Twitter for Android to Start Showing Promoted Tweets in Timeline


As Twitter continues to refine their revenue generation model, they’ve looked to mobile to give them yet another edge. Promoted and sponsored Tweets are nothing new to those who use the Twitter website, but those on the mobile side of things have been relatively safe… until now.

Twitter will soon begin to show promoted tweets in your timeline. To start, they’ll only be showing the promoted tweets of accounts you follow, but tweets from other ad-supported accounts will be on its way in the coming months. It’s a logical next step for Twitter in its move to increase ad inventory.

Since they were exhausting their options on the desktop front, mobile was going to get the same treatment sooner or later. It does make us wonder, though. Should they feel the need to further increase ad inventory in the future, what will they do next?

Currently, Twitter for iPad is unaffected so surely they’ll be doing the same thing there. Will they force third party developers to include promoted tweets? That would certainly help them a ton. It’d be a risky move, but it’s possible. For now, though, just know that Twitter for Android on your phone is now a cash cow (but not for you, of course). [via AllThingsD]

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  1. Twitter for Android to Start Showing Promoted Tweets in Timeline read more

  2. I hate this!  its annoying and BS just so Twitter can make a few extra bucks…I DO realize its a free service and they can do what they want, but when companies start to get greedy it becomes less inviting.  I would be ok if they put ads on the sidebar of their web version, but dont intrude on my mobile!

  3. Not a big fan anyway, thinking of deleting my account.

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