Domino’s brings their app to Android — forget free pizza, they’re giving away free phones


Do you like pizza? Do you like free phones? Domino’s just launched their online ordering app for Android and is celebrating by offering free phones. You can score a number of devices on various carriers including the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play and Droid X2 on Verizon, the HTC EVO Shift 4G and EVO Design 4G on Sprint, and the T-Mobile Sidekick 4G. To score the free discount you will need to sign up for a new two-year service plan on the applicable carrier, just head over to the Domino’s site to take advantage of the offer.

Oh, and the app. Well it lets you order pizza, and it’s hard to find anything wrong with that. Access deals, build your perfect pie, and obsessively watch the maybe-real-maybe-fake Pizza Tracker until the doorbell rings.

Android Market Link: Domino’s

[Domino’s via AndroidCentral]

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  1. I’ve had this app for nearly a year.  Are you talking about a US Launch?  Remember other countries are available. 

  2. great way to get a 6 month old smartphone.

  3. The pizza tracker is real. I spent a couple of years delivering for big D. It actually tells you who is making your pizza (though there are probably at least 2 people doing that), time in oven and time it was routed, as well as your driver’s name and what time he left. The time to your house is merely an estimation. I could usually beat it.

    And on a related note, tip your driver. Most of the time they are barely getting above what waitresses make. Certainly not minimum wage. Your delivery charge does not go to the driver it goes to the store. Most stores pay for gas either by the mile or per delivery, but most of that goes to the gas tank. 

    And don’t place an order that totals $19.89 and give the driver a twenty and say “keep the change”. It’s pretty insulting and seriously I would just find 11c in the car and give it to you, because you obviously need it more than me!

    An average tip is 5-10% of the order total (which is crap because you gave the waitress at Chili’s a 15-20% tip!). Last time i delivered i made $5.85/hour, minimum wage was $7.36/hr. I could on average make 5 deliveries per hour in the large delivery area I worked in. You should tip at least $1 no matter the order price. But if you make me carry 10 pizzas up three fights of stairs to your party give the me courtesy and respect of a $3-5.

    1. The delivery drivers make 9 dollars an hour here, and they drive from 10 minutes away. Think they deserve a big tip?

      1. Define big…. I never made nine an hour from the store, on a good night though with tips and wages i could make up to $18/hr. Most nights though it was more like $8-9.

        1. Minimum wage here in Washington is $9.00 an hour. They make minimum wage as well as tips. Delivery drivers here are better off than someone working in McDonalds, and we don’t tip them.

          I still appreciate that they drove out here so I still tip them, but they’re being paid while they do it, and they charge a $4 delivery fee.

          1. Minimum wage is $9 in Washington because it’s so damned expensive to live there.  What a bunch of hateful snobs there are here!

          2. It’s actually not expensive to live here. Maybe if you live in Seattle or Bellevue or something.

    2. I hate people who expect tips. Unless you go above and beyond what you are already being paid for, you won’t get an extra dime from me. If that means you don’t get paid as much as you’d like, get a new job.

      1. So you’d rather just somebody not get paid unless they went “above and beyond?” You make me literally sick.

        “Get a new job.” Hah. Clearly somebody is ignorant to how things actually work…I’m sorry mommy and daddy were stingy with their money but maybe you can man up one day and get a grip on reality.

  4. I’d rather lick a turd than eat Domino’s pizza. 

  5. Not really free if they’re gonna tie you to a contract.

    1. My thoughts exactly! Can’t you get these phones for free, or next to free, on contract normally?

  6. Its like they are paying you to eat their pizza ha COME ON JIM!

  7. Domino’s Australia has had native Apps for iPhone and Android, plus a good HTML5 site for a while now – so much easier to order, and in my experience there’s less mistakes.

    Plus the advantage of having pre-paid, so you’re not fumbling around while trying to carry your dinner.

  8. sure doesn’t sound like much of a deal here considering that you can get all of those phones for free on a 2 year contract from almost any third party retailer.  At least offer a newer, more up-to-date phone.  I would think it would have been a deal though if it were without the contract, but they are doing nothing special here, just doing the same thing wirefly, let’s talk, walmart, radioshack, best buy, and many more do, sell you a phone on contract.  

  9. Amazing how many people expect a tip and then have the nerve to try and tell you what an acceptable percentage should be. Dominos hired you to do a job and is paying you to do that job. I didn’t hire you and therefore I should not have to pay you a wage in the form of a tip to do the job you are already being paid to do. I’m sorry your pay sucks but mine does as well and just because I can afford to splurge on a pizza once in while doesn’t mean the price of that pizza should be 5 or 10% higher for me just because you think you deserve it. Get over yourself. You’re not the only poor person on the planet.

    1. Ya well soome of us peons have to work to support a family and gas and car expense is just tooo much money and noboddy dedent is hiring.  If you can’t afffiird (or won’t give) a tip, the take your business elsewhere.

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