Huawei announces the Ascend D Quad line of phones


Huawei isn’t the most popular Android manufacturer, but their Ascend D Quad line of phones are definitely going to garner some news bites out of Barcelona due to their claim of having created the “fastest smartphone ever”.

That’s understandably a very subjective term, as they haven’t quite made it clear what metrics makes the phone the fastest, other than the fact that it uses some of their proprietary technologies. Primarily, the focus is on the performance boosts the Huawei K3V2 quad-core 1.2GHz processor provides in conjunction with Ice Cream Sandwich, while also extending the life of an already healthy 1800 mAH battery using a power management technique that also keeps the processor temperature down.

The 720p screen sounds gorgeous, too, standing at 4.5” (330 ppi) and 32-bit true color graphic processor. The cameras stand at 8 megapixel (with 1080p video recording) and 1.3 MP in front. All in a 8.9 mm (same as the Samsung Galaxy S2) package.

If you’re looking for some more battery, you can get the Ascend D quad XL which sports a 2500 mAH battery (although the phone stands thicker at 10.9 mm). The Ascend D1, meanwhile, has a dual-core processor and a 1670 mAH battery.

When will they be available? April.

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. the fastest based on what exactly

    1. No idea. As I mentioned, its a subjective term and they haven’t mentioned any metrics. They simply tout their processor to be more capable than anything out there. Unfortunately, we can only wait to confirm about this.

        1. The benchmarks are released by Huawei, they can pick and choose what they want to release to make the product look good. Wait till reviewers and bloggers get it in their hands for unbiased reviews and benchmarks.

  2. Nice move by Huawei… I was expecting some renewed competition by the chinese manifacturer. We’ll see how it’s going to perform in comparison with HTC, Motorola and Samsung.

  3. I heard it also has a 16-core GPU.

    1. Quad core 64bit addressing, 16-core GPU, energy efficient and fast
      (according to them). The benchmarks released so far are from Huawei,
      thus they can be biased to make the chip look good. Until reviewers and
      blog sites get their hands on it, we won’t really know how it stacks up
      against chips like S4, Exynos, etc.

    2. 12 core fyi. which is inferior to even the a5 chip in the iphone.

  4. I will forever HATE the huawei brand

  5. I can believe it. Tegra 3 is the only commercially available quad core right now, and Tegra has a history of being first to market and last in power. I’m suspect that that’ll remain true.

    1. the new ti A15 dual core chips 28nm even at 800 mhz smoke the  the quad core A9 chips 40nm  by more than double. so @ 2.5 ghz it will be to crazy to compare.

      1. Give it a few months, but I’m ready. So awesome to see that 28nm tech, but in desktops/laptops! I got goosebumps.

  6. I’m all cash if its got pentaband!! 1700/2100 and around 370 UNLOCKED

  7. Looks like a GNex with smaller bezels. Me likey.

  8. That’s a lie just like they claimed 3 days of battery life on that other phone of theirs

  9. Hopefully this is the rumoured Prism phone by Huawei on T-Mobile

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