Feb 25th, 2012

Ubuntu for Android has caused quite the stir, since it was released a few days ago. The idea of carrying your computer in your pocket is simply astounding. We have seen it in action already, but only briefly. And our friends from Engadget have taken it upon themselves to get more details straight from Canonical.

Engadget has managed to get over 13 minutes of video time with one of Canonical’s engineers. The video offers a detailed look at the software, and responds to some important questions.

Overall, the idea seems great, and the software looks very promising. But it also looks like this project will need more work, as it looks a bit sluggish. It is mentioned that manufacturers will be able to make it much better, though, by tweaking the software to work specifically with its devices.

It is also important to note that this has not been tested in anything stronger than a Motorola Atrix. It would be great to see how well it works with a Tegra 3 processor.

And if you were wondering, the software is still meant for being dealt with by manufacturers. The interviewed engineer mentions that he feels like an independent developer would not be able to accomplish the same level of performance that a manufacturer would. But we have seen our community of developers work, so who knows.

Check out the video to see what Ubuntu for Android is all about. Are you guys looking forward to seeing this in your future devices?