Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi 4.2 & Galaxy Note 10.1 Officially Announced


We already knew the Galaxy Note 10.1 was well on its way to getting the official press release treatment, but Samsung has just doubled down and announced it alongside the Galaxy S Wi-Fi 4.2. The first is simply a 10.1-inch version of the recently controversial Samsung Galaxy Note, which has attracted a wide range of varying reviews depending largely (pun intended) on personal preference when it comes to phone size (check out our Galaxy Note review). The Note 10.1 is pure tablet so holding up a 10-inch device to your head won’t be an issue here.

In their press release, Samsung mentions a number of interesting ways you can use the Galaxy Note 10.1 alongside their “S Pen”, most notably for note taking, picture editing, and side-by-side simultaneous browsing/editing. I especially like the example of a university student live-streaming a lecture while they take notes on the same screen. Pretty intuitive. I haven’t yet had the chance to try the Galaxy Note features so I’ll be excited to give them a whirl when the show floor opens today.

The Galaxy Note 10.1 will come in three different sizes (16GB, 32GB, 64GB) and you’ll all be very glad to know it’s rocking Android 4.0.

Meanwhile, Samsung also announced the more modestly attractive Galaxy S Wi-Fi, a 4.2-inch media player to help you get your game, music, and movie watching hustle on. It’s got a 1GHz processor, 4.2-inch WVGA screen, 2MP rear camera, front-facing VGA camera, and connects via Wi-Fi to Android Market so you can snag whatever content you prefer. There will be 8GB and 16GB versions of the device, each allowing for MicroSD expansion up to 32GB.

Although it only has Android 2.3, the Galaxy S Wi-Fi could be an attractive option for the consumer exclusively seeking a media player without the need for mobile connectivity. Samsung has launched similar, smaller versions of their Galaxy S WiFi, but this seems like a nice bump up from the 3.7-inch offering they’ve had in the past. It’ll be on the show floor here at MWC, so we’ll have some video to share with you shortly. For now, continue checking out Phandroid for all our coverage at Mobile World Congress!

Galaxy Note 10.1 Press Release:

Boost your Creativity and Productivity with GALAXY Note 10.1

A new device category, GALAXY Note 10.1 comes with an immersive 10.1’’ screen and S Pen versatility to unlock your creativity and productivity

Barcelona, February 27, 2012 – At Mobile World Congress, Samsung announced the launch of GALAXY Note 10.1, which expands the GALAXY Note experience in creativity, productivity, and learning.

With its large display, GALAXY Note 10.1 provides multi-screen functionality to maximize efficiency in learning, work and creative endeavors. Its multi-screen functionality enables you to do a true multi-tasking, by viewing Internet pages, videos or other applications side by side while writing or sketching your ideas.

GALAXY Note 10.1 features S Note, a unique and efficient tool that lets you combine notes or sketches together with web content, images and other digital media into your own personalized storyboards. It gives you a new way to create stories as S Note provides various ready-to-use templates such as meeting minutes, recipe, cards, diary, magazine and more. Also, hand-drawn geometric shapes can be perfectly digitized by using the Shape Match function, which helps users to create more organized idea sketches and storyboards.

Moreover, by using the S Note’s integrated knowledge search engines, users can quickly search, obtain information, and easily drag & drop the cropped images and content onto S Notes without having to switch between screens.

GALAXY Note 10.1 enables an extraordinary learning experience. Students can watch a lecture live-streamed on video while writing down comments on S Note; research a college essay on the web while taking notes; or even read a full e-textbook while annotating it. Similar to the Shape Match, Formula Match function helps to correct and digitize formulas hand-drawn with S Pen, making the device a more powerful education tool.

Users can fully enjoy PC-like premium photo editing and drawing experiences with Adobe® Photoshop® Touch and Adobe Ideas. Photoshop Touch lets users transform images with core Photoshop features and combine multiple photos into layered images, make popular edits, apply professional effects, and more. Adobe Ideas is an easy-to-master drawing tool that allows users to sketch ideas, choose amazing color themes and import images. Both are specially optimized for S pen and are exclusively pre-loaded on Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1.

“GALAXY Note 10.1 takes productivity on a Note to a whole new level. With a larger, fully utilizable screen and superior performance, it combines the intuitiveness of handwriting with all the versatility of digital content to let users be more productive across all of life’s demanding tasks—whether working, learning, or simply creating their own stories,” said JK Shin, President of IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics. “With GALAXY Note 10.1 we are demonstrating Samsung’s commitment to extend the mobile category and are working with key partners like Adobe to provide extraordinary experiences for users that enable them to be more productive, express themselves creatively and add a touch of fulfillment to their lives.”

Ensuring intuitive multitasking and web browsing, GALAXY Note 10.1 runs on AndroidTM 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and features a 1.4GHz dual-core processor and HSPA+ connectivity. Its real-time video streaming and Full HD video playback add to the device’s content versatility.

GALAXY Note 10.1’s innovative S Pen, the most advanced pen input solution on the market, is completely integrated into the device’s original applications. It provides enhanced pressure sensitivity, superior accuracy and control when editing or writing, providing an analog pen writing experience on a digital device.

Galaxy Note 10.1 Specs

Galaxy S WiFi 4.2 Press Release

Game On With Samsung GALAXY S WiFi 4.2

Samsung introduces GALAXY S WiFi 4.2, the best of Android experiences with powerful gaming on the go. This experience is further enhanced with the device’s superior SoundAlive audio system, offering great sound either through a front stereo speaker or headphones. A gyroscope sensor enables the user to control the device by moving it, providing truly engaging and intuitive gaming.

Galaxy S WiFi 4.2 Specs:

Calling that last one a press release is a bit of a reach, more of a press blip, but either way you get the point.

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  1. ‘Sony’ mentioning a number of interesting ways?

  2. Note 101.1? Sounds like a radio station playing all the hits of the 60s and 70s.

    1. G Note 101.1… playing all the gangsta oldies of the 90s

  3. Wow!!! Sony just stole this from Samsung??

    1.  What are you talking about? Be specific, please.

  4. 3.7 inch they were offering before?!? Umm they have Galaxy player 4.0 and 5.0 inch I believe. Both with SAMOLED. Not wvga and still gingerbread. FAIL!!!

  5. why would they only put a single 1ghz processor if it’s for “gaming” and obviously gna be running multiple apps at once? (surfin while listening to music, gaming while listening to music, etc.)….definetly a no for me. but id def give the note a try, although my next tab is for sure gna be quad core, rockin the xoom right now (verizon version so i don’t even have a release date for ICS yet, i hate verizon)

  6. Glad to see the larger Note has ICS, hopefully my Note LTE will get it soon.  

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