Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi 4.2 [MWC 2012]


Samsung is continuing their line of WiFi-enabled media players with the introduction of the Galaxy S WiFi 4.2. The Galaxy S sans cellular radio was on the show floor here at MWC and we had the opportunity to check it out. Not much has changed since last years 4.7 and 5-inch models — you get Android 2.3 with all the official Google trappings including Android Market access and Google Mobile apps such as Gtalk. You get a 1GHz processor to run the show, a 2MP camera around the rear of the device, and a VGA front facing camera. The big difference here is the 4.2-inch WVGA display.

Along with access to Google’s market of digital wares comes access to SamsungHub. Users get messaging functionality via Samsung’s ChatON. The phone is also DLNA compatible through Samsung AllShare and can act as a remote control with Samsung SmartView.

The Galaxy S WiFi is designed to come in at an affordable price point so the mid-range specs aren’t surprising. If you want Super AMOLED, a hi-res display, and dual-core processing you are better off with an actual Galaxy S II, though the 4.2-inch media player could make a nice back up for longer trips. Much like the iPod Touch is to the iPhone, it’s hard to imagine most users needing both devices. This is more for the person without a smartphone looking for the same basic functionality (games, movies, apps, music) without the high price and monthly contract.


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  1.  they need a version with the projector in it id buy that

  2. Dude my 5″ player makes a great video recorder, it plays FM radio, and not to mention wifi calling, and all of the Google advantages. Its plain awesome! After all of that the battery has lasted like 13 hours with heavy use. Movies no problem, 2 or 3 before recharging. I love my Sam Player, I wish my Sam Nexus was a bit more like it.

  3. One question, do you think the Sam Players will be upgraded to ICS? Not that I’m sure I want that because of video limitations,

  4. Umm, does that not have a back button? Why does Sammy keep trying to make their stuff look like the iphone?

    1. It does have a back button it lights up when in use its located on the left of that center button, I have the galaxy player 5.0 its pretty much the same.

  5. I want a wifi only Galaxy Note.

  6. this is why samsung isnt doing well in tablets cuz they release the same product with  point something inches. whats the difference between this and the galaxy 4.0 besides .2 inches

  7. If you have a phone that does all the same stuff as this why buy this too?

  8. So let me get this straight, this player has the exact same specs as the old one cept for a lower mp camera and a .2 inch bigger screen ? >.> think Samsung should rethink its marketing strategies

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