they should be evaluating their place in the mobile world, regardless of what is going on with Motorola.

    As for Motorola itself, the only change I see coming is they might actually start listening to their customers more then they have in the past.  They shouldn’t get a Nexus device for some time though, plenty of other manufacturers who deserve it, like Asus and Sony.  A Moto Nexus too early would look like favoritism, let it ride and in a few years, make it happen.

  14. I won’t buy another Motorola device until they switch to stock Android and improve their hardware.

    Both Samsung and HTC are better.

    1. homer, i can tell you live in a major urban area or the suburbs. out in the boonies where towers are few and far between MOTO rules.

      come out here to 38221 and fire up your HTC or samsung.

      for 10 years i swore by nokia, now MOTO has the best signal grabbers.

  15. everyone is misreading this, google (and moto) are not saying “we will continue to make shitty phones with crappy blur on them.” they are saying “Motorola will continue to make great products and try to be a profitable company (ie nothing will change in thier eyes), and not get favoritism over other OEM’s” that still leaves room for improvements….do you seriously think that google would buy a company just for it to die? NO! would they admit to moto making crappy phones with even worse ui’s? NO! If i had to guess things will improve in the moto camp, while still not getting “favoritism” from google”

  16. Dangit!!  Google could provide us unlocked bootloaders and a crapware-free pure Android experience…

    Kill MotoBlur!

  17. Well, that is a shame. Guess I still won’t be buying Motorola phones. Was really hoping the software would change.

  18. Wait, is that even a good thing?

  19. Don’t get all the hate for Motorola. I have the RAZR and it is an exceptionally well made phone, and haven’t had a single problem thus far. I don’t understand why people are crying for ICS, since it has been confirmed to come to Moto’s RAZR in a few months time. Is it really that needed right now? 

    And what’s with the hate on Motorola’s locked bootloaders? If this is something to do with rooting, I’m guessing a lot of the casual smart phone users like me out there couldn’t give two $h*ts about rooting their devices…

    1. Well… to put it simply, a locked bootloader is like the limiter in your car’s engine. Difference being, it’s actually legal to use the full power of a device.

  20. Having abandoned Motorola for the HTC Rezound, I can tell you the one thing Motorola does need to do is change. Everything about the HTC is better. It’s like waking up from a bad dream. 

  21. Let’s be honest here, separate entities simply means they will be run as separate companies. That does not mean that Google will not have influence over them. While Wal Mart only owns a 40% stock in Lowe’s, and they are separate companies, it doesn’t mean that Wal Mart doesn’t influence Lowe’s.

    I think, if anything, Google knows that they can utilize Motorola to push even larger competition between OEMs. They wouldn’t dare attempt to harm said competition.

  22. Nothing will change is kind of a bummer. Love the quality of Moto but their interface is not that great. If they had a vanilla ICS experience I would stay with Moto forever. But will probably make the jump to Samsung and thier plastic Nexus just to have the features I want in an operating system.  

  23. Obviously they never had your business in the first place, so what does it matter? Learn how to spell Motorola or GTFO.

  24. I think moto makes really good hardware. But it would be nice to see them ditch the motoblur stuff for stock Android. But then again I think all of the manufacturers should get rid of the crap they put or at least make it an option you can take off.

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