Demand Exynos! Tell Us Why You’d Want an Exynos Processor in Your Next Phone and Win a Samsung Galaxy Note [Contest]


As the momentum of Mobile World Congress continues to grow and the gears continue to turn, Samsung wants you to remember that no one should pass up any of their Exynos-based products on the show floor. And you shouldn’t, really – it’s an awesome chipset.

But we’re curious: what makes you want to demand Exynos inside your next phone or tablet? Is it the insanely powerful GPU? The super fast dual-core (or soon-to-be quad-core) CPU? Its cool name? All of the above? Let us know in the comments section below before February 28th, 2012 at 11:59pm Eastern and you’ll be entered to win. Official list of rules and regulations below.

  • Submit a comment on this post telling us why you’d demand Exynos in your next phone or tablet. The comment must be posted no later than February 28th, 2012 at 11:59pm Eastern time (USA).
  • It could be for any reason, but we’d appreciate it if some thought was put into it. :)
  • Only one entry per person, please.
  • One winner will be randomly selected from the pool of submissions. If a winner does not respond in a timely manner, a new random winner will be chosen. This will continue until we have been able to successfully contact a winner.
  • The winner will receive the International Galaxy Note.

Demand Exynos and you’ll have a chance to win one of the biggest phones ever. Let’s hear it in the comments section below!

Disclaimer: This contest is sponsored by Samsung Exynos.

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  1. Having one in the phone I’m currently using (SII), it surpasses every expectation I’ve ever had for it so it would be great to have a newer, faster, less battery using version for my next phone.

  2. Why I would like to have Exynos in my device? Because the CPU provides better performance and battery live than it’s competitors at the same clock speed.

  3. I really want to get my hands on the new Exynos and galaxy note so that I can have that cool stylus and the graphic capabilities that come along with it. It brings a combination of power, efficiency, and longevity to phones. I mean it has two cortex A9’s along with a Mali 400 MP GPU. This gives it excellent processing power, but because of the design of ARM processors it also means that running on both cores takes about the same power as running with one on and one off. I also like the phones capabilities of cropping/cutting & pasting pictures along with writing on screen shots/pictures. Although the AT&T version uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor instead of the international’s exynos processor.

  4. I demand Exynos because Exynos offers the best performance of any mobile chipset thus far. It’s buttery smooth on the Galaxy S II, and it simply performs better than chipsets like the Qualcomm Snapdragon S3, the TI OMAP 4xxx, and the Apple A5.

  5. The continued awesomeness of Samsung and there products like gs2 proves the exynos processor is the best there is.

  6. As a current Xperia Play owner who is blown away by how much android can do in terms of gaming, I’d like the Exynos to push that many more pixels, plus the size of the note would make it a dream when paired up with a controller (like a ps3 controller)

  7. because most other processors fail in comparison to the all-powerful and battery-conservative EXYNOS… and because it has a friggin awesome name =)

  8. LOL… a contest about how awesome Exynos processors are… and what do you win? A NON-Exynos version of the Galaxy Note!

  9. Because exynos is the most powerful processor in the whole business. EXYNOS is the best for media and hardcore processing power. exynos is made by samung and is the elite of processors. I Want everything samsung with exynos.

  10. I would like Exynos in my next phone so that I can expect the best performance while still having great battery life.

  11. I would demand Exynos in my next tablet (and phone) because … 
      It’s supposed to provide high quality usage with low power consumption. I would really, really like my android-based gadgets to last longer than a day (if I’m lucky). Oh, and it is a cool name and it’s also the latest thing and you know what – a girl’s gotta have the latest tech. Well this girl does at any rate. No shoes and handbags for me, gimme a shiny new piece of gadge and I’m happy. 

  12. Am I the only one disappointed that you will be winning a Galaxy Note WITHOUT Exynos as your prize for this contest? A little ironic if you ask me…

  13. I’m currently running a AT&T Captivate Galaxy S, rooted and ROM’d with CM9 Alpha.  The Exynos processors are superior by far to any other manufacturer of ARM based SoC’s.  I’m trying my best to hold out for the GS3, but not so sure it’s going to happen.  I was easier to hold off the several flavors of the GS2 when it was known that they were running a TI OMAP processor.  Although OMAP processors do a good job, they just aren’t an Exynos!  Samsung makes some of the best hardware on the market, and not just in mobile phones.  I currently own the following products from Samsung:    55″ TV, 2 Blu-Ray, refrigerator, washer, dryer, Galaxy S, Solstice.

    They just make the best hardware around.  They are an open company and fully support the DEV community!  (Samsung sent a free GS2 to CM maintainer “atinm” for dev work prior to launch).  They are just great all around, and the best part of Samsung is the Exynos processors that they produce.

  14. I would demand Exynos in my next tablet or phone because they are amongst the most powerful processors out there… if only they worked with LTE. One can hope, right?

  15. I need Exynos because “Exynos” just sounds awesome. And consistent manufacturers of all the hardware in a device is always a good thing.

  16. Because it will change my life, forever, again.

  17. The quad core…. and the fact that if i have it in my Note, then that means i would have to be with ATT and can tell VZ to go shove it !!!!

  18.  I would like a Exynos in my next phone because i want my next phone experience to be 100% Samsung. Samsung phone with Samsung chip set. its a no brainer really…!

  19. Because Phandroid said they’d give me a new toy.

  20. I demand Exynos because it is a very fast processor, and it is made using an exceptionally advanced semiconductor fabrication process by Samsung which makes it really energy efficient. It is also possible to even undervolt the processor further to get even lower power consumption.

  21. Exynos would be great due to the outstanding performance it has compared to the other chips in all areas. Future US Galaxy lines need Exynos inside.

  22. because samsung continues to make the best-performing products.  my first android phone was a samsung (the intercept) and then i got the GS2, and since then have been eagerly awaiting the GS3.

  23. I demand Exynos because it’s Sexynos.

  24. I demand Exynos because I expect the best, forget the rest!

  25. I want one because I’m ‘Merican and I needs my power!

  26. As a current proud owner of both a galaxy tab 8.9 and nexus I would love the opportunity to own an Exynos device as they show great promise and to continue my support for a company which I respect. Whether it be in a tablet or phone, I await to see the full potential of that cpu as it should leave current gen stuff far, far, far behind.

  27. Faster, better battery life.

  28. While I know the Exynos processor is one of the best out there. Great speed and great efficiency…the coolest part of about is definitely the name! My nerd-level shoots up when my friends hear me say my phone has an Exynos processor! hahaha

  29. Battery life + performance = a need for Exynos.

  30. If the performance on my current SGSII is anything to go by, I think Exynos processors are making leaps and bounds in the technological area of performance, while not draining the battery like a vampire. I’ve used a few other phones with different cores and Exynos smacks them flat.

  31. I would love a note, I lust over it daily.  Wierd that this is to promote exynos yet the at&t version does not contain it… 

    exynos is BEAST

  32. I need the Exynos so I can go around samsunging people!

  33. The exynos is just amazing fast, and I would be able to play games with no hiccups. In my opinion it is the fastest processor available. I was sort of upset when I found out that the galaxy nexus did not have an exynos processor. Exynos is a must especially with that new gpu with motion gaming and etc. You wouldn’t want that exynos processor. The gpu and CPU is awesome plus the name just sounds cool. Plus with that new 32nm tech you get awesome performance and battery life. The exynos is any android hardware junkies dream. Especially with ICS and hardware acceleration. And all these features: this is what an android hardware junkie needs

  34.  A single core processor killed my partner three days before his retirement.  Exynos is the only one who can help me get the bastard.

  35. enhance GPU graphics and longer battery life? what’s not to love. Samsung knows we want the latest technology in the palm of hands and they delivered. simple as that

  36. Well, I’ve been using my SGS2 for almost a year now, and I’m still amaze by its capabilities, so for sure I’ll will wait for my next one to be an Exynos equipped phone.

  37. already got Samsung Galaxy S II and this device is newer including bigger display and also pen! with this device I could make notes, that would be perfect for my daily life! best wishes for Samsung you’re the best!

  38.  I demand Exynos because its powerful fast and has a sexy name! Its an awesome processor and should be in ALL samsung phones and tablets! 

  39. Whatever you do, the UI will be still sluggish. Really irritated with Android these days!

  40. Why I want Exynos?   How let me count the ways in which I can have my friends try to pronounce such a word – X – E – NAS, ZY – NOS, ZYH-NICE and on and on.  I love it! you say potato I say EXYNOS!

  41. For me, it would be the power and speed.  It will crush my Nexus One and I can pass along one of the best Android phones ever to my kids.  I can only imagine how awesome it would be to watch Netflix on that GNote…

  42. When you run video and tons of widgets and want HD on the big flat screen, only an Exynos will do.

  43. I demand Exynos because when you’re only buying a new device every 12-18 months you want the best processor for the money. Performance in my Galaxy SII has been better than any of my expectations. 

  44. I demand Exynos because I need that perfect combination of power and low energy consumption to make the most out of my busy days!

  45. I’d like one. The Exynos chip sounds super futuristic and cutting edge, unlike my misspelled phone, the cliq.
    I mean, really?cliq? Come on Motorola, you’re better than that!

  46. I want omap5 @ 2.5 ghz heah to head benchmarked against next exynos chips.

  47. I demand Exynos because it is the best processor ever. No processor in the world can ever beat it. Nothing can even get close to its performance. Exynos is the processor of the future!

  48. I want it because I’m awesome Charlie. And it will help me get some.

  49. Exynos will be superior over Tegra 2  because it has improvements in fill rate, sustained geometry, tile-based rendering and has 1080p video playback at 30fps. 

  50. I demand an Exynos processor to do some hardcore gaming!

  51. I demand the Exynos CPUs because they are simply better than the competition.  It may not matter if you’re not a power user, but I am.  My phone is my computer, so I want it to perform like a computer.

  52. Galaxy S II FTW!!!

  53. As a long time android user I have become obsessed with performance of phones.

    Exynos delivers top of the line performance when needed and consumes a comparatively low amount of energy during use.

    My father bought a samsung galaxy SII  almost a year ago and compared to my current device (a htc desire) it is super fast and smooth.
    I am currently looking to updrade my desire as it getting too slow. An Exynos device would have no problems giving me the performance I need.

  54. Exynos is excellent, exciting, exceptional, exquisite, exclusive, exactly what I need. Lol :)

  55. I want a Exynos so I can listen to music, browse my reddits, take notes play all at the speed of light.

  56. I would like the exynos because it would destroy my current omap4. I wish I had a better gpu on my gnex but I wanted ICS so bad. I would love to have a note though, perfect phone size in my opinion

  57. Exynos is the most efficient and it runs the best, who the hell wouldnt want exynos!?!?! screw those other CPU’s!

  58. The Exynos was simply the best SoC when it came out.
    The 1.2 GHz Cortex A9 was unmatched.
    The Mali 400 GPU was unmatched on phones.
    And the 21 Mbps HSPA+ download speed was also the best.

  59. Just look at the performance difference between the Tmo gs2 using snap dragon, and the epic 4g touch on sprint using the Exynos. The the exynos runs way way way better. I notice zero lag on the sprint version. I work for a retailer that sells both phones, and we’ve actually had customers return the snap dragon version of the gs2 because they were disappointed that it didn’t have three exynos processor. Thanks in advance for the galaxy note. I’m sure I’ll love it.

  60. i demand exynos because it is just too darn hard to browse my favorite sites like phandroid anytime i want on my current phone!!

  61. I demand Samsung Exynos because of the advanced architecture, power efficiency, and computational power. I have frequently recommended Samsung’s latest products to my family and co-workers and many of them have since made the switch from fruit devices to Samsung’s latest and greatest. I look forward to see the latest advancements from the Samsung’s Exynos team!

  62. My girlfriend is named Tegra 2 and our relationship is going nowhere. It feels like detention! 
    I see (s)Exynos across the room and…I BELIEIVE IN A THING CALLED LOVE!
    …I wanna kiss you every minute, every Hour, EVERY DAY!

    1. Well that was over the top.

  63. i demand exynos because its really har to draw anything on my samsung galaxy s2

  64. because it gives better processing power while consuming (relatively) less power! Because it is the best out there (at least currently)

  65. I demand Exynos inside my next phone because of its excellent and fantastic performance!

  66. I want it cuz it’s rocking my SGS 2 right now and I love it.

  67. Exynos. Whatever, people get WAY to carried away with which processor it is or isn’t, which cellular technology it is or isn’t. I want me some POWAH and some SIGNAL. Or something.

  68. If you want phones to do more you need to start with CPU.  That’s the foundation that makes the rest of the phone possible.  You NEED Exynos!

  69. I want more exynos because my GS2 flys by the competition, if i can even call them that….

  70. I demand an Exynos processor in my next phone because many of the applications I use for work require that I receive the information/results as quickly as possible. When dealing with unsavory individuals, I need to know what they are known for and capable of so I and my co-workers can remainas safe as possible.  

  71.   insanely powerful GPU, would be awesome for gaming  :)

  72. I don’t damned it looking at Tegra 3 and the Qualcomm chips to be honest so i cant win at least im honest like to see the note on Sprint

  73. Cause I already have a Tegra device?

  74. First off, it’s interesting that the AT&T version doesn’t even have exynos in it. The reason that I demand exynos is because it always uses top of the line GPU’s where other companies don’t. The speed of their CPU’s is also very competitive. When they come out with the 5250’s they will be unmatched for quite some time. My next phone will definitely have exynos.

  75. I am a Designer, and having Superspeed will set me apart when presenting to clients, and altering artwork on the go to suit my clients needs! it will blow them away!

  76. I demand Exynos because it consistently performs above and beyod the industry heavweights.  Despite Samsung’s later releases it always seems to be evident in the end product why. Since the Hummingbird SoC Samsung has always rocked a powerful gpu with a blazing hot cpu to match and Exynos is no different.  That’s why I demand Exynos in my next device.

  77. “In Exynos we trust”

  78. Having Exynos in my next device would allow me to play Tiny Tower even faster!  :-)  Really though, Exynos would greatly increase my productivity at work and elsewhere through its faster performance and greater battery life.

  79. well lets see i work for a skateboard company drawing and designing skateboards and i dont always have sonething to draw on when im out on the go and this phone/tablets pen would def help with that .

  80. I’d like a Exynos to help give my old and tired DINC a well earned retirement.  

  81. I demand an Exynos for my next phone because i want only the best of the best! 

  82. I’m tired of messing around with phones that make big promises and fail to deliver.  From here on out I want a phone that has amazing GPU and processing power! Only Exynos can meet this demand!!

  83. I would prefer an Exynos processor in my phone, because I bought Samsung Galaxy S2: Skyrocket. I knew before hand that the Skyrocket did not have an Exynos processor and that it was using Qualcomm’s 1.5ghz Dual Core for LTE. I knew the Exynos had benchmarked higher but I thought the real world speeds would be negligible, I really wanted LTE, and with me being a non power user I thought I would never notice the performance issues, I mean these were both dual core phones. I stumble upon performance issues all the time, in terms of screen transition and what not. I would much rather prefer a fluid user experience over faster internet speeds.

  84. Because it’s far and away the best processor available, and I’m hoping we can get some LTE-compatible-ness soon!

  85. I demand Exynos for it’s performance above all others. The quality, smoothness and near zero lag (even while running many processor-hogging apps has been unparalleled with this series processor so far.

  86. Damn you Ben, I had the same thought, because its one ‘S’exy No’te

  87. I want exynos for power and speed!

  88. demand Exynos becose of the powerfull dule core cpu and gpu

  89. I Demand Exynos because I loves the buttery smoothness. Makes them other phone people quiver!

  90. I DEMAND EXYNOS because of the incredible gaming power it delivers while being extremely energy efficient for all day battery life!!

  91. I DEMAND EXYNOS because of the incredible gaming power it delivers while being extremely energy efficient for all day battery life!!

  92. I don’t always demand the most powerful android phones, but when I do, I demand them to be powered by Exynos!

  93. I demand Exynos because of it’s proven performance and it just makes sense to have an in house monster chip inside a Samsung product.

  94. I prefer Exynos because of its past performance in legendary phones like the Samsung Galaxy SII and it graphical prowess that is second to none. Exynos processors compliment Samsung phones perfectly and bring affordability and cutting edge technology (multiple cores, high clock speeds, leading GPU) to excellent devices.

  95. I DEMAND EXYNOS…because I like to say “Exynos” in my terrible spanish accent!!

  96. Proven superior performance and battery life over competitors. DUH

  97. I also have one in my current device, it has lived up to all the hype so far! I can’t imagine having a dual core device without Exynos. I feel bad for all those with GS2 devices that don’t have the Exynos!

  98. Because buying from a single-source supplier like Samsung insures seemless integration between all componants.

  99. Exynos has proven to be VERY good at release, and still very good the year after…

  100. Android is about openness.  That’s by far the largest reason why I chose it over i(insert random word here).  Why wouldn’t you demand the same thing from the individual parts too?  Exynos is one of the most open, fastest, and battery conscientious processors out.  Easy choice.

  101. I think the second biggest reason that I would demand the Exynos processor in my next phone would be because of the full HD Video playback without need for encoding anything. I love watching movies on the go, and this is great. 

    Without a doubt though, the biggest reason is the fantastic low power consumption. Being able to run my device longer is ALWAYS a good thing. I live by my phone, but have to keep a charger with me so that I am not without it. 

    Thanks for all that you people at Phandroid do. I am able to keep in touch with all things Android because of you! 


  102. I’ll be honest, I know all the specs of the processor, but I haven’t had one for a daily driver. I want it in my next phone so I can see how well it really works and then I can sing its praises.

  103. Faster, stronger, smoother, longer. The ultimate experience for all. The only way to make it through the day. But in the end we will all say; Exynos all the way!

  104. I want it just because I cant have it! Give it to me now!

  105. Exynos sounds sexy, its a beast and can handle anything thrown at it. Enough said because it is better than Qualcomm, Intel, snapdragon etc.

  106. I demand Exynos because my Girlfriends EPIC 4G touch lives all day while flying faster than Superman on steroids.

  107. I don’t want exynos until it’s paired with carrier 4g technology…. Thusly it’s not in the att version of the note, or the att skyrocket. Epic 4g touch has it, but why would you really want unlimited data that you could never feasibly benefit from. So… Give me exynos but give me lte.

  108. I would love an Exynos in my device because of one word:…..POWER.   Power to really get the most out of my mobile device and use the full capabilities of Android.  (Also, I want to just rub it in the face of one of my co-workers who think that the iPhone is the ultimate in mobile experiences!)

  109. The Power! And the dev support that the S2 Qualcomm family doesn’t get… :P

    Samsung all the way!

  110. Exynos = No Sexy…

  111. I demand Exynos because of its low-power ultra fast performance powering the most awesome devices out there.

  112. Because its in a Samsung!!!

  113. I demand exynos because switched from a epic 4g touch to a GNex and now I’m regretting it

  114. Because it’s in a Samsung!!!

  115. I demand it because on my phone, running all day, 15 hours, I still have 24% of my battery with an Exynos processor.

  116. Because it’s an amazing processor, and who wouldn’t love the Exynos?

  117. I fell in love with the Exynos after playing with the Epic Touch for the first time. I had the Evo 3d at that time and the ET4G blew it away. It rendered pages faster and generally made the 3d look like Windows Mobile 6.1. I do not miss WM 6.1. It is butter smooth and it loads web pages like it has a better connection than any other phone you are around. I am now on the i9100 and it even loads pages fast (relative) on ATT Edge.

  118. I demand Exynos for it’s power. Switching from the SGS2 to the GNEX has made me realize the power difference. It blows away all same gen chips

  119. I demand Exynos in my mobile devices because of the performance to energy tradeoff is far better than other devices.  It would be great to have top of the line performance in a chipset while not worrying about getting to an electrical outlet so often to recharge!

  120. I demand Exynos because my current T-Mobile version of the Galaxy S II had it swapped for a Qualcomm Snapdragon.  The tight integration of the Exynos processor would make a better experience.  

  121. Why I demand Exynos-
    E-nvied by other other processors
    Y-ou’ll never want anything else.
    N-onstop blazing speeds.
    O-lympic winner in the Processor Olympics.
    S-trong and ready for any task you throw at it.

  122. I demand Exynos because my next smartphone has to be able to do everything! I’m tired of having to settle for the limitations of a piece of fruit!!!

  123. Personally, I’d like to have a phone with serious capability like the Exynos can offer. It’s a step in the right direction.

  124. Exynos has proven itself time and again by beating out other chip sets in many benchmarks. I’m always sad when a carriers radios forces Samsung to put in a Qualcomm chip in order to use 4g. I would rather have a 1 ghz exynos than a 1.5 ghz qualcomm. I don’t know much about cortex structure’s but it seems that Samsung nailed it. Qualcomm fell flat with A8.

  125. I prefer Exynos because of its past performance in legendary phones like the Samsung Galaxy SII and it graphical prowess that is second to none. Exynos processors compliment Samsung phones perfectly and bring affordability and cutting edge technology (multiple cores, high clock speeds, leading GPU) to excellent devices.

    1. Well, it doesn’t have the leading gpu of any android phones, or tablets, and it never had the lead.
      The Exynos is a mid-high end SoC, nothing special.
      I sincerely hope they drop ARM as the GPU manufacturer so they can be on top again, like they were in the Galaxy S times.

      1. You’re kidding right? When the Exynos came out nothing came even close in term of GPU performance. Yes newer chipsets have passed it but you can’t deny the fact that it was the superior chip at that moment. Can’t wait for the next iteration.

        1. The Mali-400MP was not superior at the time of launch because of drivers, and by the time the drivers catched up it was too late.

          1. Care to back that statement with your source? The only benchmark I ever saw that placed Exynos anywhere but in first place before late 2011 was done with some pre-release beta drivers about a month before the phone actually came out.

          2. The phone came out in March, and when anandtech benchmarked it the results were horrible.
            I can’t find a link because their search system is incredibly bad.

            The benchmarks are meaningless anyway, it’s just like how the Qualcomm gpu’s excel at some benchmarks, the Mali scores good on some, and the SGX devices do better in actual apps (tested).

          3. @dario sucic Well, at least we’re talking about the same PRE-RELEASE benchmark. The phone was released at the end of may in Korea and in june/july for the rest of the world. Those Adantech bechmarks were done two months prior to release.

  126. Because my current phone has a 528 MHz Qualcomm MSM7200A.

  127. I demand Exynos because
    not only is it graphic oriented from (what i can tell)
    it also is blazing fast it renders stuff so smoothly and “buttery”
    no choppyness like some of the snapdragon processors that
    HTC has in there phones …i know its mostly to Sense but again from
    what i can tell the Exynos handles Touch WIz pretty well
    i was really exited when they announced the Galaxy nexus wish
    it would have the Exynos that would have made the phone even more of
    pick me up, & really i mean Exynos totally sounds like an alien or something
    would so go with the “Galaxy Nexus” even more

  128. I want the Exynos processor because it seems to be the only processor that has truly given Android a lag free experience.  That married with Samsungs high quality display makes it unbeatable in todays market.

  129. Its all about performance, why else would you desire specific chip?

  130. I demand Exynos because its super fast and low power consumption make it ideal for smart phones. I opted for AT&T’s SGS2 over the Skyrocket so I could keep the Exynos SoC.

  131. Because a Motorola Atrix 3 with a quad-core Exynos would be AHMAZING.
    The First Atrix is fast enough with a Dual-Core, and I’ve had it for about a year now.
    However, I doubt Moto’s going with Exynos, and that’s a shame, because I’ve stuck with Motorola… But there’s always Sony…

  132. I demand the best processor in my devices, so I demand the Exynos

  133. Seriously Samsung?

    The prize for writing the most passionate essay on why you want Exynos and won’t settle for anything else is the one version of your phone that does not have an Exynos processor?

    Were you guys high when you thought this up?

    Here’s my entry:

    I want Exynos in my phone so much that I don’t want to win this contest. I’d rather you replace the AT&T Galaxy note I already have with the international version that has your awesome processor. It’s the only detractor from the best phone I’ve ever owned. If you send me a AT&T Galaxy Note, I’ll send it back or sell it to get a version with your awesome processors.

    1. That’s not quite correct!

      The international version of the Galaxy Note (including ours in Mexico), are in fact Exynos based!

      Thank your corporate lawsuit culture for not having it on yours!

      Well, that may not be actually the reason, but it may be one of the reasons.


      1. It’s exactly correct!

        If the contest was for the international version, I wouldn’t be so shocked by it.

        1. “The winner will receive the International Galaxy Note.”
          Learn to read.

          1. Haha, they changed it after the fact.  It didn’t say that originally. If you notice, the link still goes to the American version, although I’m sure they’ll change that as well.

  134. I DEMAND Exynos because of its name AND performance. EXYpnos is the Greek word for smart and PrasiNOS is the Greek word for Green. You get EXYNOS=smart green maximized power and optimal efficiency. Can’t do without it

  135. I demand it because of its overall awesomeness!! Name, speed, battery life, ninja skills, magical ability……

  136. I demand an exynos so cm9 would come quicker to my phone. I live my skyrocket, but no official cm support sucks.

  137. We want what we can’t have.

  138. I want my next phone to have the Exynos processor because of it’s speed (and Android loves the fast processors), multiple core architecture (which saves battery life and boosts capabilities) and the lack of encrypted boot loaders like the OMAP chips have begun using.

  139. Here’s a little known fact..internationally the “hummingbird” was renamed Exynos1. Look it up :)

    1. Stfu. Sooo old. Last years new boii

  140. I demand Exynos in my next phone because I need a processor that can actually deliver the constant on-demand speed and reliability that I need when I use my phone for everything from playing Fruit Slice to Spoofing my friends networks.

  141. I demand an Exynos because of how it sounds, it’s a great processor, it isn’t in the AT&T Galaxy Note :/ and because it’s just Samsung’s finest. 

  142. I demand exynos because it’s the best, period.

  143. You know — I read the contest rules and I spent about 30 minutes reading up on the Exynos chipset (as supplied in most international phones — read not in the U.S.). I’d love to post something about how Exynos is a monster in disguise but frankly it’s at the end of it’s life cycle with it’s dual-core A9 implementation. The GPU is more the sufficient for any task but the CPU side of things just keeps up with other current-gen processors (which is great, it’s amazing it had such longevity in this competitive market).

    However the next iteration of 28nm Exynos is going to be incredible! We’ll see some of that dual-channel memory usage amoung other talents — that’ll be great things and I’ll definitely be demanding Exynos!

  144. Battery life.  Exynos doesn’t seem to sacrifice battery life for processing power.  That’s a key; other smartphones could deliver similar performance, but without the ability to make it through a day.

  145. personally have no idea what exynos is really capable of. every articles i came across praised the power of exynos over other cpus. i’m currently an iphone user, show me what you got!

  146. Hey guys, I wonder how many of you realize that the AT&T Galaxy Note does not have an Exynos Processor. It is rocking a Qualcomm Snapdragon clocked at 1.5 Ghz because of AT&T’s LTE network. The new line of Exynos will be compatible with LTE but the current line is not. I guess that’s the whole point of the contest, DEMAND EXYNOS! Not Snapdragons.

  147. All of the above! But mostly because if I’m locked into a 2 year contract I’d like to try to select the most “future proof” (I know, stupid term) device I can.

  148. I want it for the battery life and speed!  And so my friends can make jokes while I talk on my awesome phablet!

  149. I want it cause: be had the g2x forever now and got screwed by the battery life Samsung rocks and I will never go back to LG.

  150. I’d like Exynos so I could actually load the APS March Meeting app without my phone slowing to a crawl.

  151. My reason: I am tired of slow sluggish Android phones!

  152. I Demand Exynos work with Verizon LTE and not run into inventory shortages! It would be awesome.

  153. I’d like an Exynos processor in my next Samsung phone because it shows their commitment to a consistent user experience. I think it’s great that Samsung is able to produce their own SOC to power their devices so they can achieve the best possible experience for their customers.

  154. I only buy phones with the Exynos CPU because of the performance… I can’t wait to get a quad core. I LOVE how they don’t lock down their bootloaders (which makes after market ROMS awesome). Plus I would love to see how ‘big’ the Galaxy Note actually is in my avg size hands.

  155. I loved my Samsung Galaxy SII Epic 4G Touch with it’s amazing exynos processor. I left sprint and my E4GT and went to a TI powered phone. Wow, what a downgrade… I hope I win this so I can return to exynos!

  156. Because I cannot have a TI OMAP 5 until 2013!

  157. I want it because I have Exynos envy.  Every time the Samsung Galaxy S II and my Galaxy Nexus do a benchmark together the SGSII says “Mine’s bigger than yours.”


  158. Not only is Exynos a more “grokkable” name than alphanumeric chop suey like MSM8960, but it has a proven reputation of speed, reliability, and graphical performance. I am especially looking forward to the Galaxy S III with the amazing specs it is rumored to have, and it would be disappointing if it came out with Tegra instead of Samsung’s own Exynos processor.  When an A15 based Exynos with LTE baked in comes out, nothing will be able to touch it!

    1. Because sprint seems like there never going to announce a official release date for the galaxy nexus…

  159. It is shocking how hard it is for other companies to match the performance of Exynos.  That’s why I want one.  The one thing the Galaxy Nexus is missing in my opinion is something as ridiculously powerful as the Exynos.  A Note with an Exynos must feel so insanely smooth.  I would kill for an Exynos Note on Verizon, but I would switch to whatever network got it if I could.  If I could afford an unlocked international Exynos Note, I would have already made the switch…

  160. Exynos delivers amazing speeds.  The Samsung Galaxy S2 devices that use it are shockingly fast.  :)

  161. I demand exynos because I need all the pure power for gaming, and I never want to see my phone lag, samsung rules.

  162. I would demand an exynos for its battery usage statistics. Its more economical if all dual core phones sipped battery like the exynos. Not to mention, that its graphics card is the best integrated in the market.

  163. I want exynos because its a base score level of 16 points in words with
    friends…and getting any multiplier just adds to that.  Oh, and its a
    wicked fast processor.

  164. Because I want the best Mobile CPU on the planet. Exynos by Samsung simply the best.

  165. I would like Samsung to have more exynos chips so people get better games on their cells/tablets

  166. I want Exynos in my phone because of the amazing power coupled with the great graphics performance.

  167. The reason I would like one is because Exynos spelled backwards is “Sonyxe” which sounds just like Sonic who is known for running at superfast speeds and ability to zip around at what he does best!

  168. As more powerful phone will almost always be more functional and more “future proofed.” The chipset would allow this phone to have a long shelf life and let me use it as a functional tool for a lot longer…and play awesome games!

  169. I demand Exynos because my Epic Touch is the only device I have had that I haven’t had to worry about battery life or performance. It’s the best of both worlds.

  170. I want Exynos in my next phone because I actually keep my phones for a full 2 years before I upgrade and I need the BEST specs in my phone to get me there.

  171. I demand a Exynos processor because my Driod X wont stop rebooting.

  172. I demand Exynos because I’m very demanding person in general ;) but especially when it comes to 1080p H.264 video playback – which Exynos plays smoothly!

  173. It’s a cool sounding name.

  174. Speed!

  175. Y u kno phandroid ??

  176. I prefer it because there’s my snapdragon isn’t as snappy as it used to be.

  177. I want the exynos chip cause from what I understand they are the best!! And when it comes to electronics I want the biggest the baddest the fastest the best at all times!! :-)

  178. I want the Exynos processor so I can do head to head comparison with my AT&T galaxy nite with the Qualcomm processor. I want to see what the real difference is.

  179. I’ve heard great things about the performance of Exynos processors, notably the graphical prowess. As a user of only OMAP devices thus far, I would love to give a competing unit a fair shot.

  180. I would like an Exynos in my phone because it will allow me to be more productive and enjoy the product more. The Exynos processor will allow me to have a better battery life which means I can concentrate on getting things done and not on being tied to a charger.

  181. Really guys, I bet the majority of you don’t even know that the AT&T Galaxy Note doesn’t have an Exynos Processor. You ask why? Because the current line of Exynos isn’t compatible with LTE. So what do you get instead, a Qualcomm Snapdragon clocked at 1.5 Ghz. I guess that’s the whole point of this contest though right? DEMAND EXYNOS!! In the prize that doesn’t have Exynos, but Snapdragon, wishing it was an Exynos, but performing like a Snapdragon. What everyone should be demanding is the International version of the Galaxy Note, which has an Exynos but is still compatible with Ma Bell’s network. Just some food for thought.

  182. Because if you add an S to the beginning and an E to the end, you get sexynose.

    1. I laughed out loud when i read this.  Thanks and Gig’em!

    2. And if you reverse “exynos” you get “sonyxe”, which in Japanese sounds like “Sony kuse” which means “Sony stinks” ;-)

      Seriously, I’d want an exynos because I’d like to try out Samsung’s Note apps.

  183.  I demand EXYNOS on account of I don’t wanna do my own processing!!!

  184. Putting a Snapdragon in a Galaxy SII is like putting a Corvette engine in a Lamborghini.  Besides, Samsung, your chips are so good that even Apple swallows their pride to use them.

    1. The LS7 engine in a corvette can easily handle 1200hp. Just fyi. That being said, Gallardo’s have been amped up to 1400bhp before, but still, your point is invalid.

    2. Actually despite being of the “old-fashioned” pushrod style, Chevy’s LS series V8’s are among the most technically advanced engines in the industry today.

  185. I demand Exynos because it is a top combo of cpu and gpu, while not conflicting with high speed data radios …

  186. Because my current Android phone cant keep up with my needs anymore…

  187. Cause Exynos is the bomb!!

  188. Well considering EG4T that i currently own and fast as it is. I would love to have another Exynos powered phone would go lovely with to have especially something I can draw and sketch tattoo’s for clients

  189. Because we need a smooth device. No lag, no slowness. I want to haz it now!!

  190. I demand Exynos because I don’t have one, and it makes my inner tech-geek sad.

  191. I want Exynos because it’s faster, and the more stuff I can get done in a shorter amount of time, the better. Team Samsung all the way!

  192. I would love to try a phone with an 
    Exynos processor because the snap dragon in my current phone is lack luster!

  193. Instead of demanding I will ask politely. My momma raised me right. Can I have a Samsung Galaxy Note, please?

  194. I want an Exynos because it works at speeds only Chuck Norris can comprehend!

  195. I demand Enyxos because I’m tired of the other processors and I’ve lost faith in them. #teamENYXOS

  196. My Galaxy S2 is proof of  the beast that Exynos is. I need not say more.

  197. Exynos is king because we all feel the need. The need for speed,. From what I can tell, nothing will match up with Exynos

  198. i want it, because it is the best chip in the world!!

  199. exynos will help me keep ahead of the rest with it’s speed and awesomeness!  It’s always nice to be first.

  200. I don’t even know what “Exynos” is but I do know that without it you can’t get your “sexy on”!

  201. I want Exynos in my next because it beats the hell out of what I have now!

  202. duh – it’s a Samsung Galaxy Note, for FREE. yes, I’d take it!

  203. It is amazingly much faster and better than my htc desire.. i would be able to do 100times much faster than what i would do with my htc desire..

  204. “14 000 DMIPS” This and this only!!

  205. To Exynos or not to Exynos.  That is the question.

  206. coz a frequent flier ….jst thought gliding once in a while would be nice ..and only exynos can help me :)

  207. watch heavy porn without lags and awesome quality!

  208. It’s all in that name! Sounds like a planet in a far off galaxy!

  209. I’d demand it as it’s the powerful device my life requires..  No messing around – right in my hand!

  210. Exynos? Who wouldn’t want four ARM Cortex-A9 cores expected to run at 200 MHz to 1.5 GH? The possibility of four ARM Mali graphics
    cores, a 64-bit Neon media engine and a dual-channel memory controller
    with support for LP-DDR2, DDR2 and DDR3 memory, My business and my life would def experience a significant upgrade, whose sexy now???

  211. I will ask you a question, why not exynos?

  212. Because I will never buy a Samsung product with a qualcom chip!!! Pathetic!! The T-Mobile Galaxy S II was an utter failure. Give me 21mbps and exynos!! Not novelty 48mbps, sacrificing the most important part of the phone. CPU GPU!!! That’s my answer

  213. I demand an Exynos because I need to have a fast and smooth experience on my devices.

  214. Exynos is an excellent name for a processor. I want it in my hands and maybe in my mouth.

  215. I would demand Exynos in my next phone out of curiosity, I haven’t actually heard much about the Exynos processors, so I’m curious to see how well they perform.

  216. My current phone has an old 1 GHz single core Exynos and is still fast as hell. So yeah super fast CPU is what I want and Exynos provides.

  217. I demand Exynos because of the incredible battery life it gives your phone, the unreal gaming it provides, and because it simply is the best option available for smartphones.  Also being in the second year of my three year contract(Canada) my HTC desire is really starting to show its age.  Thanks!

  218. because scotty i need more POWER!!!!!

  219. In my honest opinion, the exynos processor is the king to rule them all. It hands down brings the smoothest experience to android. I’ve seen tons of videos showing this processors power and would love to be able to experience it for myself. My next phone BETTER have a exynos processor or HEADS.WILL.ROLL. You hear me Samsung……ROLL!!!!!!!!!!

  220. ynosex coz i need exynos

  221. I would love exynos because it could handle everything I would need to do

  222. Because it’s teh awesome and legend.. -wait for it-… Dary!

  223. I would love to use the International Galaxy Note and its cool Exynos chip! That way I can show all those AT&T Snapdragon Notes what they are missing. Plus I can also show all those Apple fans what they are missing out in 5.3″ awesomeness.

  224. After seeing bench scores and hands-on reviews, Exynos is the best.

  225. I would like an Exynos powered Samsung Note because of the power that Exynos holds. It’s performance will be seen nice and clearly through that big 5.3″ Super Amoled screen. So all of my games and productivity software would not only look bright and vivid but will also run smooth. I’m a power user and Exynos would be great for any power user.

  226. I demand Exynos because I want an upgrade to my current phone (mytouch slide…) It would be a great improvement, and definitely allow me to run what I want on my phone.  

  227. Sorry….double post

  228. I demand exynos because it’s the biggest and baddest boy in town. It simply overrides competition with it’s home made power

  229. I would demand the Exynos chipset because it is capable and efficient. In fact, the greatest thing holding me back from buying the Galaxy Note is the Americanized version. I would happily trade the LTE radio and 1.5Ghz Snapdragon for the still very capable radio in the European version. It appears to be more powerful, despite being a lower clockspeed.

    Or, forget the details, take this as my greater point: I expect Samsung products to be high quality, and a Samsung Galaxy sans the Exynos feels incomplete.

  230. More power per core. Melt your face off speed! 

    Exynos outperforms the tegras and omaps.  Can’t wait to get my hands on a quad-core.

    In the words of the infamous Tim the Tool Man Taylor:
    “More power!”  Exyno-oh-hoh-hoh-hoh-OS!!!!! 

  231. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Exynos and want to give it a try!!!

  232. I want to have an Exynos in my next smartphone becasue it deliveres the most polished user experience available right now. Apart from that, it’s the successor of the hummingbird in my current phone, which was already amazing. Paired with the SAMOLED screen it’s simple an briliant combination.

  233. Because I want more of the phone from Samsung and less of it from the carriers and the LTE problem. I would like to see The Exynos on sprint keeping wimax as where i live it works great for me, hence no LTE issue. but i dream….

    quad-core exynos w/about 4.7 inch screen 2gb RAM micro sd to 32gb

  234. I have no idea what it is but if you say I should who am I to argue.

  235. I like the exynos on my Samsung galaxy note cause my phone is zippy with it and will get better when ICS is released. If i win the prize then the money I have saved up to buy a note for my wife can instead go to treat my three year old daughter with the Samsung galaxy note 10.1 tab for all her games and doodling and alphabet practise sessions that now keep my note phone away from my hands. Samsung do encourage release of note specific apps targeted at children. Loads of parents like me do have the money to buy useful products like the Note with wacom digitisers in them for their children and the exynos processor in them makes them zippy unlike the other crap tablets marketed for children.

  236. Because the name exynos sounds cool. Plus I just want it.

  237. I’d like to see if this could be a viable replacement for my PHOTON-LAPDOCK 500 COMBO.

  238. Exynos just rocks. SGS2 is almost one year old phone and it is still top of the line. It would awesome if Samsung used the Exynos in its future phone because the new Snapdragon line needs a proper opponent!

  239. I wish I had a phone with an Exynos processor…my phone doesn’t and it is soooo slooow!

  240. I’d like an exynos in my next phone because of the amazing performance it offers to the user. Hope I win this!

  241. I wish I had an Exynos processor, my phone doesn’t and it is so sloooow!

  242. because any phone without it just isn’t a real phone! !

  243. Because I hope that hardware and software can be optimizedd

  244. Cool name, no lag performance and to blow my apple friends out of the water!

  245. because Moment, GalaxyTab, Nexus S 4g, …. Exynos is next.

  246. I demand Exynos in my phone because it rocks to have a phone which runs circles around your PC.

  247. Saying I demand is a pretty bold statement but yes I DEMAND
    Exynos! Why, because these processors have always preformed so darn well. From
    my first iPAQ a decade ago, to an iPod, to now a Samsung; they just work and
    work hard. But the most important reason is speed. I want more speed; as much
    as I can get and as soon as I can get it. Again, why, because my phone or maybe
    better yet my tablet can be a truly mobile computer. Just attach a keyboard and
    maybe an external monitor, let’s say like through a dock and I have a desktop
    computer as Android is basically a Linux computer and something like the
    recently announced Ubuntu for Android makes it all happen. The Exynos 5xxx, processor
    is supposed to be a quad-core running at 2 Ghz, and that ladies and gentlemen is a real computer!

  248. Samsung has always excelled at making cpu’s for their phones.  Honestly since the galaxy 1 and in my eyes and from all tests I’ve seen the only thing to rival the Exynos is the OMAP’s coming out of TI.  I’d always opt for a Exynos over any of the others and the fact they are making phones that don’t have them in their phones when its their OWN cpu is mind boggling.  That being said I’d love a note just the same! Who doesn’t want to make phone calls with a laptop against their head?!

  249. I would like a Note because the screen size is perfect for my hands. And my eyes could really use super amoled plus after LCD

  250. the insanely powerful GPU

  251. Exynos can’t be beaten. if only it would support LTE.

  252. Cuz it powers my current Galaxy II and hopefully my new international Note!! :)

  253. The SGSII is proof enough of why anybody would want Exynos in their phone. I haven’t played with the Note, but I only expect an improvement on the previous implementations.

  254. I love having the latest and greatest when it comes to technology.  Plus it’s so much fun to show off how powerful my phone is to all my iPhone friends !!

  255. Everything about the Samsung Galaxy Note sounds incredible!  Intuitive full touch screen, speed, performance, Exynos Processor = rockin’ productivity, PLUS the S Pen and awesome apps (i.e. Omnisketch), plus so much more!  I am a creative person and super busy too, THIS would be a GREAT TOOL for MY LIFE!  What is not to WANT or LOVE about the Samsung Galaxy Note?!  Love it? YES! Want it? YES!

  256. I don’t want it in any phone I have because the S4 with 28mn chipset is bettery for battery and with the new GPU it handles graphics even better. BUT…….since you are giving away a free phone. I figured why the hell not. Gimmie my phone!!!

  257. It is really fairly simple, Samsung is the only manufacturer that makes their own processor.

    If you combine this with the nonstop release of unique interesting devices, most notably, the Note, and, the new Tab which feature wacom enabled stylus input it seems a no brainer to me.

    The company who controls the entire manufacturing process is likely to have the best overall product.

    Therefore, I would be truly excited to make my next device an Exynos super powered device.

  258. I’d want an exynos because Samsung makes the best products that I’ve ever used – their phones seem superior and their processors are even better. When people get excited about a processor…it’s almost always an Exynos. And for good reasons ;)

  259. I want Exynos in my next phone simply because of it’s history of being the fastest and greatest chip around the block at every iteration. It’s always got rock-solid stability and performace. I would have bought the international GSII if mine hadn’t come with an Exynos in it.

  260. Because Exynos == winning, and so is this comment. Benchmarks.

    “And don’t confuse me with facts; I’ve already made up my mind!” — Unknown

  261. Because having the “same phone” as somebody else is always better when it isn’t really the same phone… this (non-ATT) Galaxy Note has Exynos!

  262. I want a Exynos processor in my next phone so lagging in Angry Birds is no longer an issue!

  263. The 
    exynos chip prove itself, the 1.2GHZ SII is better than the 1.5GH SII Skyrocket because of the 
    exynos processor!

  264. I want exynos because it is, simply put, the best chipset. Though I would like it to be LTE-enabled. But just imagine what a quad-core 1.5 Ghz Exynos processor could do.

  265. I would love to have an Exnyos powered device because they seem to out perform all the others.  I have had Nvidia and Qualcomm chipsets, and neither has performed to the level of my Exnyos powered devices.

  266. because Samsung already makes great products and who wouldn’t want a insanely powerful GPU, I could rock that out!!

    1. At least when it comes to semiconductors anyway.@

  267. I want a Exynos chip in my machine for the simple fact that Sammy has been giving us here in North America the business.  Why should I get what ever they can cobble together just because I live here and not in Europe or Asia?  Equality DAMMIT. Exynos Me!!!

  268. Samsung has hit the ball out of the park with this one, but it is probably not a device for everyone. As a road warrior who needs his tech with him, I never enjoyed having to carry multiple devices. It is pretty tough packing a laptop, tablet, and netbook for a business trip (maybe I am a little extreme). With the larger form factor and S Pen support, I would be able to travel a whole lot lighter. The folks that criticize the S Pen were probably not using smartphones in the Palm and Windows Mobile days; there is only so much accuracy with the pad of your finger.  And if you are replacing all of those and still with a device that is also your phone, a dual-core Exynos would make that transition a lot easier.

  269. I want Exynos in my phone because it is the fastest processor developed yet and will  make my work easier and faster. 

  270. I want an Exynos in my next phone because it will give me the power and speed I need to keep up with me. Other phones just lag behind ;)

  271. I want my next device to have an Exynos processor for the battery life and insane performance levels.

  272. i demand an exynos cuz its the best chip and no one else can beat it (sorry HTC fanboys but ur phones are not as powerful as samsung phones)

  273. Exynos = awesome

    I’ve had 3 versions of the GS2 (T-Mo, AT&T, & International) and by far the International one blows the others out of the water. 

  274. I personally would never buy a Samsung phone after they deflowered our beloved Nexus brand twice and made us watch as they did it. But nonetheless it is a pretty speedy processor so I wouldn’t complain if they decided to license it to HTC for one of their devices.

  275. I demand Exynos because it further encourages innovation. Right now we have Qualcomm and nVidia, the latter of which I have a hate-hate relationship with the company. There are a few others out there, but bottom line, Samsung proves that it is capable of producing top level tech in almost any arena. Their screens are used in most phones, they make a great TV, and I believe that this proc brand might be up there as well. So, to encourage competition, innovation, and simply to have another choice, I demand Exynos.

  276. out of all the bad things people say about samsung i disagree with it all im a true fan of samsung products they gave me my first android device powered by there own humming bird processors and the exynos processor in samsung products gives u a pure samsung experience its obvious to some but not all that samsung truly is the best in the mobile market being able to do so much in house and make their biggest competitor a customer of their technolgy…sorry for the ridiculous run on sentence grammar police

  277. Replacing AT&T galaxy note with a better processor!

  278. Samsung Exynos – Truly the most modern of chips by a manufacturer that focuses on what the Entire Product will be used for.  Can they make the technology do what they want and will it be useful going forward?  It appears to me that Samsung has found a sweet spot with this chip.  The advertised use and specs for this chip are what has put this on the top of my list to add to my own personal gadget collection.  I like that Samsung has paid attention to detail, and they have made this chip the best that it can be.  Truly a chip that will last – Bring on the Gadgets – Because I am already waiting in line!!

  279. Because it is SUPER FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  280. never had a Exynos before,,  and I will try anything once…

  281. Because I don’t trust fire breathing dragons!

  282. Simple.  Maximize -> Processing Power/Battery Consumption.  That’s all I want.

  283. I want Exynos in my next phone because I don’t like limitations.

  284. Entertainment… more processing power = more gaming and multimedia power!

  285. I want the Exynos because I would be able to show my friends why Samsung is better than the competition!!!

  286. I want Exynos in my next phone because it is proven to be the best performing chipset on the market!

  287. I’d want a Exynos processor because my 1Ghz Snapdragon is getting old. =)

  288. Because I would be ab le to show my friends why Samsung is better than the competition!!!

  289. This sounds pretty daymmm good. I’d love this in my phone right now! Imagine the tasks I could carry out.

    Sometimes, it’s so annoying having to permanently kill tasks to open new ones when you want several programmes open at once.

  290. simply coz its processing from another planet :)

  291. Samsung: You bring the circuits and connectors of conquered kings to my factory steps. You insult my casings. You threaten my people with apples and windows! Oh, I’ve chosen my words carefully, competitor. Perhaps you should have done the same!

    Competitor: This is blasphemy! This is madness!

    Samsung: Madness…?

    Samsung: This…is…FAST!

    *Kicks the competitor down the well*

  292. Fast and efficient, that’s why I demand Exynos. 

  293. It’s simple. I’ve used one. That’s why I know it’s the best. My sister visited me from Europe and I got to play with her Galaxy Note. It performed better than anything I’ve used before. It was so good that I ended up returning my current phone (true story). 
    The International Galaxy Note would make me pretty much the happiest guy in the world. 

  294. I demand Exynos so that I can transfer movies to my device and play them on my device in HD. I also demand Exynos so I can keep my awesome, sick, and unique boot animation: 

  295. Great battery life,
    Awesome processing power…
    Samsung Exynos!

  296. Exynos is just fast and speed is what matters to me.

  297. Because “Exynos” is an anagram of “Sexy On”, and this chipset is definitely sexy and up to any job a smartphone can do. Exynos is also an anagram of “Ex-Sony”, because it’s a long time Sony has released any exciting smartphone, unlike Samsung :-) 

  298. I would like an Exynos because it sounds cool–and who doesn’t want to sound cool? :D

  299. No lag Exyno. I want one :)

  300. With Samsung’s slow response to Android updates, my hope would be that phones designed around their baby Exynos would get faster dev times. US based LTE devices use alternatives and thus need extra dev time for LTE chips and non Exynos chips.

    That and it’s a great chipset with great performance to battle Android’s UI lag.

  301. Samsung and the “Galaxy S” lineup has a history of being unmatched in performance. The Exynos set the bar really high in performance that just now, a year later, the competition is finally catching up. Samsung, with every new generation of the “Galaxy” family, sets a new standard. If they keep Exynos name, or call it something else, I know Sammy will deliver a chip that not only surpasses the competition, but surpasses our expectations on every way. I swear by Samsung, as I demand the very best in performance!

  302. Because who wouldn’t want a faster more powerful phone?  Doh!  No brainer….

  303. To send a shiver of fear down the back of mr cook.

  304. Seems to be a powerfull and an energy efficient processor , that’s why I demand Exynos. 

  305. I want it because it’s what all the smartphone hipsters who want to have the biggest thing when no one else has it wants. 

  306. The fastest processor and has awesome graphics included

  307. Because comparing a Nexus with 1.2 ghz Exynos, and a Nexus with a 1.5 ghz non-Exynos, while getting similar results shows that an Exynos is better than a processor rated 20% better on paper.

  308. The insane speed!!

  309. I need a Exynos chip in my phone so that i can run Linux, Windows 8, iOS and BB all at the same time.  I will have every phone ever in one phone BOOM!  Also the Exynos chip is really awesome and has no lag.  Thats why i want/need one :)

  310. Easy. I want a portable system that will do everything I need, and do it fast. The Exynos chip is fast, and the graphics rock. I can take notes, edit drawings, take pictures, and play games and multimedia flawlessly. When you are sailing cargo around the world

  311. I need Exynos to power my life.

  312. I would like Exynos in my next phone because I want the chance to put it through my own daily use and see just how powerful it really is! I’ve been thinking of making the switch to Sammy already…winning this contest would make that switch a lot easier!

  313. One word: superiority. The Exynos processor allows for amazing graphics, blazing performance, and improved battery life. And…you gotta love that Samsung is a global leader in chip manufacturing – keeps the competition on their feet!

  314. A mobile device is the portal to the world. It is the tool that connects individuals to those that cannot be touched with the hand, events that cannot be seen with the eyes, and experiences that must be heard to be felt. It is a tool that expands and enhances all aspects of life and one worthy of discriminating selection.

    In an industry overwhelmed by brand names and specifications, excellence will set itself apart from the fray.  Exynos is the heart of Samsung’s premier creations and exemplifies the essence of what compels that name to be synonymous with state-of-the-art refinement.

    [Brownie points for style?]

  315. The Exynos seems to be like a fine Cuban cigar here in the USA. Everyone rants and raves about it, but only few have ever had them. I remember the disappointment when the T-Mobile GSII didn’t come with the processor, and I was actually considering paying full price for an imported one. It’s a hard to obtain fruit that everyone wants, and I want it bad!

  316. I demand Exynos because it runs circles around other processors.

  317. Because the Exynos CPU combined with the Mali GPU has proven that pound for pound it is the fastest, most battery efficient, and most powerful processor available in a smartphone today, period. The proof is in the product. Take for example the AT&T Galaxy S2 vs the AT&T Skyrocket. Very similar hardware and software. One is powered by the Exynos the other is not. Benchmarks and real world performance edge goes to the Galaxy S2 hands down despite the fact that the Skyrocket has a higher default CPU clock speed. And the Exynos has proven to be the best CPU for overclocking. The stock SGS2 has been proven to run perfectly stable at CPU speeds of 400-500MHz greater than the factory settings while keeping within a very efficient thermal budget. If given the option, I would choose the Exynos over anything currently available on the market today.

  318. Hummingbird at 2010 and Exynos at 2011 on Galaxy S II and Note were the best cpu+gpu combinations at their time and both are still beasts, Exynos especially and it’s the only SoC with ARM Mali gpu.

  319. I’ve been known to say that I don’t care if they put a team of nano-hamsters in cage as the SoC so long as it gets the job done.

    But I’ve never thought about having supply water, food and being responsible for clean-up.

    So, I think I’d like the Note with an Exynos, please. :D :D :D

  320. For the same reason I entered the Droid Life contest of a similar nature: my only device is a slow Droid with a non-working Micro USB port. I’m on a strict budget, though. It happens when you have no wallet.

  321. It’s not so easy drawing with my finger on a tiny screen! Having a nice stylus pen to draw with sure would be awesome. Samsung, you always get it right! Thanks for making my world easier. Even at my old age (:

  322. I demand Exynos because the name is synonymous with industry leading performance. When you buy the latest Samsung Exynos processor you know you dont have to worry about tech envy when your friends show you their new phones, because there is nothing out there better…till the next Exynos at least.

  323. Because it’s a fast processor that keeps competition fierce.

  324. I want Exynos because it is just one of the reason that my galaxy S II E4GT was 10 times better than the Iphone 4s :)

  325. I need the Exynos because it is Greek for awesome tiny machines processor made by Koreans.  We shall serve it with tzatziki and a side of spanakopita alongside  our gyro plate. Opa! 

  326. I want the Exynos chipset. Hands down it’s proven again and again that it is the chipset to beat on an Android phone. 

  327. why?? b’coz it’s perfect !!

  328. POWER!!!!! don’t need any more words

  329. I like the graphic power

  330. Because I want something powerful enough to let me use a BEAST of a screen, a music player, and a browser at the same time ;) Exynos are actually (apparently) brilliant processors and I’d really like to experience one

  331. I have an Exynos on my Galaxy S II. And I can tell you it is blazing fassst. As in I can’t imagine the speed on a smartphone getting faster, unless it has to use more battery. I’m up for anything with an Exynos in. It is the best SOC chip out there by far(for now ;)


  332. Because Exynos processors are by far the best out there, they are smooth and optimized for the best graphics and experience!

  333. well the hummingbird has been one of the best smartphone cpus, and im excited to see the new quadcore A9 come out this year. im kinda suprised that the note didnt have the Exynos 4212.. but the galaxy s2 has had a great life, very solid, and no stutter as far as i’ve noticed, so long as the exynos processor can keep the good work and stay lag free in programs, then i’d love to see it in more phones!

  334. The key note states…Exynos, better than snapdragon 

  335. because of awesome performance + an awesome name

  336. Wait, if I demand Krait, will you give me something with that too?  Cuz it handily outperforms the Exynos….

  337. I demand this Exynos processor  because it has proved to be the best out there hands down, considering the Qualcomm’s S4 just came out and TI-OMAP5 is still not out, in my opinion this is the best processor at the moment

  338. Would love to put it through hell by loading ubuntu on the device and using it as my new media server and web box by placing it with my HD Projector and 100+ inch screen (WIP)

  339. It’s all about hardware acceleration. Do want!

  340. because it’s simply like 4-10 times more powerful than anything running at the same speed.

  341. Why Exynox?!

    I use on the pass many phones with Sprint, many like the Evo
    4G from the first day, Samsung Epic first day too, Samsung Galaxy 4G first day
    too, Motorola Photon 4G first day, … and the Evo 3D first day too, all this
    phone are amazing! But my last acquisition is the Epic 4G Touch! no first day,
    My others phone drain the battery to fast! Sometimes they work s…l…o…w… but
    with my E4GT I don’t have this problem, always works fast! and attribute all
    this at the CPU, the Exynox! I don’t know much about the technology only can I
    say what I love my E4GT and never I’m going to change that for nothing, and if
    Sprint bring the Galaxy Note to Us I hope this come with the Exynos because if
    don’t they gone a lost one client because is the only way for me to change
    phone! I spend some cash with my upgrades, pay the full price just for use the
    phone is for me a gift, but use the best phone is much better! And if he come
    with the Exynos… wow!

  342. This chip will be fabricated onshore in Austin, Texas by a socially responsible, environment protectin’, fair wage payin’, by the rules playin’, competition slayin’, killer device makin’ company….and i like the name.

  343. I would love to win so I can write how awesome phandriod is I don’t have a android phone yet but I know one day I will be blessed …

  344. Because I want to do some major portable gaming – it would be great to always have that with me for traveling.

  345. arm cortex a9 + arm mali 400 = awesome combination 
    exynos is only soc that i want in my futhure phone or tablet.

  346. I would love to have a android phone so I can tell the world how awesome phandroid is…I love the android phones on my Facebook account I told everybody that one day I would own this phone…

  347. I want an Exynos SoC in my phone for many reasons. Compared to Qualcomm, Nvidia, and Texas Instruments configurations, Exynos gives the smoothest experience. I’ve tested several phones with different SoCs and Exynos is by far the closest to give Apple a run for their money in terms of lag and browsing smoothness. The Mali 400mp GPU isn’t the best one out there but it gets the job done and is better than the Power VR SGX-540 (it doesn’t compare with Nvidia’s or the SGX-543 though). 

    Please pick me!

  348. I love phandroid and I know one day I will be blessed and own the awesome phone your giving away I love it..I tell everybody how awesome it is on Facebook.

  349. I absolutely demand Exynos in my next phone due to its incredible performance at both graphics and non-graphical tasks.  It’s a beast overall.  Pushing out that chipset more will also tip developer hands towards not making every game Tegra optimized.

  350. Because the Exynos is the best mobule CPU out there, fastest graphics even beating nVidia in its domain.

    1. Well, Nvidia have been doing pretty bad when it comes to graphics on mobile devices, so that’s not really a challenge.

  351. I’m demanding Exynos ‘cos it usually comes paired with a gorgeous OLED display. I love that Sammy makes their own chips, displays, and end products. Having almost everything sourced in-house makes for consistent quality.

    Plus it will actually be able to play back video files encoded with a wide array of codecs, unlike some others.,, (I’m looking at you, Tegra 2!).

  352. I want an Exynos processor, because if you don’t have an Exynos processor…..then you don’t have an Exynos processor.
    Also it has the ability to turn competition phones into pies, and as much as I love apple pie, I really do hate apple.

  353. I would love to have an Exynos processor in my phone for the increased performance, but more importantly, the increased battery life!

  354. On a superficial level, I have played with both an international gs2 and tmobile variant, and feel like the Exynos handled a lot smoother.  I am not down with what seems to be a monopoly over the chipset market in America.  All for innovation and competition.  

  355. Samsung has always excelled in making SOC’s. 

    When Apple decided to make a phone who did they choose? Samsung, In march 2010 when the EVO was released and all eyes were on it who managed to steal the show? Samsung. When the dual core craze started to gather steam whose single core CPU still held it’s own? Samsung. When March 2011 rolled around which SOC was the only one anyone cared about? Exynos. Which SOC wiped the floor with all others for OVER A YEAR? Exynos. Which SOC did we all want to see in the Galaxy Nexus? Exynos.

    Who would rather win a Galaxy note instead of a Galaxy Nexus for that reason? This guy

  356. I like the way it hums in my pants.

  357. Definitely “all of the above”. But specifically the better battery performance is what I am looking for. The speed is obviously great, but at this point i would take a slightly slower phone for enhanced battery life. But I guess I get both speed and battery life with the exynos eh?

  358. gimmee, gimme, gimmee some Exynos for good lovin’    ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶

  359. The Exynos chip is the smart decision. Samsung has proven itself with Apple though their android phones are a superior product.  Why use someone else’s chip when you have a high end one in house that has systematically outperformed almost all of its competition.  I hate Apple, so I won’t buy one, but I am sure my next phone would be amazing with this chip especially if it was a Galaxy Note, or Galaxy S III.  I wish I could have a Galaxy Nexus with the Exynos, now that would be sweet.  I am extreemly disappointed with the Tegra 2 chips that I have in both my phone and tablet. They are laggy and HD decoding is not an option, and I feel the graphics suffer as well, so please put the Exynos in my next phone.

  360. Exynos in the SII set the bar. Can’t wait to see what the SIII will be packing.

  361.  I demand an Exynos chip for longer battery life!

  362. I want an Exynos because it is as beautiful, sexy, clever and powerful as my wife..  but at least I can switch it off. 

  363. Can we please swap the Tegra 2 chip in my G2X for the Exynos since I’m never going to win a phone.  That would be awesome.  I want a note sooooo bad.

  364. Great battery life, Huge screen, Super fast – and that wonderful pen!!  I’d be daft not to want one!!!

  365. The Exynos will make the phone a better phone. 

  366. I tried both the Samsung Galaxy S II and the Epic 4G touch and the epic seems to be faster with better graphics when playing HD movies and games.
    With the Galaxy Note, I will be playing a lot of HD stuff on this awesome screen. And will be taking a lot of notes, sip I don’t want any glitches or hangs in the software.
    Hope to win one…

  367. Faster then Tegra 2

  368. Why Exynos? Because it’s a cool name! And the fact that it’s so powerful.

  369. Because it’s the best chipset on the market.

  370. Woops, repost

  371. I read a lot about Smartphones and the chips that go in them, hence why I read this site several times a day. ;) On paper, the Exynos seems like a brilliant chip, for all the reasons you mentioned in your initial post, but I am not one to just go by paper … I need to test things out. I really want to know if the chip really does live up to hype. That’s why I would like an Exynos device, to put it through the test. I hope to be impressed by it. But, it’s been out now and other devices score very high in the benchmarks, so I guess the paper is right. The GPU is supposed to be on par with the A5 chip in the iPhone 4s. Can’t get much better than that. :)

  372. Would love a exynos processor (and a galaxy note!!)  Can’t ask for better processing power and battery efficiency together.

  373. I want an exynos to make the next samsung galaxy phone even more awesome than the GS2, better graphics, multi-processing and faster response.

  374. Because samsung makes some really fast and efficient processors with great GPU’s.

  375. I love it in my galaxy note!! And with android it’s nothing compared to iPhone crap

  376. Really I just miss exynos that was in my sprint version of the galaxy s2, now I realize what I had and am missing it!!

  377. and also mainly because I want to rub the competition’s nose, especially the fruity one, in the dust.

  378. I want Exynos on my next phone because I am so connected to the Internet. It seems that I would be nothing without it, so it makes sense for me to have the Internet in my pocket, wherever I go. And with the power of an Exynos processor, I would have only the fastest and the greatest portable internet experience.

  379. I demand an Exynos processor to make up for the pain that is Touchwiz!

  380. I want Exynos on my next phone because I want to do Video Encoding on my phone. :)

    1. Ohh… But both the Galaxy Nexus and the iPhone 4S are better fit to the task thanks to better hardware.
      The A5 has the GPU to do it, and the Galaxy Nexus has dedicated chips.

  381. The Exynos is the best processor I’ve ever had the pleasure of using.
    With previous phones I was always on the lookout for the next best thing, but my gs2 has kept me going since its launch. It’s still the best phone out there imo, until the note! I fell in love with it as soon as I seen it. The HUGE screen! The AWESOMENESS of the Exynos ^_^
    I need that phone!

  382.  I want a Exynos processor becasue of the powerful GPU and because of cool name.

  383. Why i would demand an Exynos in my next gadget at this moment? Because i want THAT Galaxy Note ( And have no money right now ). But sincerelly i’ll do it in the future, because i trust Samsung hardware, just look at these devices!

  384. I want a device with a pen. If it has an Exynos processor to power it, and stable Android 4.x firmware, then all the better!

  385. My phone is really slow right now to the point that it kind of annoys me at times. I would LOVE to get an Exynos phone so that I can start to enjoy my phone again and customize it to the way I would love to have it with more graphical things, rather than making it simple to make it fast and boring. So I would demand one so that I can use my graphic design abilities to create a phone that matches my style.

  386. I would want exynos as the processor due to the fact that it has proven to handle all tasks that are thrown its way and then some. I have used Samsung products since: the moment, epic 4g, and currently the epic 4g touch. (shoot, my laptop is a Samsung). And my epic 4g touch is arguably the best phone i have ever used. The exynos provides the power for all of the tasks provided with ease: be it multi media, day to day processing and anything else thrown at it. But also with everything that makes the phone what it is…. Its been the most complete phone to date. Lol some of my friends be it apple owners or fellow android owners all told me that they wish this phone was on their respective networks. If the galaxy s2 epic 4g touch still outperforms phones that are now coming out to this day ( galaxy nexus among them)…then it shows the kind of horse power that the exynos chip really has….and how much of a beast this phone is. And if that’s the case, i can only assume that the international galaxy note is just as good…..if not better.

    1. Wow, you claimed that the Exynos outperformed the Galaxy Nexus in your post…
      Well, it doesn’t.
      If it really was better then Google would have chosen the SoC over the OMAP 4460, it would probably be cheaper for them too.

  387. simply put , because its obviously the absolute best mobile processor available . i oonly pray my next phone will have an exynos. currently own a nexus s and htc sensation , snapdragon = shit and molasses. the worst android phone ive owned by far  is the sensation, never getting a snapdragon qualcom equipped device again

  388. I want one because they are the fastest chips for Android phones and will continue to be so.

  389. Awesome performance better battery life no UI lags – Exynos This is it!!!!

  390. I haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing one yet. Set me up!

  391. I demand Exynos because Samsung is at the top of the field right now.  Nobody else is doing as much as they are toward driving graphics performance and battery life – paradoxically at the same time!

  392. Sarangheyo Samsung!

    We desire, we demand, we deserve the best.  And the best is Samsung’s own homegrown Exynos SOCs.  Exynos, its like Nos for your phone.

  393. Fast GPU, the integration you get when one company makes both software and hardware

  394. I demand exynos because Chris Chavez says so and last time I went against his advice, I ended up in Mexico, passed out beside a cactus with a bag of tamales and the residue of tequila around my hairline. No one wants that.

  395. I demand this because… well…honestly, who doesn’t want to win free stuff?

  396. i want it because i wanna win this contest

  397. Because Exynos sounds like a mythical creature  

  398. I demand Exynos because I need the power necessary to generate 1.21 gigawatts of electricity to send me back to 1985.

  399. I’d rather have HSPA+ with Exynos than LTE with Snapdragon.  No question!

  400. I demand Exynos because it has proven itself as a bad son of a gun, and I’m a bad son of a gun, and together we would make Apple fanbois cry out in anger, “Why?! why, Apple?! Why can’t we have Exynos?!?!” :)

  401. I demand Exynos because “I wanna go fast!” –Ricky Bobby

  402. Never had the opportunity to experience the Exynos, but from what I’ve read, it seems to be quite a savage lol.  It really seems powerful .

    1. Well, it isn’t.

  403. Well, you know… Exynos seems to be the chip to have. Yet for some reason Samsung doesn’t put it in all their phones. I love my Galaxy Nexus, however, I would love it more if it had Exynos.

  404. I don’t care if my next phone has LTE, it will kill the battery faster anyway. HSPA+ is more than enough for me. I need exynos in my next phone.

    and please stop making a US variant for every phone you made.  

  405. Well the Exynos 4210 is simply a beast. I remember when it showcased inside the Galaxy S2 last year at MWC 2011 and benchmarks were underwhelming due to early software but when it was released it outperformed every other SoC. It had the fastest CPU and GPU and somehow Samsung continues to draw out more performance.

  406. The only thing I REALLY want out of an exynos is high speed performance. I don’t care how many cores or ghz it has. All i want is no lagg!!! go SAMSUNG!! woot!

  407. I demand Exynos in my next phone because I’m tired of using the old single core hummingbird in my Nexus One. Everything runs slow!

    1. The Nexus One uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon QSD 8250, not the Hummingbird.
      if your phone actually had the Hummingbird you wouldn’t be complaining.

      and one thing to note: Samsung changed the name from Hummingbird to Exynos 3110.

  408. Aside from the obvious gpu, processing power, awesome name, etcetera… I would have to say that being produced by Samsung has to be its biggest plus. Samsung excels not only in phone production but also in components production. Screen performance is among the best, and with my previous Samsung phones (switched to a rezound after the continuum on Verizon, would have liked a sgs3 :/) battery life was less of an issue then with comperable level devices of its time. Samsung is currently the best mobile hardware company, hands down, though their android software interface could use some work. ;)

    1. Samsung fanboys start sounding like iSheep…
      You want it simply because it’s made by Samsung?
      That’s pretty narrow minded..

  409. I would love to win the Samsung note with Exynos I have the Droid Razr, and my best friend has the galaxy nexus, I can make my Motorola foreclose multiple times just trying to surf the internet while listening to music. And Samsung is leading the way toward the NFC tech. Right now they seem to be making all of their phones with the NFC tech and maybe that’s why their processor is that much faster no SD card for ur phone to go through while u are doing everything else. I don’t have a pad or a note yet and would really enjoy the Samsung note with Exynos processor in it it would be much better than just my Droid Razr…
    Steve Rollings
    [email protected]

  410. I would want exynos, because of its cool name… Jkjk, but because I am Korean and I want to support my country xD

  411. I demand Exynos in my next phone (or tablet) because of all of the reasons in the article. :) Awesome GPU, fast (hopefully quad-core) CPU and a cool name, what more could you want?

  412. I want Exynos… because its fast

  413. I’d want an exynos soc in my phone because of its sheer power compared to other soc’s. I mean look at the T-mobile Galaxy S2, it is a nice phone, but even at 1.5ghz, the snapdragon still has noticeable stutter (at least to me). My AT&T Galaxy S2 has the Exynos soc and there is no stutter AT ALL. All of the animations are smooth and there is never any stutter and this is at 1.2ghz compared to the snapdragon’s 25% faster clock. The same thing applies with the International and AT&T Galaxy Note. The AT&T galaxy note again has the snapdragon chip and it stutters EVERYWHERE. I played with one and I could not stand it. The international version, again even at a lower clock speed, is able to handle the interface without any lag thanks to the gpu. This is again seen when you compare the AT&T Galaxy S2 Skyrocket which uses a snapdragon chip and the normal AT&T Galaxy S2. The Skyrocket also has stutter while the normal Galaxy s2 does not. This is why I want an Exynos processor in my next phone.

    1. The Exynos is faster because it’s A9, the Scorpion is more similar to A8.
      Also the Exynos isn’t faster than any other A9 processor, actually quite the opposite.

  414. There’s something that makes it nice knowing that the chipset that is tossed into other manufacturers’ devices is brilliantly built and integrated into the entire device you have in your pocket. Go, Sammy!

  415. I want Exynos in my next phone because it’s fast while also being very efficient.  No other chip can capture the power and the awe of the Exynos chipset.

  416. Less lag!

  417. Because the Exynos chipset is enough for my android gaming needs.

  418. Exynos, for those times that you really need to escape to a Greek Island. 

  419.  Exynos must be great with it’s duel cpu’s.  My wife just had twins. Everything’s better in twos. :)

  420. A Sammy-made chip in a Sammy-made phone has GOT to be a good thing… making open, versatile, smooth-as-silk operating fun.

  421. I like Exynos because it was freaking amazing when it was first introduced (as Hummingbird) on Galaxy S and Nexus S. It gives users the ability to adjust the AMOLED display (thanks to supercurio).
    On Galaxy S II, although I can’t adjust the AMOLED display much, I have better battery life and much improved user experience.
    I’m looking forward to the Exynos of 2012.

  422. I want exynos because its Samsung. And samsung knows their shiz and makes awesome shiz. Also, its a super beast processor

  423. I always demand Exynos and happily took the original AT&T SII over the Skyrocket. The Exynos provides the absolute smoothest experience on any phone, be it Android, iOS, or Windows Phone. It outclasses any other SoC and that’s why I demand it in any phone I purchase.

  424. I love it bcz of the quickness its fast and powerful more than other processors

  425. To exynos or not to exynos, that is the question.
    Whether ’tis Nobler in the mind to suffer not having an exynos phone

  426. I demand Exynos because I love to play fast paced games on my phone/tablet (Note?) and to watch video too. Nothing can do that better than a great Exynos processor!

  427. I’ve used phones with and without Exynos and the difference is noticeable. Chose Exynos for speed! 

  428. Because Exynos is really, really, really, really, really, really, really quick (with Exynos I will be able to continue write ‘really’ really quick, many, many times before the batteries dies).

  429. I’d like a phone with an Exynos chip in it because I’m tired of my under powered Blackberry. I want a smooth user experience through-and-through.

  430. It’s the Brad Pitt of processors… sexy and always working with the hottest new thing

  431. Because the SOC GPU makes games run incredibly smooth. It also outperforms other chips in its class with higher clock speeds.

  432. I demand an Exynos processor in my next phone because I am a busy person, I’m a single mother that homeschools all day as well as takes care of her elderly mother. I can’t wait the time it takes my current phone to load a webpage, and the times I’ve seen Exynos processors in phones, the phones have been super fast and lagless. I demand an Exynos processor because I would like something faster than the world to help me keep up with my world.

  433. I demand me some Exynos because I want to be able to game with some lovely HD graphics and the added battery efficiency is definitely a bonus. I have a snapdragon 1.5GHZ dual core processor and it still can’t handle some games I want to play.

  434. I want an EXynos because it is EXtraordinary!

  435. It would make getting through all the comments so I could sign up take less time

  436. Gee, how can I compete with 

  437. I prefer texas instruments tinomp or whatever or snap dragon. Samsung is cheap amd ugly.

  438. Better PowerVR graphics (as opposed to the weak Adreno that is coming with the S3), faster IPC and better than any other chip currently in mass production clock for clock, and… supported by Cyanogen when a lot of the Snapdragon based ones aren’t.

  439. I demand Exynos because it seems that Samsung is the only one that knows how to do things right. They challenge the status quo and go leaps and bounds above everyone else.

  440. I demand the Exynos chip because I have used others (i.e. Tegra 2, dual core Snapdragon, etc.) and have been disappointed with their performance.  I have used two phones with the Exynos, and it is blazing fast with performance that have impressed me beyond the the competition. I like the Exynos so much so that I will probably not buy another phone without it, unless that phone had very impressive specs.

  441. It’s simple

    Galaxy Note + Exynos = SEXY

    Galaxy Note + Snapdragon = NO SEXY

    flip-flop EXY-NOS and you’ll get it :)

  442. But we’re curious: what makes you want to demand Exynos inside your next phone or tablet? Is it the insanely powerful GPU? The super fast dual-core (or soon-to-be quad-core) CPU? Its cool name?

    Yes to all of the above

  443. I will go from demanding to pleading for a phone with Exynos in a heartbeat because it not only represents performance it represents fashion, comfort, an lets be honest the name itself makes you feel like your cell phone comes from a badass hightech anime series. 

  444. Exynos Out-benchmarks all the other processors, so devices would certainly get a boost in performance from using it. I’ve seen videos of different phones running it, and it simply looks buttery smooth.

  445. Samsung seems to have understood better than others the architecture and framework that can take advantage of the Android OS, making their Exynos devices run faster and smoother than any other SoC.

  446. Why would I demand Exynos in your next phone or tablet?? Because I want the best. I enjoy and deserve the best which means I deserve Samsung and the Exynos in my next phone and or tablet.

  447. One of the things I would LOVE to see with the Exynos Processor and certainly one thing I would LOVE to see in a phone would be the fact that it would be powerful enough to run a  phone that that could have a built in 1080p (maybe even 3D) PROJECTOR!  How awesome would that be?!?!?

  448. I demand exynos because it is faster than EVERY other processor available, except maybe Tegra 3.

  449. Because it sounds a lot cooler than “Tegra 3”. Furthermore I think that when the manufacturer of the mobile and the components are the same, it’ll be a better product.

  450. I always want to do everything at the same time but then I realise I can’t because my phone just decline.

  451. I want it because both the CPU and GPU are insanely fast!

  452. I would like an Exynos Proc in my next Handset because the Qualcomm Krait isnt out yet

  453. Because “my wife will love the dual core Exynos chipset!”

  454. I want an Exynos in my next phone so I will no longer be embarrassed by admitting that I use old Nokia phone.

  455. I want Exynos because of the name and power.
    Me and my friend benchmarked out devices. He has a Samsung Galaxy SII and I have a Transformer Prime. He’s been teasing me because his phone got better scores than my Tegra 3 tablet.


  456. I’d love to have a Exynos chip because it would be in a Samsung Galaxy Note.  Hopefully it would be a good trade off between performance and power consumption.

  457. Best performance to power saving of all the SOCs

  458. The speed and the name is why i want one .

  459. Because the name is badass, and I want a phone and a tablet! A Galaxy Note.

  460. I like the idea of a big block note and a pen.
    And If this old fashion idea is combined with technology, I’m a happy man.


  461. Smart consumers buy the best products today that will last through tomorrow. The Samsung Exynos proves to be fast, snappy, and efficient no matter what the development world throws at it. So for me? This is simple…I buy the best and right now the best is Exynos.

  462. I demand my exynos Samsung is on fire with there products I’m hooked

  463. Because of the name and because it’s from Samsung

  464. Best chip set on the market, period. That’s all I have to say.

  465. Because if everything is developed in-house, it would be easier to work around troubleshoots and software implementations.  It’s why Apple chooses to use in-house cpus and software (and keep a tight lid on everything – boo), ’cause you would have hardware techs that are knowledgeable about everything at your fingertips and can work closely with software techs (cyanogen) = (hopefully), better and timely OTA’s and support?  That, and Exynos benchmarks show some promising results!

  466. I have a small penis, and I need a powerful exynos processor to make up for it. The Size of the Galaxy Note would also help.

  467. I would demand Exynos because, well, qualcomm is a piece of trash lol. With my phone overclocked to 1.4 Ghz on cyanogen mod 7 (US GS2), I can reach over 7000 on antutu. Mix that with a delicious 5.3 inch screen and that wacom pen? Heck yeah. I can’t wait until samsung announces a Quad Core Exynos processor because, face it, it will smoke any HTC One X Evo 3D 4G LTE with beats audio. Speaking of which, for anyone on an ATT GSII, i can confirm that the beats audio hack ported to the Motorola Photon works with the our phone. Link here:

  468. Because it’s the best mobile processor in the market

  469. I really would like to have an Exynos SoC in my mobile device, because of its great performance while consuming very little energy. — I really would like to have an Exynos SoC in my mobile device, because of its great multitasking capabilities.. at least the commercial says so ;-) — I really would like to have an Exynos SoC in my mobile device, because of its great FullHD capabilities without de-/encoding needed. — I really would like to have an Exynos SoC in my mobile device, because compared with OMAP, Snapdragon, Tegra and Atom, Exynos is the coolest name. — I really would like to have an Exynos SoC in my mobile device, because it got its own  webpage: — I really would like to have an Exynos SoC in my mobile device, because i live in germany and exynos is not very famous around here. — I really would like to have an Exynos SoC in my mobile device, because it’s great to say to ALL of my friends that the SoC i’m using is within a prize given from PHANDROID.COM (THIS IS ADVERTISEMENT IN WHOLE EUROPE FOR U!!!!!!!!)

    I really hope you pick me, because its EXYNOS!!!!

    Greetings from germany 


  470. I’ve never had an Android and I really want one!

  471. Every product I have ever owned by Samsung has been exceptional. Exynos follows that trend, not only does it consistently wipe the floor with the competition at time of release with respect to graphical benchmarks, it seems to remain relevant longer than processors made by TI and Quallcom. Exynos is actually one of the main reasons I haven’t upgraded to the Galaxy Nexus. I love pure android, but I am divided since I also love Exynos which is what I have in my NS.

    Hopefully the Note is developer friendly, I would love to see CM9 on it.

  472. I demand, require, and need some Exynos in my hands. My lagtastic lagmaster of a phone knows that choosey moms choose Exynos.

  473. I would like a galaxy note with an Exynos processor because samsung created it to run its own processor and it does it well.

  474. i want exynos because as a verizon customer i never got the luxury .. coming from the first galaxy s and not having the galaxy s 2 was bad. the galaxy nexus was nice but not up to the standards of the galaxy s 2 . the note would be amazing to own tho